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XIAOMI Store Franchise: Today Everyone searching for super-profitable business ideas which can give the maximum profit possible. Great, if you are also in that kind of people, this article is only for you. Here in this article, we will help you to understand how to start your XIAOMI store, what will be the profit in the XIOMI store business, Investment in XIOMI Retail store franchise, and so on.

But before moving forward, Let’s try to understand what and Why the XIAOMI stores?

What is XIOMI (MI Brand)

XIAOMI is a Chines Smartphone manufacturing company which is producing smartphone manufacturing from India. According to the current market, MI Smartphone is one of the most popular brands in Indian smartphone brands. Currently, XIOMI has a 27.63% market share of total Smartphone sales. So opening your store franchise will be a profitable business idea.

Why XIAOMI Store Franchise?

Due to Top Market share, MI smartphones have a huge demand in the market. So if you will go with the same. You will be much more profitable. Currently, XIOMI, want to open 100+ MI store franchise In India.

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XIAOMI Store Franchise

Out of the 12 MI store franchises in East India, 26 MI Retail franchises in West India, 33 MI store franchises in North India, and 35 MI store franchises in India.

XIAOMI India is

  1. India’s No #1 Smart Phone Brand
  2. Market Share 27.63%, 2nd largest Samsung have 17.7%

Also, the store will be opened in level 5 and level 6 cities of Indian territory.

XIAOMI Store Franchise Space Requirement

To start XIOMI Retail store Franchise, you need to have some decent area. The minimum requirement is 300 Sqf and an average of 1200 Square feet.

XIAOMI Store Franchise Investment:

Investment is one of the most important factors in any kind of business. With Xiaomi’s business model, you also need to have a decent amount to invest.

Total Investment: 12 Lac- 15 Lac

Working Capital: 6-7 Lac for Stock

Security Deposit & Civil work Included.

XIAOMI Store Franchise Benefits

Xiaomi will help you in many ways to make your business profitable. Here are a few

  1. Branding and clanging
  2. Initial stage trainings
  3. Book keeping and branding
  4. Office support
  5. Inventory audit
  6. Product development
  7. Merchandise Development

 XIAOMI Store Franchise Benefits

Profit is just the backbone of any business. With Xiaomi, you will get a huge profile but it always depends on what number of products and items are sold from your store.

Every store-based business gets profit on its product sale. So if you sell more products, you will get more profit.

How to Apply for XIOMI Retail Store Franchise

To Apply, You can visit Xiaomi’s official website mi.com, Go to Select MI Store franchise and fill in the required details. The company will connect you if they found a good option to open the store in your concerned area.

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