Eveready Battery Franchise

Eveready India Battery Franchise

This company has a rich history dating back to 1905 when it first started its operations in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It was always a prominent player in the consumer goods industry and battery industry in the Indian market.

This company was established in 1905, when it began manufacturing and selling dry cell batteries. Soon, this company began expanding their products and services to other cities across India such as Lucknow, Noida, Bengaluru, Matia, and Haridwar.

It is one of those rare Indian companies which introduced brass, aluminium, and plastic torches way back in 1958.

The company grew rapidly and expanded its offerings to many consumers in the Indian market. Today, this company is well-known for offering rechargeable batteries, flashlights, LED bulbs, luminaires, and other lighting solutions. 

One can easily become a dealer or partner with such an amazing company only if they have passed all the requirements. Some common benefits that one can achieve after getting their dealership are the following:-

  • Product support – Eveready is known for offering comprehensive product support to its partners. This includes basic product training on new products, marketing materials, and technical assistance to help the new business owner sell products effectively in the Indian market. 
  • Marketing assistance – Partners of the company benefit from amazing marketing assistance from this company. You get co-op advertising programs, promotional materials, brochures, and local campaigns, to drive sales and increase brand visibility. 
  • Customer service support – Once you have partnered with this company you will receive dedicated customer service support. This will help you solve and answer any problems that you are facing. 
  • Networking opportunities – In some cases, this company may organise events or conferences where partners can network with other partners, share best practices, and learn about industry trends. 

Okaya Batteries Franchise – Cost, Investment, Profit

Okaya Batteries Franchise

One of the most renowned names in the Indian EV battery market is Okaya Batteries. This company has a legacy of over four decades in pioneer battery manufacturing.

This company portrays the symbol of quality and excellence in the electric mobility sector. Yes, their primary focus is on manufacturing and selling the best electric vehicle batteries and charging solutions to customers. The headquarters of this company is present in Delhi, India.

This company has been a key player in the Indian market for more than 35 years now. Initially, this company started as Microtek Electronics before they got into the battery industry or market. 

The company is known for offering affordable and sustainable clean mobility solutions through its zero-emission electric two-wheelers and charging stations.

Interestingly, many of you will know that all Okaya products are 100% made in India. With the help of cutting-edge technology and innovation, they offer high-performance products and services with high reliability.

Okaya is known for offering Lithium batteries and battery-swapping solutions. The Lithium batteries offered by this company provide cleaner, greener, and highly powerful options for the future of electric mobility.

On the other hand, the battery swapping solutions are highly innovative to enhance the convenience of EV usage. Not many people will know about this but, Okaya is the sole manufacturer of 100% Tubular Batteries and Inverter Solar Batteries in India.

Now, the interesting part of this company is that they are actively offering a distributorship program to interested entrepreneurs.

One can easily become a distributor of this company once they have passed all the requirements. Some of the benefits that you will get after partnering up with such a company are the following:-

  • 40+ years of experience has helped the company to create a huge customer base in the Indian market. 
  • Offers widest range of products which are always available to help expand your business. 
  • Most of their products are with all-new XBD technology which enhances the products and gives extra backup hours. 
  • It is world’s first brand to give a Certified Backup Hour as per actual backup time of inverter batteries on the packaging boxes. 
  • The training and support offered by this company are amazing and from the best people in the industry. You will get the best experience when you have joined hands with this company. 
  • This company also provides PAN India onsite service along with company-owned technicians.

Here is how one can apply for Okaya Batteries dealership or franchise:-

  • The first step is to visit the official website of the company or simply click on  https://www.okaya.in/become-a-distributor
  • This page will lead you to the official distributorship page of the company where you will find an application form on the right-hand side of the page. 
  • Before you fill out the application form, make sure to read all the other important details present on the same page. 
  • After you are done reading, you can fill out the application form and click on the “Become a Distributor” option. 

Own a Profitable Battery Business: Amaron Battery Franchise (India)

Amaron Battery Franchise

Amaron is a brand which comes under Amara Raja Group. It is an Indian multinational conglomerate which was founded way back in 1985 by Ramachandra Naidu.

