Top 10 Supermarket and Grocery Franchise in the USA

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This article aims to give us information on the top 10 Supermarket franchises in the US. A grocery store franchise or a supermarket has been a popular business model. There are a plethora of grocery store franchise opportunities available. An entrepreneur can open a modest drive-thru grocery shop for a relatively low cost and fees, or a large one with a faster return on investment. This is only beneficial as the demand for supermarkets does not seem to be going away any time soon.

7-Eleven suepermarket franchise

7-Eleven, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is an American international convenience store business. The first location of the franchise was an ice house storefront in Dallas, which was founded in 1927. Between 1928 and 1946, the store was known as Tote’m Store. However, with the change of the working hours from 11 a.m.-7 p.m..The name of the iconic store was also changed to 7-Eleven franchise.

7-Eleven has reached immense popularity as its stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. They provide a wide variety of snacks, hot and cold beverages, gas, and so much more.

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Supermarket franchise7-Eleven supermarket franchise
FounderJoe C. Thompson
Franchise Outlet78,029
7 eleven franchise

GNC Franchising

In 1935, Lackzoom, a health-food store in Pittsburgh, was founded by David Shakarian. It specialised in yoghurt but also carried health-food products such as honey, and oats. In just five years, Shakarian has now expanded to six locations in the Pittsburgh area. Since 1935, the company has been the standard for health and fitness solutions.

Supermarket franchiseGNC Franchising supermarket franchise
Funding$180, 504
FounderDavid Shakarian
Franchise Outlet6,200
GNC Franchising

Gateway Newstands

Gateway Newstands, in the United States and Canada, is a chain of convenience stores and kiosks located in large office buildings, shopping malls, public spaces, and transit stations. Michael Aychental and David Goldman founded the franchise in 1983, as a Canadian family-owned and operated partnership.

Supermarket franchiseGateway Newstands supermarket franchise
FounderMichael Ayvhenal and David Goldman
Franchise Outlet500
Gateway Newstands

Street Corner

The concept of the Street Corner Urban Market concept distinguishes them from the standard, mainstream convenience stores that are devoid of soul and vision. Street Corner is a convenience store brand that specialises in smaller stores and mall kiosks.

It is a specialty convenience store brand that sells food, merchandise, remedies, office supplies, souvenirs, and lottery tickets, among other things.

Supermarket franchiseStreet Corner supermarket franchise
Funding$122,300- $657,300
FounderMaurice Kitchen
Franchise Outlet
Street Corner Franchisin

Circle K

Circle K is one of the most well-known convenience store chains in the United States, with outlets all over the world. Customers on the go can find everything they need at the Circle K stores, including beverages, coffee bars, frozen and refrigerated foods, packaged and dry products, as well as other groceries.

Circle K has a robust family of proprietary items that provide high-quality, low cost goods to its franchises.

Supermarket franchiseCircle K supermarket franchise
Funding$189,250- $2,204,150
FounderFred Harvey
Franchise Outlet7,230
Circle K Franchising

Express Mart

Express Mart operates gasoline, gas stations, and convenience stores. The finest deals on gas, drinks, and snacks are available here. Among other readily-available items, are breakfast sandwiches, and fresh-baked cookies. Under all feasible conditions, the company is committed to providing high-quality products that meet or exceed equipment standards and consumer needs.

Supermarket franchiseExpress Mart supermarket franchise
Funding$86,200- $361,000
FounderFrank Borer
Franchise Outlet75
Express Mart Franchising

Save A Lot

Customers appreciate how easy it is to get the groceries that they require from Save A Lot stores. Whether it is USDA- inspected meats, farm-fresh fruit, pantry staples, cleaning supplies, or other household necessities. Further valued is their award-winning proprietary brands and low prices, which cannot be found elsewhere.

Supermarket franchiseSave A Lot supermarket franchise
Funding$750,000- $1,500,000
FounderBill Moran
Franchise Outlet900
Save A Lot Franchising

Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet is an American discount closeout retailer consisting of supermarket outlets that provide items for substantially reduced prices, by almost 40-70%. Name-brand products as well as farm-fresh organic foods are available here.

Supermarket franchiseGrocery Outlet supermarket franchise
Funding$150,000- $25,000
FounderJim Read
Franchise Outlet429
Grocery Outlet Franchising


Ice House America, the main firm, has been producing and running automated ice and water vending machines since 2003. The machines come in a range of sizes, and franchises often install them in the parking lots of shopping malls. Franchisees can use the company’s SmartIce app to remotely monitor their units from a smartphone or computer.

Supermarket franchiseIceBorn supermarket franchise
Franchise Outlet179
IceBorn Franchisin

Richard’s Foodporium

Richard’s Foodporium first opened its doors in southwest Florida in 1979 as an independently operated natural foods store. Natural and specialty foods, supplements, and a large assortment of bulk foods are all available at reasonable prices.

Supermarket franchiseRichard’s Foodporium supermarket franchise
FounderRichard Downey
Franchise Outlet
Richard’s Foodporium Franchising


The indispensable need for grocery and other such stores further adds fuel to its growth. Such supermarkets and their franchises continue to grow with the enhanced demand for food products as well as employment opportunities. Taking up such franchises is a great idea to consider, after taking into account all the crucial factors of the decision. In the meantime, enjoy the availability of such stores that can satisfy your requirements anytime!

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