Mega Mart Franchise: A Lucrative Business Opportunity

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Mega Mart Ventures India Private Limited is a supermarket franchise that is made available for all the business people in India. Just like its name, Mega Mart is one of the largest supermarket franchise chains across India. The best way to earn money soon after starting any business is to choose the franchise business option for any reputed business.

If you have already opted for a supermarket chain or franchise business in India then the total investment would be quite higher. Opening a supermarket franchise chain is not like any other franchise, you need proper area, land, space, and most importantly proper budget.

Mega Mart has been providing its franchise option to the Indian people for quite a long time and they are earning enormously. Further in this article, we will talk about everything about the Mega Mart franchise business.

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Today, Mega Mart has expanded to more than 10 cities in India and has opened up 60+ Mega Mart stores all across India. They have more than 18000 product items and along with that 1000 brands have tied up with Mega Mart. to provide fresh vegetables and fruits the company has tied up with many farmers as well. 

Mega Mart Franchise Business Model 

While choosing any franchise and especially for supermarket franchises, make sure you know its business model. When you are opting to partner or join a franchise it is your duty to know all the business process, manufacturing process, and how the prices are set for that particular business. 

Now, most of us might have visited Mega Mart and know the quality of the products they sell. The product and service quality offered by any Mega Mart franchise is just amazing. Other than this, you get lots of discounts and heavy offers from this company. 

Now, almost every product bought and sold from Mega Mart is directly bought from the manufacturers. This is where the supermarket company sells products at a lower price than the average price in the market. On top of that, the company provides heavy discounts and offers on the prices of the products being sold in their franchise. 

Investment Required for Mega Mart Franchise

To start any business or franchise one must have a proper investment or budget plan. Without proper investment and budget, you cannot move forward with the business you have chosen for. Now, whenever you plan to open a franchise option and that too for a reputed business, the initial phase is to give them security money, royalty fees, and many other fees. 

The total franchise fees required to open a Mega Mart franchise is between Rs 5-10 lakhs. Now, this investment highly depends on the area you have. The maximum investment could go up to Rs 20-30 lakhs. Other than this investment, you are also required to pay Rs 50k for software charges so that you can manage your outlet properly. Mega Mart also offers business consultancy support which is surely not for free and the price for that is Rs 60k. 

The Requirements for a Mega Mart Franchise

Here are the basic requirements for a Mega Mart franchise:-

  • Land required- 500-10000 square feet 
  • Investment required- Rs 5-30 lakhs 
  • The minimum age criteria is not below 21 years old

Documents required:-

  1. Aadhar card 
  2. PAN Card 
  3. Passport size photographs 
  4. Rent agreement 
  5. Lease agreement 
  6. Franchise agreement 
  7. Bank details 
  8. Contact details such as phone number, address, and alternate phone number 

The Profit Potential of a Mega Mart Franchise

Profit margin is something for which you will be choosing a business franchise. Now, when you have opened up a Mega Mart franchise you can expect a profit margin of 8%. Now, the profit margin is directly linked to sales. The more sales you make the better profit margin you can get. 

How to get Mega Mart Franchise? 

Here is the process of how one can get a Mega Mart franchise:-

  • Visit the official website of the company
  • Then you need to click on the ‘be our partner’ option 
  • After you have clicked on that option a new page will open up where all the contact details will be present 
  • Click on the ‘contact us now’ option it will again open a new page which will include all the contact details and a form you can use any to contact them

Is Mega Mart Franchise a Good Investment?

Opening a Mega Mart franchise is surely a profitable business. You can easily expect your return on investment within a few years of opening the business. It is such a place that gives customers all the products in one place and with an affordable price tag.

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