Top 5 Best Bakery & Cake Shop Franchises in India for a profitable business in 2023

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Introduction to Bakery franchise

Did you know? India is the highest milk-producing country. As of 2020, milk produced in India was 194,800 thousand tonnes which accounts for around 40.41% of the world’s population milk. So, opening a bakery franchise in such a scenario is surely not going to be a bad business. You get some of the best bakery franchises in India along with the best cake franchises as well. It is because India not only serves milk to foreign countries but, to its people as well.

Now, the bakery or cake franchise in India is doing quite well. It falls under the food industry and has a huge market demand for bakery products. Just like fast-food franchises, bakery or cake franchises are booming businesses in India.

So, opening up a bakery franchise in India is surely going to be a profitable business. Make sure the product quality is focused more on quantity. Further, in this article we will talk about, the top 5 bakery franchises in India.

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5 Best Bakery & Cake Shop Franchises in India

Bread, biscuits, cream rolls, cakes, and many more are always in demand. Almost every day you see someone celebrating a birthday by cutting a beautiful cake. Some of those cakes, biscuits, cream rolls or anything may be bought from either of these franchises. Now, the top 5 bakery franchise in India is the following:-

1. Karachi Bakery Franchise

At the top of our list, we have Karachi Bakery. This beautiful bakery retail chain was founded way back in 1953 by Khanchand Ramnani. The bakery retail chain has been running successfully ever since. Karachi Bakery’s headquarter is located in Hyderabad and has opened up franchises in Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi.

The bakery retail chain is famous for serving fruit biscuits, Dil Kush, and Plum cakes to customers. If you are planning to open up one of their franchises then visit for more details.

Business NameKarachi Bakery
Franchising since2000
Initial investmentRs 10-20 Lakhs
FounderKhanchand Ramnani
Karachi Bakery Franchise Overview

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2. 7th Heaven Cake Shop Franchise

If you are looking for the best cake shop then 7th Heaven is the one for you. 7th Heaven is the best cake shop in India that prepare 3d cakes, donuts, macarons, biscuits, and many more bakery items. Interestingly, 7th Heaven is one of the largest bakery cafes in India.

This successful cakes and dessert chain in India was founded in 2011. The founders of this bakery retail chain are Arjun Chugh and Sanjay Chugh. With lots of hard work and efficiency, this company has opened up 200+ stores in 75 different states in India.

If you are willing to join them then visit this link for more details You can easily open one of their franchises within 250 square feet and would require 4-5 manpower only. Moreover, it is quite a profitable franchise when it comes to bakery business franchises in India.

Business Name7th Heaven
Franchising Since2014
Initial InvestmentRs 14-30 Lakhs
FoundersArjun Chugh and Sanjay Chugh
7th heaven Bakery franchise

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3. Monginis Bakey Franchise

At least once in our lifetime, we have visited this bakery franchise. Personally, whenever I visit any of Monginis outlets I feel nostalgic looking at its interior and packaging. Monginis Bakery Franchise is an Indian multinational bakery chain that is based in Mumbai. This bakery chain was founded way back in 1956 by Hussein Khorakiwala. Interestingly, Monginis is one of the oldest bakery chains in India right now.

As of 2019, Monginis has opened up more than 1000 stores all over India. Delicia Foods is one of its subsidiary brands that is running successfully in India right now. This bakery retail chain is famous for serving chocolates, chocolate cakes, pastries, and oriental sweets.

People have always appreciated the product quality bought from this bakery retail chain. If you are planning to get one of their franchise visits this link for further details.

Business NameMonginis
Franchising Since1971
Initial InvestmentRs 10-20 Lakhs
FounderHussein Khorakiwala
Monginis Franchise

4. Mio Amore Cake Shop Franchise

Mio Amore Franchise may be the recent bakery franchise on our list but, the success it gained is quite enormous. This bakery retail chain offers handmade cakes, cookies, sweets, and chocolates to customers. Whatever cake you need just contact Mio Amore and they will make it for you. Other than that, we are sure you will not be disappointed with its product quality.

Mio Amore was founded in the year 2015 by Arnab Basu after he split with Monginis. The profit margin of opening a Mio Amore franchise is a whopping 20% on the MRP of any product. You can expect a quick return on investment if you are planning to start one of their franchises in India.

Mio Amore has over 300+ stores running successfully in West Bengal and Odisha combined. The bakery business franchise is famous for selling cakes, pastries, patties, sandwiches, and many more savory products.

Business NameMio Amore
Franchising Since2015 (after separation from Monginis)
Initial InvestmentRs 10-12 Lakhs
FounderArnab Basu
Mio Amore Franchise

5. The Sugar and Spice cake shop franchise

Sugar and Spice is another nostalgic bakery retail chain in India. The brand is only committed to authenticity and has a passion for baking good quality cakes. The mission of this beautiful bakery company is to provide customers with delicious products. This Kolkata-based bakery company was founded back in 1990 and is known for serving simple yet authentic products.

Currently, this bakery brand is offering more than 50 products to customers. Some of those products are cakes, chocolates, packet cakes, burgers, pizza, patties, rolls, kebabs, and many more. You not only get bakery products but, other snack-related products as well. The founder of this company is Supriya Roy.

Today, due to its high success the company has opened up more than 90 franchises in West Bengal itself. Additionally, they are planning to open up more outlets and franchises around the country. Now if you are planning to open up a Sugar and Spice franchise then visit this link for more details.

Business NameThe Sugar and Spice
Franchising Since1995
Initial InvestmentRs 10 lakhs
FounderSupriya Roy
The Sugar & Spice

Is Cake Shop Franchise worth it?

Franchise-based Cakeshop & Bakery franchises have always edge of unique taste and vast market knowledge with regional taste. Moreover, the bakery franchise has huge marketing support that moves them a step ahead of traditional bakeries & cake shops.

Which is the best cake shop franchise in India?

It will be unfair to name a particular franchise or brand name to be the best, as someone’s selection could be highly dynamic as it is affected by the investment required, franchise cost, regional interests, etc.

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