Top 10 Tech Business Ideas for IT Professionals in 2020

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Tech business ideas: Being a technology professional, almost everyone ( techies) are looking for some good technology business ideas as part-time or full time. But the major issue is to find the right business ideas which can be mapped/or fit with your skill.

Today, in the era of the digital world, IT professionals are in demand for any business either its small business or a big firm. From biometric to robotics, everywhere digital products are available just because of technology professionals.

This huge demand for IT/ITES services in business, it provides us a better scope to create a wide range of technology business ideas for technology professionals.

So here, in this article, we have compiled the most profitable Top 10 super cool Tech business ideas for IT professionals to start as part-time or full time.

List of Top 15 Tech business ideas for IT Professional

Start a Technology Blog

If you are a technology person and having quality knowledge in a specific part of the IT Industry than the internet can provide you a golden opportunity to make a big business just by sharing knowledge through your own blog.

Today, there are thousands of technology guys are making billions just by running blogs. Earning can be generated from Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, content marketing, etc.

Ecommerce Businesses

Ecommerce business is trending day by day. Business is moving from offline to online. So if you have good knowledge about product selection, Market, and product research you can start your eCommerce business.

Today, techies are preferring this business just because of Shopify. This platform making business easy, quick, and optimize for all tech and non-tech people.

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Gaming software development

Internet Gaming, e-sport competition, Gaming apps are getting high in demand just due to the availability of Powerful data. This business can be started from one to any number of people. But if you are capable enough to create a powerful game, you can make a billion.

E-gaming is taking place in Professional gaming nowadays. You can start your business like dream 11, NFS, PUBG, etc.

Best eCommerce platforms for small businesses

Mobile app making

Mobile users are exponentially growing throughout the world. Everyone wants to enjoy everything over mobile. From a normal calculator to a business application, Game to Travel almost everything are available in the mobile device.

Due to increasing the demand of people, the customize mobile app making business is in high demand.

If you are planning to start your own business with such type of tech business ideas, you can boom in today’s world. According to startup authority research, Mobile app making business should be the top choices under all technology business ideas.

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Bots Making Business

In the business world, bots making are high in demand. AI-based chatbots are needed today in all business which is available online.

It reduces human effort and provides the user with a very efficient and effective dataset according to the user needs. If you check with every business portal, you can get the power of chatbots.

Being a tech professional, if you are capable enough to provide good quality chatbots, you boom in this segment of the IT world.

AI-based Process automation

Business is getting complex day by day due to a huge number of data. For enterprises and similar businesses, it’s not getting easy to manage the data quickly by the manual process as it was earlier.

Such problems are causing quality process automation software to reduce complexity and provide better and accurate information better than human effort.

So if you are an expert in the field of AI-based automation software, you can start your business to help enterprise.

SEO and Internet Marketing consultancy

Being a business owner, I can loudly speak about SEO and Consultancy services. Why because, its core of every business. If your online business is not getting ranked in google and another search engine, or you don’t have any promotional activity you can get even a single sell from the internet.

So if you are a business owner, you must require to go through it. These are the things that are creating a wide range of scope in the digital world to start and run your business.

Web Designing and Software development

Let’s try to understand first about these two name Web designing and web development. Both are interlinked with during web development process one is to create the layout and look and another one to make it functional according to business needs.

If you are an expert in any field you can create a big impact. Being a web designer, you can share your designing service to those who are freelancers, small and big companies, and having skill in web development to can start making software like saas based on any related works to your clients.

BPO Services

BPO Stands for Business process outsourcing services, due to the number of support/technical and nontechnical are required in current it world so to full fill them, you can start a business in BPO Sector. Here you must understand the mode of operations link Inbound, Outbound, and outsourcing business model.

Computer repairing and Maintenance services

You always heard about old is gold. This business is very similar to that. Today every family is having laptops/computers in urban areas. The lifeline of electronic devices is fixed. So a huge number of repair and maintenance services are required.

Now being a hardware expert you can try yourself to boom up with such business ideas.


Options and opportunities are everywhere. Only you have to think and analyze the scope and requirement of current days and start a business according to your needs and dreams. Apart from these above tech business ideas, there are a lot of services based technology business ideas available. If you feel good that the information provided in this article is helpful, you can share this with your friends and colleges to get started with their dreams.

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