Interestingly, Amara Raja Group first ventured into the automotive battery business way back in 1985, they did this with the establishment of Amara Raja Batteries Limited. Over the years, this company gained immense popularity because of the quality products and services it offered.

It was bound to expand its product offerings to various customers. Later in 2001, this group of companies introduced zero-maintenance technology in automotive batteries through an incredible partnership with Johnson Controls.

The technology introduced by this company played a huge role in revolutionizing electric storage in automotive batteries and hugely contributed to the company’s success in the Indian market.

The electric batteries sold by this company is known to be the best in the Indian market. Now, this is also the reason why Amaron has become the second-largest automotive battery manufacturer in India, just following Exide batteries.

Due to its wide product range, the company has become one of the top choices in our country. They cater to various vehicles from top automobile manufacturers like Ashok Leyland, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Maruti, and many more.

Besides this, the brand is also known for innovating technologies such as Maintenance-free heat technology and Corrosion-Resistant Cranking MoreSilver Alloy Technology.

One can also be a part of such an incredible EV battery company in India. Franchisees of this company are expected to have a certain level of entrepreneurial spirit and customer service skills. One must have a proper and high education degree and a very strong focus on customer satisfaction to open one of their franchises.

This company has been actively providing franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs to sell and service high-quality automotive batteries. The franchise opportunity provided by this company operates under the dealership model where authorized dealers can market and provide maintenance services.

Here are some important details regarding the Amaron batteries franchise:-

The total investment range of opening an Amaron batteries franchise in the Indian market is from Rs 5 lakhs all the way up to Rs 25 lakhs. Now, it all depends on the range of products you are willing to deal with. The more products and services you deal with, the more you will need to invest in the business. 

The space required to open an Amaron battery franchise also depends on how many products you are willing to deal with. For 50-100 batteries, the minimum space required will be between 300-500 square feet.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with 400-500 EV batteries, then the minimum space required for that space would be between 750-1000 square feet of area. Make sure you have proper space to open one of their franchise in the Indian market.

The profit margin is another amazing factor in starting an Amaron battery franchise. The average profit margin after opening one of their franchise is between 5-7%. The more products you sell the more profit margin you can earn. On the other hand, for services, they are calculated differently.

Exide Battery Franchise – Cost, Profit & Investment

Exide Industries Limited

For Franchise Connect : Exide Industries

One of the most prominent and highly reliable franchise companies that is present in India is Exide Industries Limited. I am sure many of you will have heard of this amazing company which is on a mission to make our country more eco-friendly.

This company is engaged in the manufacturing of lead-acid storage batteries and power solutions. This company has been in the Indian market since 1947. 

Interestingly, initially, this company was known as Chloride Electrical Storage Company (CESCO) in Shyamnagar, West Bengal, but very soon it evolved and was recognized as Exide Industries Limited.

Ever since its establishment in the Indian market, they have expanded all across the country rapidly. Due to their quality operations and product offerings, the company soon became a leading player in the battery industry.

The product portfolio of this company is the widest one. They are well-known for manufacturing a diverse range of batteries which include automotive batteries for Original Equipment Manufacturers, industrial batteries for inverters and USP systems, and specialized batteries for telecom infrastructure, railways, mining, and defence. 

One can easily open a dealership and distributorship of this company. Unfortunately, this company does not officially reveal to people that they offer such a business opportunity but, if you pass all the requirements they will send you a batch of products for further sale to customers.

The product sent from the company will depend on the investment that you make. Additionally, proper space and documents are required to open an Exide dealership.

For Franchise : Contact Exide Industries

Franchise Opportunity :- Best Shawarma Restaurant in India

As a franchise, Absolute Shawarma stands as a beacon of success and opportunity in India’s burgeoning food industry. With a proven business model, comprehensive support systems, and a strong brand identity, it offers aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to be part of a thriving enterprise. The franchise model ensures consistency in quality and service across all outlets, maintaining the trust and loyalty of customers nationwide.

