How much does a Lakme Salon Franchise cost? – Lakme salon’s profit margin, the investment required, etc

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About Lakme Salon Franchise

Lakme is one of the top cosmetics companies in the world. Lakme Salons are a dedicated brand that focuses on the evolution of modern Indian women and their beauty. Lakme Salon was founded in 1980 and is running successfully for more than four decades now. The headquarters of Indian Lakme Salon is located in Mumbai.

Now, opening up a Lakme Salon franchise is a huge investment. You need a huge investment for any cosmetic and beauty franchises in India. But, one huge benefit of opening a Lakme Salon is that they provide assured profit. This is where the normal public is convinced to open up a Lakme Salon franchise.
The more products you deal with the better chance you have to earn a huge profit margin.

We know how famous Lakme and its products are. So, in this case, the sales of an area do not matter, if your product is genuine then it is sure customers will buy them.

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Lakme Salon Franchise Cost

When you are becoming a part of a world-class cosmetic brand the requirements are always on a high level. The franchisee must ensure that they are fully committed to the successful running of the business. They must offer superior service to the parent company.

The total franchise cost to open a Lakme Salon is between Rs 50 to 60 Lakhs. Other than this, the working capital for administrative expenses will be required. This is the minimum amount that you need to open a Lakme salon franchise.

Total Investment Required for Lakme Salon Franchise

To open a Lakme Salon the minimum investment is between Rs 50-60 Lakhs. But, other than that, you require all the essential equipment for your franchise to run successfully. Interestingly, when it comes to the salon or any beauty franchise you require a lot of tools and equipment.

Other than the tools and equipment you need to hire the right staff for your franchise to operate smoothly. You need to start strolling around the market and make sure you get all the pieces of equipment required.

Equipment Required for a Lakme Salon Franchise

• Furniture (chairs, tables, reception desks, spa beds, all-purpose chairs, and many more)
• Pedicure Carts
• Manicure ramps
• Shampoo
• Makeup nails
• Facial kits
• Hair brushes (all types)
• Crimpers
• Scissors
• Combs
• Towels

Interior Design of a salon Franchise

Space Required for Lakme Salon Franchise

To start any franchise you require a good piece of land. Land plays a significant role to start your business and its profitability. Now, the area requirement as per Lakme’s terms and conditions are quite big. So, make sure you have that much land with your or take it for rent before opting for a Lakme Salon franchise.

The minimum land requirement for Lakme Salon is 900 square feet of carpet area. Other than that, the land must be located in a potential location such as in malls, near hotels, and restaurants. This will help your customers know of the new franchise you have opened up.

Now, that huge area requirement will easily fit in chairs, beds, sofas, reception desks, spa beds, and many more. If you have more space then that would be an added advantage.

How to apply for Lakme Franchise?

Currently, Lakme Salon franchises are operating in almost every major part of India. It will surely be easier for you to open one if your land is located in a major location or city. Opening a Lakme Salon franchise is quite easy as all the steps and procedures are online.

  • Now, the application process for the Lakme Salon franchise is the following:-
  • Visit the official website here.
  • Just below you will get a “join us” button that you need to click on it
  • After you have clicked on it a new page containing some basic details that you need to fill out will open
  • Fill out all the information asked by the company correctly
  • Make sure you re-check all the information given by you because the concerned team will contact using that information only
  • After you are shortlisted the team will come for the verification process

Is Lakme Salon Franchise Profitable?

The cosmetic industry has been running successfully for centuries now. It is surely an ever-growing industry or business in the world today. Now, owning a Lakme Salon franchise is extremely profitable. The Return on Investment for a Lakme Salon franchise is between 18-25%. Yes, this is a huge return from a well-reputed brand.

As per some websites, after spending all the needs on your Lakme franchise you will earn a profit of Rs 95,000 monthly. So, you can easily get all the returns for your investment within 4-5 years of business.

Is it worth owning a Lakme Salon Franchise?

Although buying a Lakme Franchise is very costly & requires heavy investment, it’s worth every single penny if established in a prime location with proper advertisement. The Brand name Lakme itself is sufficient to bring customers at your Lakme Franchise outlet.

What is the franchise cost of a Lakme Salon Franchise?

The exact franchise cost for Lakme Franchise is not disclosed, yet Lakme suggests to have a investment capital of 49 – 61 Lakhs to become a Lakme Franchise partbner.

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