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Are you looking for a momos franchise, there are a number of profitable momo franchise opportunities currently available in India. This article provides the top 10 momo franchise in India business opportunities that you can start with a small investment in India.

WOW Momo franchise

Wow momos franchise in india

Wow! Momo began as a 6’by kiosk in spencer’s, which was one of their initial stories ( the other one being a kiosk a big bazaar share per month) Daryani looked after the brand experience, marketing, and retail operations, Homagai focused more on production and quality. The whole responsibility of cost and fiancé control by Shah Miftaur Rahman, as per October across 13 cities in India and few of them are Noida, Chennai, Lucknow, Bengaluru, Kanpur, Hyderabad, and many more short stories and success on wow MOMOs of the franchise of Indian fast-food chain’s. Wow, momos were established by two young businessmen Sagar Daryani and Vinod Homagai at the age of 12 years of them pursuing honors’ from st. Xavier’s colleges.

Wow MOMO franchise in June 2017, managed to rise RS  44 crore from lighthouse funds, and through investments by Indian angel network and later friendlies’ managing director, William Bissell, invested Rs 3 crore(us $440,000) in the company, which helped WOW! MOMO reach a valuation of Rs 300 crore after investment by Tiger Global Management of rs 30 crore.

The valuation of the company crossed Rs 860 crore which led to the opening of more outlets in commercial locations like malls and tech parks. But now as the pandemic started, Wow! momos entered into a strategic partnership with cafe coffee Day Franchise, in which they decided to share outlets space along with costs and revenue.

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Franchise facts

  • Investments: Rs. 8 lakh to Rs. 20
  • Area : 100 SQF


 Nanital Momos franchise started with an aim to prepare delicious and watering Indian and Nepalese cuisine .it is one of the most authentic dumplings and other mouth-watering foods to satisfy one’s hunger. With both, non-veg and veg and they try and melt every type of customer and fulfill the food desire for everyone it was started in 2008, finally established themselves in 2013. They operate in the quick-service segment in the renowned cities of India. They serve a wide variety of South Asian fast food dishes with a fuss-free and related experience. The founder of the Nainital momos franchise is Ranjit Singh Rawat has a daily customer who comes daily to have food where 10 lakhs are just situated on the roadside cart and have Seven branches. They had branches in Goa, Kanpur, Patna, prayagraj, Delhi, Noida, and 4 branches in Lucknow.

Franchise Facts:

  • Investment: Rs.10 lakh
  • Area: Approx 100- 300 sq.ft


The founder of MOMO Nation cafe is the Pradeep Patil area. He has the biggest MOMO Franchise chain spread across 20’cities with 40+outlets in twelve states. He has a franchising passion to set up businesses all over the world. He has a great team holder and player among his chains and he likes to associate with clients as in-house team members to helps them to achieve their business Goals I wish to be recognized as a valuable asset to my clients and play a prominent role in their franchise goals. FIRST started in Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, and u.p and many more like a pipeline.MNC serves over 50 varieties of momos ranging from Tandoori, crispy, chili gravy, steam, fried momos, and much more, established with the objective to become one of the top franchise opportunities to budding entrepreneurs.

Franchise Facts:

  • Investment: Rs 5 lakh – Rs.10 lakh
  • Area: Approx 300 sq.ft

House of Momos Franchise

House of MOMO was established in 2014 is the inspiration of the House of MOMO it provided more than 100 outlets in Mumbai, Thane Pune. it was discovered in India at the time of summer vacation to ease India, Summer vacation was over still the momos lover visiting at the door of the House MOMO lingering on the house of MOMO franchise lingering desire all terrorism travel through the all menu comprising all things we like to eat.

Royalty’s is 5 and the franchise fees were 5 lakhs and startup cost -15 lakhs .they are currently supplying to 60plus outlets . Momos are considered to be healthy and tasty thus growing fondness amongst the youngest and adults mostly it found in Nepal it stretches from the north-east part of the India premium taste and useful quality special features keys were are special categories called special serves soup momos, Burgers momo Desert,

all included in the stores. Some different types of soft drinks and Beverages and shakes like lemon ice tea, and cold coffee, virgin mojito cold coffee with ice cream, Butterscotch shakes, citrus blue shakes, orea shake   KitKat shakes and Bubble gum shake .

House MOMO has a marketing team and has collaborated with leading marketing firms to ensure” House of MOMO feels more like as wow MOMO with a great number of Labour in the store and firmly stand with you in each step whenever we needed it supports handy software and smart supply chain management, best kitchens

Franchise Facts:

  • Investment: Rs 5 lakh – Rs.10 lakh
  • Area: Approx 300 sq.ft


It was a very small company that has a very interesting and delicious momos flavor. we can earn a lot of money because of the flavor and variety of items. Fusion momos were started inb2014 with goodness and hope to make a well-known brand serving it.

it was delicious to taste. Fusion momos have a team, It has experience of 5 to 6 years in the industry they have very good experience with the franchise route. On behalf of franchise model always give people an great options to earn fusion momos franchise criteria  investment is Rs 5,00,000-rs 10,00,000, area requirements is 200sq.ft  and equipment  30,000 ROI 10% furniture including 10,00,000 advertising/marketing 50,000 and capital investment 60,0000 expected payback period 22- 15 months outlets included two (Goa/Noida) margins : 150-350 sq.

