How to get Patidar Rajwadi Chai Franchise in 2023 – Investment, Profit Margin

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About Patidar Rajwadi Chai Franchise 

When it comes to tea franchise, it is one of the most-lovable beverage products in India just after water. One of the major reasons why tea as a product became highly famous in India is because, it is advertised as a healthy, energizing, and wise alternative to alcohol. From an overall population perspective, more than 64% of Indians drink tea regularly.

They have made it a habit of drinking tea as the first hot beverage in the morning. Similarly, the tea business in India is quite huge but, there is a lot of competition in the market. 

Patidar Rajwadi Chai is one of those companies that offer homegrown tea and tea products to customers. Patidar Rajwadi Chai is one of the leading Indian tea brands in India. The company is highly known for its unique aroma and traditional tea blend in the Indian market since 1997.

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The journey of Patidar Rajwadi Chai started as a small tea stall. Mr. Gautamlal Patidar a villager from Rajasthan left his education and came to Mumbai for his business. 

Initially, Mr. Gautamlal worked as a laborer in a small tea stall and after gathering good experience he decided to open his own tea stall. The first tea stall was opened in Thane back in 1997 and ever since the company has seen nothing other than profit. The company have grown quite a lot and has opened lots of franchise across the country only using the franchise business model. So here is how the company started its journey and never looked back. 

Tabular Overview 

Company Name Patidar Rajwadi Chai 
Founded year 1997
Founder name Mr. Gautamlal Patidar 
Headquarters Maharashtra 
Branches 100+
Rajwadi Chai Franchise

How to apply for Rajwadi Chai Franchise? 

Before you become a part of a business conducting thorough research is quite important. Similarly, Patidar Rajwadi Chai has developed a successful franchise module with intensive research and development. When you take up its franchise you become a part of a good business system. Now, you can either open a Patidar Rajwadi Chai franchise or a distributorship.

It all depends on you on how you are willing to become a part of Patidar Rajwadi Chai company. Now, here is how one can apply for Patidar Rajwadi Chai franchise and distributorship as well:-

  • To apply for the franchise make sure to visit the official website of the company or just click on this link 
  • After you have clicked on this link, the official webpage of Patidar Rajwadi Chai will open up 
  • At the top bar of the website you will see options as “franchise” and “distributor” 
  • You could select the options per your choice and preference
  • After you select the “franchise” option a form will open up for you 
  • You will need to provide some basic details on the application form and click on “send” button 
  • After you have sent the application form, the concerned team or individual from the company will contact you within 48 hours 
  • The same procedure and form is followed if you choose the “distributor” option as well 

Patidar Rajwadi Chai Franchise Cost

Investment along with working capital is one of the major factors before opening a Patidar Rajwadi Chai franchise. The total investment required to open a Patidar Rajwadi Chai franchise ranges between Rs 2 to Rs 5 lakhs in India. The total investment might differ as per the location and demand of the area you are willing to open a Patidar Rajwadi Chai franchise. 

Now, some of the necessary investments that you will need to do are the following:-

  • Equipment– bubble tea machine, sealer machine, tea containers, and many more Rs 50-80k 
  • Royalty charge– The royalty fee is not provided by the officials but, the average ranges from 3-5% 
  • Interior design– The cost of interior designing could range between Rs 80k to Rs 1 lakh 
  • No need to spend on marketing and branding as that part is covered by the parent organization only 

These are some of the necessary costs that an individual will be required to make if they plan to open a Patidar Rajwadi Chai franchise. 

Is Patidar Rajwadi Chai Franchise Profitable? 

Patidar Rajwadi Chai is one of the most successful chai businesses in India. The company is growing every single month and year. Today, it has become one of the leading Indian tea brands for serving unique aromas and traditional tea. When you visit any outlet of Patidar Rajwadi Chai you get nothing but the best quality tea with a super hygienic environment. 

One of the franchise owners of Patidar Rajwadi Chai has revealed that on the first day, he opened this franchise he sold a whopping 3500 cups of tea a day. He also revealed that the average cups of tea sold per day ranged between 2000-3000 cups daily. Now, when your profit is directly linked to the number of sales you make so it is naturally a profitable business. Moreover, Patidar Rajwadi Chai franchises have proved to be one of the most profitable tea businesses in India. 

Patidar Rajwadi Chai Franchise Profit Margin 

The profit margin of this company is directly linked to sales. So, the more sales you make the better profit margin you earn in return. The customer base established by this tea company is so strong that once you open a franchise you start earning from day one. People around Maharashtra and some other states in India have become a fan of the authenticity offered by Patidar Rajwadi Chai franchises. 

The average net profit margin of any tea business in India ranges between 10-20%. You could expect a higher profit margin from Patidar Rajwadi Chai once you open up its franchise. 

Patidar Rajwadi Chai Franchise Contact Details 

Here are the official contact details of the Patidar Rajwadi Chai franchise:-


Q1. Why Patidar Rajwadi Chai is so famous? 

Ans: Patidar Rajwadi Chai is so famous because the company provides the best quality tea in a super hygienic environment. Other than that, the company maintains the constant taste and aroma of all products sold by them. Patidar Rajwadi uses good quality milk, and the tea leaves used are premium, handpicked, and freshly garden extracted. Additionally, the company does not use any added colors and all the flavors used are super-natural. Interestingly, the tea is made by an expert and trained tea maker so you get the best from the company. These are the reasons why the company is so famous today.

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