Top 10 Third Party Payroll Service Companies in USA

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The Best Third party payroll companies in USA

It is the first day of the week and you plan to take over the world with your plans. You plan to visit the most beautiful landmarks in the city and eat to your heart’s content. You check your bank account but see that you have not yet received this month’s salary. And with a single flick, your plan remains just a plan.

Payroll is one of the most time-consuming and expensive efforts that companies undertake. Taking the aid of online payroll services helps in easing the workload of such companies and in handling all the payroll services and related tax filings and payments.

Third party payroll services companies in the USA provide internet-based intuitive services to companies of all sizes and vary across all industries. They make precise healthcare and social security deductions as well as determine the correct amount that should be paid to each employee.

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One of the payroll companies’ primary duties is to make it simple to track employee attendance and total time spent at work. The majority of businesses accomplish this by giving employees a variety of punch-in or clock-in alternatives.

Because they provide the best in legal compliance and accountability, payroll service providers are also popular amongst big business owners. Those working with such payroll companies may relax knowing that pay or file errors will be immediately found and fixed.

This article gives an insight into the top 10 third-party payroll services companies in the USA.


Services: For small and medium-sized enterprises, Gusto creates web-based payroll solutions. For employers and employees in the US, its web platform offers payroll, benefits, human resources, and integration services. Additionally, it provides time tracking and integration services, as well as health benefits and workers’ compensation benefits like medical insurance and commuting benefits.

Founded: 2011

Owner(s): Edward Kim, Joshua Reeves, and Tomer London

CEO: Josh Reeves

Pricing: $45; Rs 3,524

Website Link:

Contact Number: (800) 936-0383

Location: San Francisco, USA


Services: Paychex is a comprehensive payroll service that handles tax management and payroll processing. For small to medium-sized enterprises in the US and Germany, Paychex, Inc. and its subsidiaries offer outsourced solutions for payroll, human resources, and benefits.

Furthemore, it offers a flexible payroll schedule with options for weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly payrolls. Part-time employees, independent contractors, and freelancers are all managed using Paychex. They also offer employees self-service opportunities.

Founded: 1971

Owner(s): Tom Golisano

CEO: Martin Mucci

Pricing: $59; Rs 4,621

Website Link:

Contact Number: 833-729-8200

Location: Great Lakes, East Coast, Northeastern USA


Services: Automatic Data Processing (ADP) one of the biggest providers of business processing and cloud-based solutions for time and attendance, payroll, talent management, and human resource management. Its solutions are made to boost efficiency and meet the specific goals of each firm.

Founded: 1949

Owner(s): Henry Taub

CEO: Carlos A. Rodriguez

Pricing: $59; Rs 4,621

Website Link:

Contact Number: +18447580605

Location: New York, USA

Sure Payroll

Services: SurePayroll provides comprehensive payroll services offering online and mobile access, payroll computations, deductions, direct deposit, and employee access to pay stubs. Furthemore, it provides a complete guarantee that all taxes will be filed on time.

Founded: 2000

Owner(s): Troy Henikoff

CEO: –

Pricing: $29.99; Rs 2,348

Website Link:

Contact Number: 20877-954-7873

Location: Chicago, USA


Services: The services provided by Namely include a payroll system, performance management tools, and social news feeds. It provides businesses with the tools and assistance they need to develop their corporate cultures. Additionally, the platform manages compliance and administration for HR, payroll, time, and benefits.

Founded: 2012

Owner(s): Matt Straz

CEO: Larry Dunivan

Pricing: $12; Rs ₹939

Website Link:

Contact Number: 1-855-626-3591

Location: New York, USA


Services: Due to its emphasis on simplicity without sacrificing quality, OnPay is perfect for very small enterprises. It is easy and quick to add employees, establish status, and process payroll. OnPay is a straightforward, user-friendly solution that is appropriate for extremely small business owners.

Founded: 2011

Owner(s): Jesse Burgess

CEO: Jessica Burgess

Pricing: $36; Rs 2,813

Website Link:

Contact Number: +1 877-328-6505

Location: Atlanta, Georgia


Services: PrimePay is a provider of integrated payroll and human resources support services and personnel management systems. The business’s service approach enables it to minimise risk, maximise efficiency at every stage of business growth, and minimise errors while offering specialised single-source solutions.

Along with payroll services, the business also provides time and attendance management software, compliance and human resources support, insurance and benefits administration, and credit card processing.

Founded: 1986

Owner(s): Bill Pelicano

CEO: John LaMancuso

Pricing: $25; Rs 1,956

Website Link:

Contact Number: 1-877-479-2992

Location: Philadelphia, USA

Intuit Quickbooks

Services: Intuit Quickbooks is a financial management tool that assists new small businesses in tracking, organising, and managing their finances. Quicken personal finance software served as the foundation for Intuit QuickBooks Small Business, which was created to make managing the family chequebook in the home easier.

Founded: 1983

Owner(s): Scott Cook

CEO: Sasan Goodarzi

Pricing: $36; Rs 2,824

Website Link:

Contact Number: 1-800-446-8848

Location: Arizona, USA

Payroll Hero

Services: Payroll Hero is a user-friendly cloud-based timekeeping, attendance, scheduling, and payroll application created for web and mobile.

The major biometric is the employee’s face. In order to know what is expected of them, employees can easily examine their schedules at home or at work. The managers can make last-minute changes to schedules from a variety of devices by using TeamClock.

Founded: 2012

Owner(s): Adam Baechler, Michael Stephenson, Piotr Banasik, Stephen Jagger

CEO: –

Pricing: $3.5; Rs 270

Website Link:

Contact Number:

Location: San Francisco, USA


Services: Payroll services’basic and essential plans includes  Paycor Complete, along with specialised payroll assistance, tools for new recruit onboarding, 401(k) accounting support, tax filing, and connectors with other widely used accounting software.

Founded: 1990

Owner(s): Apax Partners

CEO: Raul Villar

Pricing: $99; Rs 7,751

Website Link:

Contact Number: 18555653285

Location: Chicago, USA


Ultimately, third party payroll services companies are a terrific method to offer emotes quick, dependable pay services while reducing liability worries.

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