Belgian Waffle Franchise : Complete guide to get belgian waffle Franchise

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The Belgian waffle franchise is India’s famous and one of the first waffle specialty stations. Waffle is becoming quite popular in India’s urban areas. Franchise offers on-the-go waffle sandwiches cooked with specially formulated egg-less batter and tasty fillings. We will learn in this article about how to apply for a Belgian waffle franchise, about the model and requirement of the franchise.

People behind Belgian waffle franchise

Shrey Agarwal started Belgian waffle co. in 2015. The concept of an on-the-go waffle restaurant attracted him while working internationally and after discovering and exploring food concepts around the world, he decided to start a waffle store in India.

What is a waffle ?

How to start a Belgian waffle franchise?

Waffles are normally served as a dessert in France, French-speaking areas around the world, Belgium. A baffle is freshly-baked soft bread topped with sweet toppings such as honey, chocolate, cream, etc. It is famous in France, Belgium, Canada, etc.

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Why Belgian Waffle Franchise ?

waffle is a kind of food that has tremendous potential in India. according to the franchise owner, it is an easy to eat, attractive, and entirely vegetarian format. There is already demand in the urban areas of India. Belgian waffle franchise is planning for 500+ stores across India and Nepal.

The Belgian Waffle Co is a pioneer in the Waffle Category with 200+ stores across 55+ Indian cities.

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What Belgian Waffle Offers ?

Belgian Waffle offers waffles, Waffle Cakes, Pancakes, Beverages, Stroopwafel, Spreads, and various kinds of desserts.

Belgian Waffle Franchise Models

It is Kiosk and cafe model. The franchise model is based on Royalty sharing. This required Franchise fee, Setup cost, equipment, employees, Delivery partner. They offer two kinds of setup to applicants, a Kiosk and Cafe.

How to Get Belgian Waffle Franchise

You can apply for the Belgian Waffle Franchise online. As an applicant, you need to fill Franchise Application and provide some basic information.

Go to the official website of Belgian Waffle and click on the franchise option. You will get an application, fill the application with asking information like Name, Age, Address, City, Email ID, etc.

Officials from Belgian Waffle Co. will contact for further procedures.

You also need to be ready with your investment plan and location regarding the waffle outlet.

Require Spcace / Area for Belgian Waffle Franchise

Required area for Belgian Waffle Franchise is:

  • Kiosk: 80 to 100 sq. ft.
  • Cafe: 300 to 500 sq. ft.
  • Location for Belgian Waffle Franchise
  • Best location for Kiosk: Mall, IT park, office Areas, Tech Park
  • Best Location for Cafe: Busy Street, Tourist Place, Tech Park

Belgian Waffle Franchise Investment

The total investment required for Belgian Waffle Franchise(including setup cost + franchise fee):

Kiosk Franchise: around INR 10 to 12 Lakhs

Cafe Franchise: around INR 16 to 18 lakhs

ModelFood and Beverage
Space300 – 800 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeKiosk: INR 3 lakhs Cafe: INR 5 lakhs
Setup CostKiosk: INR 8 lakhs Cafe: INR 13 lakhs
Royaltyaround 8.5%
Total InvestmentKiosk: INR 10-12 lakhs Cafe: INR  16-18 lakhs
Belgian waffle franchise requirements

Agreement Term

Initially, they prefer 3 years of the agreement. Franchise holders can extend their agreement after expiring of the initial contract.

Belgian Wafle Franchise Profit Margin

The profit margin is Approx 20% on the sale and payback time in this kind of franchise is 13 to 15 months.

Email Address of Belgian Waffle

[email protected]


Belgian Waffle is the fastest-growing waffle chain with 250+ setups in India, Nepal, and Dubai. They are looking to expand their franchise in tire 2 and 3 cities in the next coming few years. It is a growing and profitable business with a small amount of investment. We hope this article helped you to learn about the Belgian waffle franchise model, investments, and how to apply for a franchise.

Who is the owner of the Belgian Waffle Franchise?

Shrey Agarwal is the founder and owner of Belgian Waffle Franchise.

What are Belgian waffles made of ?

It requires Flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, milk, butter, etc to make Belgian waffles.

Where are Belgian waffles from?

Waffles are from Belgium, it is first introduced by Maurice Vermersch in Brussels, Belgium.

Is Belgian waffle an Indian Brand?

-Yes, The popular Belgian waffle franchise is an Indian brand under The Belgian Waffle Co.

Is Belgian Waffle Franchise Profitable?

Yeah of course! With a profit margin of 20%, it’s quite a profitable franchise

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