Top 10 Accounting Softwares In India for 2021

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In the current era of the Digital World, the trends of Best accounting software are changing with the technologies. Our Accounting systems are getting more smarter and optimized with time. Due to this, the Accounting software had gained a lot of importance due to their higher efficiency and error-free results. And this is their major advantage over traditional Accountants and Accounting Systems vs new edge accounting software.

Earlier there were a lot of complications due to the nature of Human being prone to accounting errors. So Here in this article, we are going to explore the Top 10 best Accounting Software which had changed the way of recording and presenting financial data.

Why Best Accounting Software?

As We know an accounting system is used to manage financial activities of a Business such as income, expenses, growth rate, and other crucial activities, also Accounting system is the Roots of a Business or an organization, thus we have to choose a software through which we can manage our Accounting system efficiently.

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So We have to choose the best software having Easy to use Interface, Fast operation, Availability at Different platforms and many more parameters to make our accountant’s life much easier.

List of Top 10 Best Accounting Softwares based on above-discussed parameters and other crucial parameters.

#1. Quickbooks

This Accounting Software Deserves the first rank in this list for some reason. It is the leading accounting software in the market for small businesses.

top 100 accountingf softwares in india

It is available in both online version and Licenced version which makes it suitable for remote access, You can run a trial version for 30 days as well.

This software has awesome Tech Support, Thanks to the company for providing Free support and upgrades with online version.

#2. Tally ERP 9

This is an all in one multipurpose Best Accounting software used for accounting, inventory and payroll activities. Tally ERP 9 is Dominating in the Indian Market From the Last two Decades for its Better organization of inventory, purchase, sales, cost, and payroll.

It is useful for small as well as medium Industry Sectors. It also Provides GST Support and cheque printing features.

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#3.Profit Books

Profit Books is a Cloud-Based Best Accounting Software which means it can only be accessed through the Internet. All operations done are stored on the cloud and can be accessed anytime anywhere.

This software doesn’t require a skilled professional with Accounting Background and thus is well suited for small enterprises. Database Backup, Inventory Management, and Online Banking Integration are some of its key specs.

If you are going to Own this software you must keep in mind that you should have good Internet services in your area.


Marg is widely used and recommended Accounting Software used for the last two decades. It is built and Distributed by Marg Compusoft Pvt Ltd.

It comes with integrated Marg Billing Software to Directly file GST Returns. After the implementation of GST(Goods &Services Tax) in India, it has influenced the accountants for its ease of GST Calculation, Implementation, and Payments through inbuilt MARG Billing Software. It is preferred for small and Medium Enterprises in India.

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#5. Saral Accounting

As the name suggests it is very simple and easy to use Best Accounting Software promoted by a Bangalore-based company Relyon Softech Limited. It comes incompatible variants for PCs and Android Smartphones and you can sync your data from any accounting Platform while migrating to Saral.

It is best to use for TDS Management and GST Return company also offers a 30 days free trial for new users.

#6. Busy

It is a useful Accounting software with normal features like accounting, sales, VAT, etc but what makes a difference is its effective Currency Management tool and context-sensitive online help, inquiry, and support management. It is one of the fastest expanding Accounting Software with useful features and offers a free Trial period for new users.

#7.Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a well-integrated cloud-based best Accounting software and a part of the Zoho productivity suite. It is well suited and Recommended for small enterprises and holds the Great User experience award for the year 2019. Its cloud-based system makes it accessible from anywhere through multiple platforms.
Automated Payment Reminder system, automated bank feeds, professional invoice reports are some of the key specifications of this software.


It is one of the best free Accounting Softwares available at present having a cloud-based system in which all real-time imports, expenses and other financial data are synced to a real-time server.

It has several time-saving features such as Automated Billing, Invoice Generation and reminders for unpaid transactions. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a 100% free software for small enterprise, this one is best for you


Xero is a cloud-based Accounting Software having a clear Financial overview and Access from anywhere, anytime. It comes with interactive credit control features and a user-friendly interface for creating and Tracking Invoices easily.

It also provides Automated Daily Bank Feeds and product updates justify its award-winning performance. Xero offers 30 Days Free Trial for new users afterward, you have to purchase it.


Reach is a web-based online Accounting software basically designed for Small and medium-sized enterprises.

The most significant part of this software is that all the business operations are bundled in one software and It ensures the business owner to track every aspect of the business.

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