Mr. Jahaan  Khurana, managing Director, Roti air Boti and Fusion momos say, “we have a great future, we say it with so much confidence because of the kind of response we get from ours customer’s .they love food, it has 60 types of momos it has different and unique and moreover taste quality is better in compare of other momos.

Franchise Facts

  • Area:  ‎200 sq yd
  • Investment: Rs.5 lakh – Rs.10 lakh
  • ROI: 8% – 12%


Dumpling MOMO ( Diamond plaza) in Bangur Avenue, Kolkata Dumpling momo center with address, contact Number photos (Diamond plaza), Kolkata to just dial  .it was established in the 2013 year Dumpling momo played a huge role in momos center in Kolkata. Well known established a firm foothold in its industry it has wide range of products and services, Home Delivery, inexpensive MOMO center bellows 500

Franchise facts:

  • Investment:  Rs. 8 to Rs.10 lakh
  • Area: 100 to 200 square feet
  • Expansion: Pan India


The kingdom of MOMOs is the heart of Chinese cuisine in India. It was started by the Virgo Hospitality company. The kingdom MOMOs provide a menu with good flavor and delicious taste and innovative recipes, it brings some Chinese snakes to your customer taste bud to delighted.

Among all the dishes, momos have unique dishes apart from other dishes. that wise we allow you to get ambitious. The kingdom of MOMOs is a place blended with awesome good and exceptional hospitality to make your evening happening and memorable.

The area requirements are 150-250. Virgo Hospitality was established in the year 2016 with outlets at Janakpuri by the name of kingdom MOMOs

Kingdom MOMOs is a high food brand offering delicious, mouth-watering MOMO varieties and Chinese delicious food lovers .it is a renowned brand for tandoori crunchy MOMO in Delhi NCR and has been the favorite hunt for NCR and has been a favorite hunt to gathering here for food since opening in Virgo Hospitality.

Franchise Facts:

  • Investment:  2.8 Lacs
  • Franchise Fee : 95000
  • Area: 100 to 200 square feet
  • Expansion: Pan India

Darjeeling MoMos franchise

Darjeeling MoMos franchise established in  2014 there are two franchises in Mumbai, currently Headquartered in Mumbai we can see it in form of restaurant total investment of the Darjeeling MoMos in INR – 15- 25 lakh and Brand fee INR is 0.  

The space required for this is 500- 700 sq. ft staff where present total 10 staff. expected monthly 72% and the royalty and commission are 10% royalty. Darjeeling MoMos is the first MOMO house in Kathmandu that offers masala and fat-free momos prepared in a  completed hygienic way with the finest ingredients to ensure the premium quality and taste the perfect sharpness about the different spicy in the preparation of momos marks the authenticity of the Darjeeling taste.

we can aim to serve bids taste with good quality of ingredient mouth-watering MOMO at affordable price s, which provides complete for value money franchise details about the desire Darjeeling momo total exclusive territorial right to the unit franchise but the public view on this topic is no and the performance guarantee to the unit franchise is “no” Darjeeling MoMos offers many dishes in the menu as likes follow:-

  1. Taipo
  2. Noodles
  3. Thakpa
  4.  Darjeeling bowl(noodles and rice)
  5. Mo-thukpa. Fried rice

Franchise Facts

  • Investment:  15 – 20Lacs
  • Area: 500 to 700 square feet
  • Expansion: Pan India

MOMO station franchise

Mom station is a Gujarat-based company. The company offers four different franchise models for entrepreneurs. These are QRS, Momos man wagon, momos cycle, and momos in the foot. Also, it offers to master franchises in different states. Throughout the nation. It contributing very nicely to increase the demand for momos among the people. They put their unique touch on the products. the inclusions of paneers, vegetables, and chickens reach Customers enough to specialist are the two graves first the schezman and second is one special station and it’s expansion all over the India area were store wisely total investment is 5 lakh to 10 lakh

Franchise Facts

  • Investment:  5 – 10Lacs
  • Area: Store wise
  • Expansion: Pan India


 It is one of the most popular among momos lovers. Dim sum approx 200 orders a day and I think it’s huge. Its demand is at its peak .so, from this franchise business anyone can earn a high amount. It is a very famous Chinese brand it is prepared MOMO in four different categories as steamed, fried, tandoori and gravy’s the requirements are as a present.

Franchise Facts

  • Investment: Rs 8 lakh – Rs.10 lakh
  • Area: Approx 200 sq.ft

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