How to start Vimal Pan Masala Agency? Vimal ki Agency Kaise Lein

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About Vimal Pan Masala

“Bolo Zubaan Kesari” became a famous dialogue when Vimal made headlines or controversies. People blamed the company, for its products being harmful to health. Now, if you read the ingredients present inside a Vimal pan masala then we do not think they are harmful. After facing controversies, Vimal Pan Masala made an extraordinary comeback.

Manikchand Group includes various other groups of industries in India. This company was the one to start chewing tobacco in India. Initially, it was known as “juice”. The owner of Vimal Pan Masala is Dharmani Deni. Vimal Pan Masala is made and manufactured by Vishnu Products Private Limited. The factory is located in the Karnatak district in India.

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Investment Required for Vimal Pan Masala Franchise

Pan masala is one of the most consumed products in India. It was and is still being used as a mouth freshener since 1936. Vimal pan masala is considered to be one of the most effective pan masalas in India. It includes ingredients like herbs, nuts, beetle nuts, and seed mixtures. The ingredients are what make the product unique in the market.

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Vimal Pan Masala Agency

To open any franchise there are some requirements that one must fulfill. In the same way, to open a Vimal Pan Masala franchise there are certain requirements that you need. The advantage of opening any pan masala franchise is you do not need a huge investment. You can open up any reputed pan masala franchise at a very reasonable budget.

The investment highly depends on the demand for the product in that particular area. Now, you need to talk to people who are working in this field for a long time. If there are other agencies near your area and are not willing to leave then there is less chance for you to get a Vimal Pan Masala franchise.

You will not get authorization from the company as they only allow two-three franchises in one district. Still, the total investment of opening a Vimal Pan Masala franchise could be between Rs 10-12 lakhs.

How to apply for Vimal Pan Masala Franchise?

For the application process, there are various methods that you can use. Either you directly speak to the other distributor near you or can contact the parent company directly. Now, if you have enough sources and channels in the market there will be no problem to open this business. On the other hand, if you are completely new to this channel then you might face some problems even after opening the franchise.

We would highly recommend you contact the previous distributors for their business history. This way you will know all the inside details that will not be briefed to you even by the parent company. Now, let us look at the application process for the Vimal Pan Masala franchise below:-

  • This is the official website that you need to visit as of now, the website is under construction
  • After visiting the website, you will get the contact details of the company
  • Make sure you contact the company directly and talk to them about your business plan
  • Now, they might ask you to fill out a form, which will include all the basic details such as name, age, gender, address, photo, aadhar card, and location
  • Fill out the details properly and do not forget to check them before submitting
  • After this is done the concerned department will contact you for further details

Is Vimal Pan Masala Agency Profitable?

Pan masala companies might be very active in advertisements and getting famous faces as their brand ambassador but, getting their franchise is something else. The profit margin of any pan masala, gutka, or mouth freshener companies is very low.


People who have already set up their businesses in such an industry for a long time are the ones who have captured the market. Now, a new owner in the same industry cannot get the market or customers easily. The profit margin for Vimal Pan Masala agency is only 1%. Now, after making a sale of Rs 20 lakh you will only earn a profit of Rs 20000 only. It is always better to start from a retailer instead of going for a franchise.

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