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About Samosa Junction Franchise 

One of the most humble snacks present in our Indian street is the samosa. The chefs of the Middle East and Central Asia introduced the famous go-to snack Samosa on the Indian continent. It was introduced way back in the 13th or 14th Century in the Indian region. Interestingly, samosa was cooked in the royal kitchens for the rulers of the Delhi Sultanate. 

Moreover, this Indian snack has been in the world for quite a long time now. It is so famous in today’s market because it is easily adaptable and it keeps your stomach filled for a long time. It would not be a bad option to start a business as Samosa is the primary food product. According to Samosa Party, they have estimated that around 60 million samosas are sold and eaten in India every day. This proves a great market opportunity for the ones who are willing to open a business keeping samosa as the primary product. 

Similarly, there is Samosa Junction which offers 22 different varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian samosa to customers. This company was started in October 2008 and Brand Promotions Private Limited is the parent organization of Samosa Junction. You expect nothing but, one of the tastiest and most delicious samosas from Samosa Junction. Further, in this article, we will talk more about Samosa Junction. 

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How did Samosa Junction start? 

Brand Promoters Private Limited had a dream to offer healthy and hygienic food at a low cost. In this fast-moving world, people do not have the time to cook for themselves before going off to work. These people are bound to have their meals outside and choose unhygienic and oily foods. But, that was not in the mindset of Brand Promoters Private Limited. 

To change that, the first field of choice of the company was to get into the fast food sector. Among many fast foods that were and are still highly popular in the market, the company chose to focus on ‘Samosa” as its primary product. Yes, as per the data and analytics, Samosa is the Maharaja of snacks at least in India. It was and is still such a type of snack that was eaten by almost every household and was afforded by many. 

So, the company chose Samosa as its primary product and it became its mission to offer nothing but the best quality of it. The first outlet was started at Sarabha Nagar Main Market, Ludhiana, Punjab. Soon, the company chose to expand by adopting the franchising business model. Within 16 months of opening its first outlet, Samosa Junction had already opened up 16 franchises in the area. 

Now, such high growth was and is still unmatched by many other food brands in India. Samosa Junction became one of the fastest among the Fast Food Brands. Today, the company serves one of the best health-focused samosas to customers. They aim to expand more in the future across the country. 

Menu Items of Samosa Junction Franchise

Both customers and business partners are attracted to Samosa Junction because of its menu options and authenticity on it. Most of us surely had the old and traditional Samosa sold by local vendors but, have you tried 22 different Samosa fillings? We are sure you have not tried all of them from Samosa Junction. Here are some of the food items that you will find at any Samosa Junction franchise:-

Vegetarian Samosas

  • Sam Bite 
  • Sam Chatori 
  • Sam Simple 
  • Sam Special
  • Sam Manchurian 
  • Sam Pasta 
  • Sam Vegetarian Platter 

Non-Vegetarian Samosas

  • Sam Sublime (Chicken)
  • Sam Chilly Chicken
  • Sam Non-Veg Platter 
  • Sam Seekh Kebab 
  • Sam Grilled Sandwich 

Non-Veg Burgers 

  • Sam Egg Burger 
  • Sam Chicken Burger 

Sam Shakes 

  • Mango Shake
  • Choco Shake
  • Black Currrant 
  • Strawberry Shake 
  • Kiwi Shake
  • Oreo Shake 

Other than these menu items you are also offered vegetarian burgers, vegetarian wraps, sweet treats, pizzas, and many more. 

What makes Samosa Junction Special? 

A brand or company becomes famous only because of its products and services. Similarly, Samosa Junction is so famous and special because of its products on offer. Samosa is meant to be oily and unhealthy but, that is not focused on by Samosa Junction. This company is highly health conscious and thinks about its customers.

When a company thinks about its customers, naturally that company becomes special. A Samosa Junction’s nature of operation is Franchise Operated with Base Kitchen. On the other hand, Samosa being the primary product is prepared from the best ingredients. All the ingredients are hand-picked by the company’s trained and talented chefs.

They do all the processes in the most hygienic and healthy conditions. The company uses heart-friendly refined oil to fry all the different types of samosas. The third thing that makes Samosa Junction so special is its 22 different types of fillings. You get a wide range of selections once you visit a Samosa Junction outlet.

How to get the Samosa Junction franchise? 

Getting the Samosa Junction franchise is one of the easiest ways to become a partner of a reputable food company. Make sure you follow all the terms and conditions before you apply for a Samosa Junction application form. Here are the steps of how to get the Samosa Junction franchise:-

  • Visit the official website for franchise details and the application form
  • After you click on the link scroll down below and you will see an option “Franchise Enquiry Form” 
  • Click on it and it will lead you to a different page where you will be asked some basic details for example, full name, contact number, email ID, address, company name, company address, type of business, annual salary, why you are interested, and many more 
  • You will be asked lots of questions make sure you fill them properly and with the right intention 
  • After you have filled up there is a big box make sure you click on it and click on “Submit Franchise Form” 

Requirements for Samosa Junction Franchise 

Here are the basic requirements to get the Samosa Junction franchise make sure you follow each of them strictly:-

  • Total capital requirement- Rs 8-10 lakhs 
  • Franchise fee- 2-3% 
  • Space required- 500 square feet and above
  • Licenses- FSSAI, Eating House License, and Trade License
  • Royalty to franchisors- 5% of net sales 
  • Candidate must be at least 21 years old and above and must have a graduation degree

Samosa Junction Franchise Cost 

To open a franchise one must bear a minimal franchise fee or cost. This is taken by companies for the usage of their brand, reputation, goodwill, and image in the market. Yes, this fee is a non-refundable fee because it is one of the sources of revenue generation for the parent company. 

Similarly, Samosa Junction does charge a franchise cost or fees. The franchise fee is Rs 3.5 lakhs+ Service Tax as non-refundable for five years along with IFRS of Rs 25000. 

Samosa Junction Franchise Profit Margin 

Samosa is a highly profitable product in the Indian market. Stalls or companies selling samosas earn quite a lot annually. Similarly, the profit margin of Samosa Junction is 35% which is higher than any other food product in India. 

Interestingly, the gross profit margin of Samosa Junction as a parent company is 65% after deducting all the expenses. It surely is a whopping amount for an individual to earn profit. 

Royalty Charges by Samosa Junction Franchise

The royalty percentage from Samosa Junction has been clearly explained on the official website. It is another method of revenue generation for the parent company. So, they are bound to ask for a royalty percentage from all franchisees. 

The royalty percentage is 5% (3%+2%) of net sales of (Gross sales minus sales tax and applicable VAT). this amount of royalty must be payable by the 10th of the next month only after the submission of the certified sales report to the parent company. 

Return on Investment for Samosa Junction

Investing to start a new Samosa Junction franchise is surely not a bad idea. The profit margin is huge and you can expect your ROI very quickly. The ROI of an average Samosa Junction franchise is 1 to 1.5 years. 

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Samosa Junction is one of the most successful and low-investment business franchises in India today. On the other hand, you can earn a huge profit margin when you become a partner of Samosa Junction. Make sure to fulfill all the terms and conditions asked by the parent company and it will help you get your franchise easily.

Interestingly, after getting the franchise from Samosa Junction you will be helped with recipes, manpower, training, marketing material, packing material, billing software, universal advertisement support, and many more. Never miss this opportunity when you only get one if you have the budget.

What is the name of the Samosa Junction owner?

Brand Promoters Private Limited own the Samosa Junction Brand.

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