Top 10 Lubricant Oil Franchise in India

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Here is the list of best lubricant franchise in india

Why lubricant oil franchise business ?

Any spinning equipment’s efficiency and life duration depend heavily on lubrication. Applying lubricants, often oily or greasy substances, to moving machine parts reduces friction and enables smooth passage of the parts past one another.

According to SKF research, over 50% of bearing failures are the result of incorrect lubrication. Making the right choice can assist in preventing early bearing problems and boosting machine productivity, uptime, and energy efficiency.

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In order to prevent metal-to-metal contact and maintain the machine’s efficiency, lubricants create a coating between the metal surfaces of its component parts. Under-lubrication has a number of unwanted consequences. Including greater component wear, early component failure, higher energy consumption, and higher operating and maintenance expenses.

Internal and exterior lubricants are the two categories into which lubricants fall. External lubricants reduce adhesion between polymer and metal surfaces, but internal lubricants reduce friction inside the molecular chains.

Here is a list of the top-10 lubricant and oil franchises in India

Indian Oil Corporation (Servo)

The Indian Oil Corporation ranks 88th on the Fortune Global 500 lists and is the largest firm by revenue in India. The Futura D is designed for modern automobiles and comes with API CI-4 and SAE 15W-40 viscometric standards.

The lubricant also offers superior oxidation stability, regulates viscosity caused by soot, and lessens engine wear and tear.

Founded: 1959

Founder: Rachit Agarwal

Franchisee Cost: Rs 15 lakhs

Website Link:

Contact Number: 1800-2333-555

Castrol India Limited

Since its founding in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in 1910, Castrol oil dealership has dominated the lubricant industry. It is a member of the BP group and deals in retail automotive lubricants such as 4-stroke oils, multigrade diesel engine oils, and engine oils for passenger cars.

Producing lubricating oils is what the company does. The business is divided into automotive and non-automotive categories.

Founded: 1910

Founder: CC Wakefield

Franchisee Cost: Rs 22 lakhs

Website Link:

Contact Number: 1800 209 8100

Bharat Petroleum

Bharat Petroleum was founded in 1991, just as the government began to impose trade restrictions. The bharat petroleum dealership makes lubricants that are typically suited for two-wheelers. The oil contains clever molecules that adhere to engine parts, provide a layer of self-healing protection, and have been shown to lessen wear under stop-start conditions.

Founded: 1976

Founder: Burman Shell Group of Companies 

Franchisee Cost: Rs 5 lakhs- Rs 15 lakhs

Website Link:

Contact Number: 1800-22-4344


Gulf Lubricant was founded in 1901 and has its headquarters in Pittsburgh’s Gulf Tower. They are the top-ranked business in the oil and gas sector, and they deliver on-time, high-quality performance when it is required. The cutting-edge oil offers superior protection for cutting-edge multi-valve engines and keeps the engine running like new under all driving circumstances.

Founded: 1901; 2008 (India)

Founder: Andrew and William Melon; Hinduja Group

Franchisee Cost: Rs 4.5 lakh- Rs 6 lakh

Website Link:

Contact Number: +91-22-6648 7777


Founded in the Netherlands in 1907, Shell dealership has become a global leader in oils and lubricants. With over 44,000 gas stations throughout the world. Shell provides its consumers with transportation fuel in addition to refining, producing, distributing, and exploring for oil and gas.

Founded: 1907; 1928

Founder: Marcus Samuel; Royal Dutch Shell plc.

Franchisee Cost: Rs 18 lakhs

Website Link:

Contact Number:  004-3099 1103

GP Petroleums Ltd

A renowned lubricant company with a public listing, GP Petroleums Ltd. specialises in industrial and automotive lubricants, process oils, transformer oils, greases, and other specialties in the Indian and international markets under the brand name IPOL.

GP Petroleums Ltd. is listed on the stock exchange and focuses on industrial and automotive lubricants, processing oils, transformer oils, and greases.

Founded: 1983

Founder: GP Global

Franchisee Cost: –

Website Link:

Contact Number: +91-2261482500

Hindustan Petroleum

The largest lubricant refinery in India, owned and run by HPCL, has a 335 TMT capacity and produces lubrication base oils that meet international standards. Over 40% of India’s total lubricant base oil production comes from this refinery. At the moment, HPCL makes over 300 different grades of lubricants, specialties, and greases. A relatively new comer in the petroleum industry. HP is a member of the prestigious Hinduja Group. The Hinduja company purchased HP in 1980 and now fully owns the brand.

They have a  6 million metric tonne annual capacity in their Bina Refinery. Additionally, the corporation employs more than 8,000 people, 6000+ of them being permanent.

Founded: 1974

Founder: Hinduja Group

Franchisee Cost: Rs 30 lakhs

Website Link:

Contact Number:


Incorporated in 1901 in SpindleTop, Texas, Valvoline produces lubricants and other fluids for use in industrial machinery, tractors used in agriculture and forestry, and ships and power plants.

They have a well-proven low fuel consumption formula and offer good high and low temperature performance. They work with any kind of gasoline as well. Valvoline lubricants are comparatively less expensive.

Founded: 1886

Founder: In India, Valvoline Cummins Private Ltd. is a 50:50 joint venture between Valvoline International Inc. USA and Cummins India Ltd.

Franchisee Cost: Rs 4 lakh to Rs 6 lakh

Website Link:

Contact Number: 0124 472 1200

ELF India

The brand was established in 2003 in Mumbai,Maharashtra and has quickly become one of the best lubricant brands in India. Heavy-duty engine oils, regular motor oils, premium motor oils, and specialised industrial lubricants are all produced by the company. This business has a well-known reputation in India and takes part in international motorsport events. They also have a long drainage period, so one will not need to keep changing the oil. Additionally, they have competitive prices.

Founded: 1967


Franchisee Cost: Rs 30 lakh- Rs 50 lakh

Website Link:

Contact Number: 022 6723 2500

ExxonMobil Lubricants

The company, which was founded in 1911 and has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, has been gaining popularity, largely among bikers. Heavy-duty engine oils, regular motor oils, premium motor oils, and specialised industrial lubricants are all part of their extensive product portfolio.

Their blending plant’s revolutionary technology can produce 72,000 MTPA annually, which is the second-highest production rate in the nation.

Founded: 1987

Founder: John Rockfeller; Exxonmobil India 

Franchisee Cost:  –

Website Link:

Contact Number: 1-800-243-9966

Is Lubricant Oil Business Profitable?

The lubricant market is being driven by low cost, simple availability, and expanding applications across all sectors. As a result, founding a lubricant manufacturing company is a very profitable venture for business owners looking to enter the petrochemical industry.

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