How to apply for Pharmeasy Franchise – Pharmeasy franchise cost, Investment & Profit Margin

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Pharmeasy Franchise : Currently, the competition in the pharma sector has increased so much that there is always fear in the mind of a person in investing money in any new business, but if we talk about the franchise business then nothing like this happens in this case.

In fact, the Pharmeasy franchise business is one of those businesses in which not only the money invested can be withdrawn easily, but good profits can be earned that too from the beginning of the business. But for this it is also necessary to take a franchise of a good brand or company.

At present, people have a lot of interest in franchising pharmacy companies. There is also Pharmeasy, a popular pharmacy company operating in the country, which we will talk about in this article and learn about How to Get a Pharmeasy franchise.

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About Pharmeasy franchise

In Pharmeasy franchise business, whenever we take a franchise of a brand, the chances of its success are much higher than opening a new business with a new name. Because if a new brand is offering its franchisee to its people, it means that it has already created its brand value in the market.

Good sales are generated from the very beginning on the basis of brand value and good margins are also available. If there is a need to find a brand that can give a good margin and whose sales are also tremendous and presently people can focus a lot on pharmacy brands such as pharmacy.

In fact, due to Covid-19 and many other diseases in the last few days, there has been a lot of attention on the health of people, due to which there has been rapid growth in the pharmacy sector currently if you look at the statistics, there is a lot of people working in the pharmacy sector.

The companies are very profitable and they have also expanded a lot in the last few years. FarmEasy is also one of the largest farm companies operating in India which provides quality products and services to the people and has made a good name in the market.

By the way, if you are reading about taking the franchise of PharmEasy, then it is normal that you will have good knowledge about the company, but if you still do not know what is PharmEasy, then tell that it is a popular pharmacy company which has various Provides types of medicines and other help related products online and offline.

Pharmeasy comes under API Holdings Limited and is operating at a higher level. The company is working in the Indian market since the year 2014 and is also currently generating good avenues.

Pharmeasy Franchise Growth

Pharmeasy is quite active when it comes to its offline business platform. They have opened up more than 200 stores in 1000+ cities. Interestingly, they are offering services in more than 22,000 pin codes. So, Pharmeasy has done quite a huge expansion using its franchise model. Becoming a Pharmeasy partner is very easily accessible. To become a partner you must take up a franchise model of Pharmeasy. When you become a partner you are becoming a part of the brand

Pharmeasy Franchise Cost

Now, partnering up with such a reputable e-pharma platform requires a franchise fee. The franchise fee asked by Pharmeasy ranges between Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 3 lakhs. This is the average amount but, the range could go slightly higher depending on the location, area, and demand. So, make sure you open up your Pharmeasy franchise in a highly suitable location not only because of its franchise cost but to earn a great profit margin as well.

Pharmeasy Net Worth

The superior business model of Pharmeasy is the secret behind its revenue generation. This is because the services and products offered by Pharmeasy have attracted a good customer base in the Indian market. This is one of the reasons why they are spreading all over India at a bullet-speed pace. 

Founded in 2014, Pharmeasy was nothing but, within the next 5-8 years the brand penetrated into the Indian market quite successfully. The company’s net worth today stands at a huge $700 million.

To date, Pharmeasy has received a whopping amount of $328.5 million in funding from different investors. The company’s latest funding was led by one of the biggest investors, Temasek. It is where Pharmeasy India raised a whopping amount of $220 million with a final valuation of the company leading to $700 million. 

All of this was only made possible because of the products and services being offered by Pharmeasy. As it sells a range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products which accounted for 91.3% of overall operating revenues.

Benefits of taking a Pharmeasy Franchise

We all know about the franchise business that if the franchisee is setup at a good location by taking a franchise of a good brand, then a very good profit can be earned from the beginning and if it is a matter of franchise of the pharmacy brand, then Then there are benefits. If you are going to take Pharmeasy Franchise, then its benefits are as follows:

  • If you have good knowledge of pharmacy business, then you will know that a lot of margin can be obtained in pharmacy business, so if you take a franchise of PharmEasy then you can earn great margins.
  • Pharm Easy is currently one of the largest pharmacy branch present in the country which is doing business at a high level and providing best products and convenience to the people, so if you take the franchise of the brand then from the very beginning Good sales can be obtained.
  • The biggest problem in starting a new business is that if the business is not popular, then a lot of money has to be spent in marketing, but if you take a franchise of the form, then you will not have to spend any money in marketing because the brand is the first. Popular ever since.

How much investment will be required to get Pharmeasy Franchise ?

Whenever a businessman or entrepreneur thinks of taking a franchise of a company’s brand, then the first question that comes to his mind is that after all, how much will it cost to take the franchise of this company or brand, knowing how much money he has to spend to take the franchise.

Will happen. In such a situation, if you are thinking of taking a FarmEasy franchise, then the question must be going on in your mind that ‘how much investment will it take to take Farmeasy Franchise’?

So tell that to take the franchise of FarmEasy, you will have to pay for franchise fee, location rent, staff salary, maintenance, godown rent, product purchase, etc. In such a situation, you will have to spend 15 to 20 lakhs on taking PharmEasy’s franchisee. Huh.

How much profit can be earned by taking Pharmeasy Franchise ?

We all know this very well that if there is a good company, the franchise of the brand is taken and that franchise is setup at a good location so that good sales can also be generated, then it is really easy to do franchise business.

Excellent money can be made. If you are thinking of taking a Pharmeasy Franchise, then the question will be running in your mind that after taking a pharmacy franchise, how much profit can be earned, then for information, this profit depends entirely on how much you have. And what products do we sell because different products may have different margins. But according to the existing data, many people are easily earning 50 thousand to 2 lakhs by taking franchises and many others.

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Pharmeasy Annual Sales 

The valuation of Pharmeasy is increasing only because of its products and services. This is leading the company to great annual sales turnover. In fact, the company is earning good revenue at almost every Fiscal Year ending despite facing huge losses from the Indian market.

On the other hand, the revenue generation of Pharmeasy grew from Rs 2,335 crore in Financial Year 2021 to Rs 5,729 crore in the Fiscal Year ending 2022 March. Pharmeasy faced a huge revenue growth of 220% from Fiscal Year 2021 to Fiscal Year 2022. Despite having its loss grew four times than the previous year, Pharmeasy was still generating good revenue. 

As mentioned above, 91.3% of its revenue generation is done from pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Pharmeasy generates revenue from all of its diagnostic services, teleconsulting, software, subscriptions, and licensing of internet portals. Revenue collection from these segments rose over 16X to Rs 418 crore during Fiscal Year 2022 from Rs 26 crore in Fiscal Year 2021. 

Now, these data and figures prove there is no way Pharmeasy will stop expanding. Fives years down the line it will grow almost triple what it is today in the current market.

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