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Castrol Oil Dealership Apply

Over time, Castrol dealership has come to be associated with world records in both endurance and speed.

The strong motor oil from Castrol is entirely synthetic and liquid-engineered with Fluid Titanium Technology to make it able to withstand the rigours of today’s engines at all times.

In the 1990s, early Castrol lubricant grades for veteran, vintage, and classic cars and motorcycles, as well as Castrol’s Classic Oils, were in use. They used cutting-edge mineral oils with minimal detergent content and the right viscosities for usage in vintage cars.

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By 1960, with years of growth and glory, the founder C.C. Wakefield renamed the business to Castrol Ltd. The lubrican oil franchise business continued to expand and remain at the forefront of lubricant technology.

What is a Castrol Oil Dealership?

Castrol is a producer of industrial lubricants and automotive lubricants with a base in Britain. The company’s headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and the brand is well-known throughout the entire nation. One of the most popular lubricating oils dealerships in India is Castrol Dealership.

For motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, heavy-duty machinery, farm equipment, and commercial vehicles, Castrol offers engine oil and fluids. Engine oils, braking fluids, aluminium lubricants, greases, and other products are all part of the Castrol product line.

How to Get a Castrol Oil Dealership ?

To obtain a castor oil dealership, one must get in contact with a Castrol sales manager in the desired region to obtain a Castrol dealership. The toll-free number 1800-222-100 can be contacted to obtain further information. Contact can also be initiated via their official website.

If one is qualified, the sales manager can move further to assist the interested applicant in starting a dealership. One’s eligibility for the Castrol dealership mostly depends on elements like the number of Castrol dealers in the neighbourhood, the applicant’s trade background, where the shop is located, and their financial situation, among others.

Castrol Oil Dealership Cost

Approximately Rs 5 Lakh – Rs 6 Lakh is needed to set-up a castor oil dealership.

Investment AreaCost
Dealership Security DepositRs 1.0 Lakh- Rs 1.5 Lakh
Initial Inventory PurchaseRs 3 Lakh- 4 Lakh
Shop InteriorRs 25,000 <
EquipmentsRs 20,000
Shop Advance + First Month’s RestDepends on the Location
Working CapitalUndisclosed
Castrol oil dealership cost

Profit Margin for Castrol Oil Dealership

A castor oil dealership should result in one able to anticipate a profit margin of 15% to 25%. The sales volume directly correlates with the profit margin at the Castrol dealership. I.e., if one generates more sales, the company will be able to extend more offers and bonuses.

After one has had a dealership open for six to twelve months, the corporation offers various bonuses and schemes. If the dealership owner achieves those sales goals, they might anticipate a profit margin of up to 30%.Almost every manufacturer of engine oil offers promotional programmes, such as cash discounts, quantity discounts, product discounts, outstanding balance nil, etc.

Documents Required for Castrol Dealership

Documents for Castrol
Company Registration
Trade Licence
Shop and Establishment Registration
GST Registration
Previous Bank Statements/ Income Tax Returns
Business Insurance if Required
Documents required for castrol dealership

Eligibility Criteria for Castrol Oil Dealership

One of the eligibility criteria to start a dealership is to have at least 150 to 300 square feet of shop space; and to ensure that there is good connectivity in the store. A minimum investment of Rs 5 lakh- Rs 6 lakh is crucial to set-up the required inputs to start a dealership. Further eligibility criteria can be obtained via the official phone number or website details available on the website.

How to Find Customers for Castrol Oil?

Castrol Oil has introduced several initiatives to ensure a constant base of customers. This includes a clever marketing strategy called drip drop marketing that enables one to focus on acquiring new clients.

The thick, heavy, ultra-high gloss, laminated direct mailer that Drip Drop Marketing uses has a high perceived value and is nearly impossible to miss in the mail. To attract new clients to businesses, one can target particular geographic areas and vehicle types. Digital marketing agency & Drip Drop Marketing also does a response analysis so one can monitor the program’s efficacy.

Castrol Dealership Video

Furthermore, without adding to the costs, the Castrol Engine Warranty Program helps increase client retention. One may provide a free limited engine warranty that protects an engine from oil-related technical failure or unusual wear with Castrol’s Engine Warranty Program.

Castrol Dealership Revenue for FY2022

The Castrol India for the first half of 2022, have gained revenue of ₹ 2,477CR, a growth of 22 % YoY compared to ₹ 2,028 CR for the same period. Net profit after tax was ₹ 435 CR (+13% YoY) compared to ₹ 384 CR last year.

For quarter (April – June), Castrol India reported revenue of ₹ 1,242 CR, up 40% compared to ₹890 CR for the same period last year. The net profit came at ₹ 206 CR compared to ₹140 CR a year ago.

How much investment is Sufficient for a Castrol Dealership in India ?

You can start your Castrol oil dealership business with initial investment of 5 Lakhs ₹. For more details, refer to the Investment tab of this article above.

When is the best way to contact for Castrol Dealership ?

The most convenient mode to contact for castrol oil dealership is their official website & contact number
Website : https://www.castrol.com/en_in/india/home/castrol-story/contact-us.html
Technical Enquiry – technicalservices.india@castrol.com
Sales Enquiry – customercare.india@castrol.com
Product Recall – customercare.india@castrol.com
Distributor/ Dealership Enquiry – customercare.india@castrol.com
Customer Service/ General Enquiry – customercare.india@castrol.com
Investor Relations Enquiry – investorrelations.india@castrol.com
Grievance Officer (Information Technology Act, 2000)
Ms Chandana Dhar
Phone – +91 22 71777100 / 71777101
Email – grievance.officer@bp.com

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