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Apple iPhone – the world best and world largest premium mobile brand is being failed in India? In this article, we will give you some specific reason “Why Apple failed in India”.

Let’s try to understand first about the market size of the Indian Smartphone industry.

According to statista, currently, India has 299.24 million users are using the smartphone and in the coming time, it is for sure possible to grow the market tremendously.

Watch This video to know “Why Apple failed in India”

What are the issues behind Apple Fails?

Approx 85% of India people always asking for “Value of money”  but Apple phone price always exceed the expectations in terms of price.

Almost every model of iPhone is beyond the reach of common people or even some upper people. Sometimes, the price of products increase beyond the product price in US market?

the major reason behind the same is “High Import duties”.  For instance, other companies like XIOMI, VIVO, SAMSUNG, and other mobile manufacturing companies, know the market and people expectations.

Most of the Indian people prefer to buy the smartphone below the 20k, you can also check the market share too for the tremendous growth of those who have the product under this price.

Other factors of Why Apple failed in India: 

No Expandable Storage:  Apple iPhone doesn’t provide the capabilities to expand the internal storage as other smartphone companies do.

NO Dual SIM support:  In India, almost everyone uses two sim card, but with iPhone, it will not be possible to do the same.

Brand Awareness:  people from tier 1 and Tier 2 cities are mostly aware of such kind of brand awareness if you will talk about tier 3, tier 4 cities or even other small cities or in the village most people are unaware.

these are the  above are the major reason behind the failure of Apple in India.

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