Kurkure Making Business | Best Kurkure Making Machine

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Kurkure Making Business   | Best Kurkure Making Machine

Kurkure Making Business is a very fast-growing business. Friends, India is a huge country, its population is second only to China in the whole world. There is a lot of consumption of food items here, whether village or city, there is always a huge demand for food items. You will see that it does not take long to sell pouches of puff, Kurkure, chips, namkeen, pasta, noodles, etc. in grocery stores. All these products are sold very indiscriminately, all these products are in demand in all the homes, especially small children, their demand remains high. Want To Know More About the Business, Contact with Our expert to Discuss

Starting From ₹500000 ₹300000

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 Payment: 50% Advance along with Purchase Order. Balance Payment at The time of Delivery (When the Machine is ready it will be intimated to the Customer Balance Payment at the time of delivery) To Dispatch the machine. If the shipping company delays the consignment To reach the port Due to climate problem or any other reasons it will take Those days also extra to deliver the Machine Transport: TO PAY BASIC. (Unloading the machinery is buyer

Kurkure Making Business Row Materials

The main raw material used for Kurkure making business is maize and rice, which are easily available in your area. Apart from this, edible oil, salt, turmeric, red chili and various flavors are added according to taste. Maize and rice are grinded and used.

Kurkure Making Machine

Wet Machine:  This is a machine for weighing raw materials, on which raw materials are used to make crisps by weighing them in different proportions. Raw Material Mixer Machine is a mixer machine to mix the raw material very well.

Extruder Machine: (Main Machine for making crisps) This is the main machine of Crisp Making Unit, from this machine crisps are manufactured.

Fryer Machine:  In this machine, the crisper that comes out of the extruder machine is fried in edible oil, if you do not want to use a fryer machine, you can take a big pan.

Dryer Machine: This machine removes the excess oil in the fried crisper, it removes the excess oil and puts it out.

Spice Mixing Machine: In this machine, different types of spices are mixed with crunchy.

Pouch Packing Machine: Fully finished kurkure is packed in sachets by this machine.

Air Compressor Machine: While packing the pouch with this machine, nitrogen gas is filled in the pouch so that the crisp does not spoil quickly.

License for Kurkure Making Business

Kurkure Making Business is a food related business so you have to get food license from FSSAI License which is mandatory  Apart from this, you definitely have to get your company registration and trademark registration done, if you did not get the trademark registration done and your business went well, then someone else by preparing goods in the name of your brand and taking advantage of the credit made by you, local goods are also expensive. Can sell at price and you cannot do anything, so you must get your brand registered for trademark. Also get GST registration done. You have to always keep the quality of your products better because food inspectors keep raiding for quality checking from time to time, so you have to maintain quality.

Complete Setup Cost of Kurkure Making Business

​kurkure making machine (1) 240000/- + GST 
Kurkure roaster (1)  170000/-+ GST
Masala coating machine (1)  65000/-+ GST 
Pouch packing (1)  185000/ + GST 

Note: TOTAL 635000/- GST 18% EXTRA ( Prices May Varry on Current Market material cost


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