Fidus Electric Franchise – Cost, Profit & Investment Details

Fidus Electric Franchise

One of the most unique and amazing EV franchises in our country is Fidus Electric. This company is in the business of manufacturing electric scooters and motorcycles. Their electric vehicles are of the best quality as they provide long-lasting batteries. They use Lithium batteries under the brand Fidus Lithium.

The company has a primary focus on sustainable energy sources and energy storage technology. This business is providing a great business opportunity by offering a franchise option. To obtain a Fidus Electric franchise you must go through all the requirements, terms, and conditions of the company.

This company established in 2021 has already become one of the top players in the market. The franchise operation of this company was started in 2023. One must also know that the investment required to open a Fidus Electric is between Rs 20-30 lakhs. Within this huge investment, you will need to pay a franchise fee of Rs 3 lakhs and a royalty/commission of 11%.

Once you have taken their franchise or dealership, you will be granted with exclusive territorial rights. One can anticipate the return on investment of 79% and a payback period between 2-3 years. 

Now, here is how one can open a Fidus Electric dealership in their local area:-

  • Make sure to visit the official website of the company 
  • On the right-hand corner of the page, you will see an “Apply for dealership” option 
  • Make sure to click on the option and a Google form page will open for you 
  • Once the page has opened, you will be asked some basic questions from the company 
  • Make sure to answer them properly and re-check the answers once you have completed. 
  • Once everything is done simply click on the submit button. 

AMO Mobility Franchise – Cost, Profit & Investment

AMO Mobility Franchise

One of the most prominent players in the Indian electric vehicle market is AMO Mobility. This company’s primary focus is on providing and focusing on efficient and highly reliable electric scooters. This unique company has always been on the forefront when it comes to the mobility revolution in the country, innovation in products, affordability, reliability, and sustainability.

This company has been in the Indian market since 2014. It started its journey in the Indian market with the vision to convert e-mobility into mass mobility. It seems like the company is achieving all those visions quite successfully. Over the years, this company identified three main problems that our country was facing. Those problems were reliability, sustainability, and affordability. In response to these problems, this company introduced new products like electric bikes and scooters for customers. 

Most AMO Mobility products are filled with innovative features. Some of those features are the following:-

  • Lithium convertible technology for quick charging
  • Fully charge in less than six hours 
  • Warranty coverage for three years 
  • Other unique features

Here is how one can open an AMO Mobility franchise:-

  • Visit the official website of the company or simply click on Apply for AMO Electric Bike Dealership (amomobility.com) 
  • On the top of the same page, you will see an application form which will ask for some basic details 
  • Before you fill out the application form make sure you scroll down below the same page and read all about the company 
  • After you have read everything, fill out the application form with proper and updated details and click on the submit button

Hero Electric Franchise

Hero Electric Franchise

Everyone who has been passionate about bikes will know this amazing company. It is India’s first and largest manufacturer of two-wheelers. This company has been running successfully since 1993 and its headquarters of are based in Delhi. Hero Electric is a part of Hero Eco Group and this sub-brand has already established itself as one of the most trusted brands in the electric two-wheeler industry.

This company is known for offering a range of electric two-wheelers which are highly suitable for daily commuters and delivery services. This company has served lakhs of customers and is known for its strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The company has grown to be so successful because it go through rigorous testing and inspection processes to ensure that the product meets all quality standards.

One can easily open up a Hero Electric dealership only when they have passed all the requirements and criteria. The franchise or dealership program of this company provides a platform for entrepreneurs to be a part of the growing electric mobility sector and overall contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Here are some of the reasons why you must go for a Hero Electric franchise:-

  • Superior franchise business model – This business has a proven business model which involves setting up a successful business. The business flow of this company is quite amazingly taken care of by the concerned department. It is structured in such a way that no business owner will have any problem. 
  • Dealer support – Hero Electric offers support to its franchise owners and dealership owners in terms of setting up, shop layout, loans, parking facilities, and many more. 
  • Training and marketing support – Franchisees receive proper and high-quality training for smooth operation. Other than this, they also get proper marketing support which includes local advertisements, digital marketing strategies, television promotions, social media promotions, and many more. 
  • Business software integration – This company assists franchisees in integrating business software for managing sales, everyday data, inventory, customer relations, customer complaints, and many more.

