1 mg Franchise Business opportunity | Profitability & How to start

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1 Mg franchise : What is it & how to get started

Tata 1 mg have recently launched their 1 mg franchise program named “sehat ke saathi”.Before learning more about 1 mg franchise details let’s learn why to choose 1 mg franchise . During COVID-19 breakdown everyone have seen the power & potential of medical sector. Everyone had understood that medical sector will never struggle under crises.

All sectors were struggling to exist during lockdown, moreover it was getting tough for employers to save their employees. In mid lockdown most of the businesses were short on labour.
And here we see the power of medical sector : Huge demand, no restrictions & lot of profit margin.
Let’s learn more about India’s most popular pharmacy franchise partner program Sehat ke Saathi by TATA 1mg.

1 mg Overview

Prior to its aquisition by TATA Sons for a big cap,it was well known as 1 mg, India’s largest medical e-pharmacy and portal having more than 14 million users per month. TATA 1mg affiliate partners help engage with citizens in their vicinity, help spread the word about TATA 1 mg offerings and help them place orders. Affiliate partners earn a commission on business delivered with their help. Your application will be screened based on 1 mg internal grading process, including the existing coverage in the district, your past experience and credentials.

How to start & get 1 mg franchise

Why 1 mg franchise ? | Benifits & future scope of 1 mg franchise

1 mg has a huge customer base , and it’s a well known name in medical field. Moreover, being a TATA subsidiary it has gained trust factor and brand factor in Indian market. At 1mg online portal, wide range of medical products, handy medical equipments, beauty products, lab services are provides. They have also launched online consultation on 1 mg application. The franchise partners wh recently joined 1 mg are quite satisfied and getting decent returns.

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Future Scope

According to recent trend of smartphone usage, population of our country , 1 mg growth in last 5 years & online purchasing intent of customers experts have concluded that medical e-commerce or e-pharmacy market will expand to 2.8 Billion USD till 2024. Being a Tata subsidiary , chances are negligible that it will ever fail.

How to get 1 Mg franchise ?

TATA 1 mg recently launched their franchise program – “Sehat Ke Saathi ” , which is basically an affiliate partner program. In order to get 1 mg franchise you need to fill one mg franchise form. Prior to fill-up the form, keep below mentioned details & documents handy . It will take ~7-14 days to respond, if your application is selected for further discussions and processing. There will be a one-time non-refundable sign up fee of Rs. 10,000+GST, towards onboarding and initial marketing fees.

Documents required & eligibility criteria for Tata 1 mg franchise

  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • E-mail Id
  • Business address
  • Pin Code
  • Prior business experience

Investment required & eligibility criteria for 1 mg franchise

Franchise fee : 10,000 INR

A commercial space for shop

1mg franchise contact number

One mg haven’t provided any contact number for franchise support till now, you only have to fill out the form present on their website and they will get in touch with you. Instead you can drop a mail to:

Support : [email protected] / [email protected]

1 mg franchise comission & profit margin

Being part of Sehat ke saathi program, you will earn affiliate comission on each sale of products & services. Moreover great incentives are provided by the company. You will achieve 100 % return in first month itself. After you join Tata 1mg franchise they provide 500 visiting cards, 1 BP machine, 1 Blood Sugar Test Machine and a 1 backlit board (6 ft X 3 ft) for marketing activities/health camps in and around your shop.
TATA 1 mg also provides extensive soft skills and technical skills training.

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