Top 10 MS Dhoni Invested Startups Business

Dhoni is not only a sports person but also he is a business person and investor.

He invested in many startups which are profitable.

Tagda raho - Dhoni’s Latest Invested company. Which is becoming an internet sensation nowadays

Sports Fit: 2nd FItness company which is back and invested by MS Dhoni

7InkBrews is a food and beverage compnany owned by Dhoni

Chennaiyin FC Dhoni is a big Fan of Sports and sports person.

The SEVEN - Is a Brand Owned by MS Dhoni As Fashion and Apreal Brand

KhataBook - is a leading Account software company.

Car 24 - Dhoni Also invested in Card 24  startup

Garuda Aerospace - Is An Aerospace company where he invested

Agri Drones - he also Invested in Tech Drone company

RUN ADAM - Is a Sports company where he invest 

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