Here is how one can become a partner of Hero Electric:-

  • Visit the official website of the company 
  • Once you visit the official webpage, scroll down a little and you will see an information page 
  • Make sure to read all the details very carefully and provide suitable information on the gaps
  • After you have given all the information, tick the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy” option and click on the submit button.

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Delta Autocorp Franchise – Cost, Profit & Investment

Delta Autocorp

One of the most reliable electric scooter manufacturers and franchise businesses in India is Delta Autocorp. This Indian company is making a significant change and contribution to sustainable pollution reduction in densely populated areas. The company is based in Bangalore and has already become a major player in the electric vehicle industry by providing top-quality, affordable, and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

The electric scooters manufactured by this company have gained immense popularity as they offer last-mile connectivity. This is very rare to find in other top players in the market. Interestingly, one must also know that the electric scooters produced by this company are RTO-approved. The company has received lots of support from the state government through incentives and subsidies. 

Some primary features that make this company different than others are the following:-

  • Highly-efficient performance 
  • Long battery life
  • Less charging time 
  • Highly reliable

This company offers a franchise option to individuals who are interested in getting into the industry. Some of the franchise benefits that you can get once you choose Delta Autocorp are the following :-

  • Easy availability of spare parts- Finding the best spare parts for a particular vehicle can be very troublesome. But, Delta Autocorp ensures that there is easy availability of spare parts for its vehicles. 
  • Proper manpower training- The franchise business opportunity from this company includes training programs for both sales and technical staff. They provide intensive training to ensure they are well-equipped to handle customers. 
  • Marketing support- One of the greatest advantages of opening a Delta Autocorp franchise is that they offer amazing marketing support. Franchisees mostly receive marketing support such as canopies, leaflets, brochures, T-shirts, digital market assistance, and many more.

Here is how one can open a Delta Autocorp franchise:-

  • The first step is you need to visit the official website of the company or simply click on Deltic Electric Vehicle Dealership in India (deltaautocorp.com) 
  • On the middle of the official page, you will see contact details and a dealership enquiry option 
  • Clicking any one of those will lead you to the official contact details of the company. Use those details to contact the concerned authority and tell them your reason for contact.

Pure EV Franchise Cost, Investment & Profit Margin

Pure EV Franchise

One of the leading electric vehicle companies in India is Pure EV. This India-based company specializes in the development and manufacturing of electric vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles. One thing that makes this company different from others is that it has a dedicated EV battery manufacturing unit which spans over 1 lakh square feet for research and development.

Pure EV is not only known for providing a great business opportunity through their franchise option but, they are also known for their commitment to renewable energy. Other than that, this company also uses innovative lithium battery technology.

Now, this brand offers a franchise model for both individuals or businesses who are interested in becoming a part of their network. Once you plan or have partnered with Pure EV then you are benefitted from many things. Some of the franchise benefits are the following:-

  • Brand recognition – Over the years, Pure EV has achieved so much and has created an amazing customer base in India. Franchisee-seekers from this company can easily leverage Pure EV’s strong brand presence in the electric vehicle market. People have already used their product and are appreciating a lot and that is positively putting a great impact on the brand’s overall image. 
  • Support and training – Pure EV ensures that all the franchisee gets proper training and support. They are known for offering comprehensive support and training to help franchisees succeed in operating their daily business. 
  • High-profit margin – Once you have opened up a Pure EV franchise, you can surely expect a healthy profit margin from the company. Becasue of their strong presence in the Indian market, customers are always coming for some or the other products or services. 
  • Sustainable business model – When you have partnered with Pure EV it automatically helps you to align with the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions.

If you are interested in getting one of their franchise then here is how you can do it:-

  • Make sure to visit the official website of the company 
  • The official page of the company will ask you for some basic information such as name, email address, contact details, and a few more details
  • After you have provided all the details, make sure to check all the details once again and then click on the submit button.