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Blue Dart Franchise

Blue Dart Express is an Indian logistics company that is responsible for delivering services. The company was founded back in 1983 and has its headquarters based in Mumbai. As of December 2022 the company had a market capitalization of approximately 177 billion Indian Rupees approximately.

This huge number suggests the brand value and reputation it has created over the years. Therefore, Blue Dart Express is one of the most trustworthy names in the field of logistics and delivery services in India.

Courier and Logistic Services business

Courier and logistics sector has gained high altitude in the past few years in the Indian market and is increasing rapidly day by day. Starting a courier agency or Owning a Courier franchise could be a life-changing opportunity in the current scenario of urbanization and digitalization.

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The Blue Dart franchise could be a better option while choosing a Logistic franchise in India. Here in this article have mentioned all parameters of the Blue dart Courier franchise including profit margin, Investment required, Area required Locations available, Current scenario, and future scope of the business.

About blue dart franchise business

Blue Dart Express doesn’t require any introduction in the Indian market. It’s Indias leading Courier company Headquartered in Mumbai, founded 37 years ago in 1983 by Tushar Jani, Clyde Cooper, and Khushroo Dubash.

Blue dart has invested a lot in technology and innovation to make operations more fluent and efficient. In the current era of e-commerce and online shopping, vendors need proper inventory management and tracking of shipments which is best offered by Blue dart.

For the ease of vendors,blue dart offers following business integrations :

  • Internet Drt
  • Shop track
  • Pack track
  • Mobile dart
  • Ship dart
  • Image dart

Present Scenario

The current scenario & efficiency of this business can be best understood by the fact that during crisis of Covid 19 and lockdown E-commerce was the only business that was running fluently, thus Courier and logistic sector survived and earned high profits. That’s enough to tell about the security of this business becaue the business that survived under such circumstances is how much secure.

Future Scope in Indian Market

In India, the e-commerce and Online shopping are still in their infantile stage and growing rapidly. Also, western culture of sharing gifts and other options are shifting to online platforms provides a huge opportunity to logistic service providers.

So, at last there is nothing to worry about this business. The all you need is to set a Blue dart franchise venture and do a reliable, professional & profitable business.

Availability of Blue Dart Franchise

Blue dart franchise is available across India. Blue dart offers location wise franchise on city level and state level depending upon the availability. If you are willing to let a blue dart franchise ypu must know it’s availability at your location. The regional communication details will be provided in Contact details section.


The applicant must be resident of India having a premises at prime location of the city/location. The premises should be comfortable for movement of large carriers for shipping of parcels and goods

Investment Required

Franchise cost of 2-5 lakhs INR (depending on the location) is required

Security deposit of 1.5 lakhs INR

Why Blue Dart Franchise?

Brand Reputation

Blue Dart was able to nurture and grow its business ever since its foundation because they were able to solve a crucial problem that the common people were facing. The company introduced its easy tracking system for consumers and as well as an excellent delivery service to the customers which ultimately gave rise to its brand reputation.

Additionally, the company was able to achieve the ‘Superbrand’ status for five times consecutively and the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Gold Award for five years in a row. 

Extensive Network

Blue Dart has had an extensive network ever since it became a part of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s DHL eCommerce Solutions division. The brand has thus become the largest and most comprehensive express and logistics network globally, covering more than 220 countries and territories.

Looking at its huge network globally the brand was bound to offer a wide range of distribution services including air express, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, and many more. 

Advanced Technology

Blue Dart was one of the first companies to bring a systematic change in the process of delivery and logistics services. Therefore, it has adapted to the latest technological changes so that they can bring enhanced customer experience and service.

Blue Dart uses the help of scanners, bar coding technology, and laser scanner technology to keep their customers updated about the consignment. It is these consignments that are scanned right from its pick up to every transit point until it is delivered to the concerned person/customer. 

Diverse Services

Blue Dart offers a range of distribution services to its customers. Being a globally recognised brand, Blue Dart offers different forms of distribution services. The services include Domestic Priority, Dart Apex, Dart Surfaceline, Dart Plus, Airport to Airport, Charters, Interline, Smart Box, Express Wallet, International Services, and Temperature Controlled Logistics.

The future plans of Blue Dart includes focussing on its core domestic products and also to expand its market share. Therefore, it can be assumed that the brand will be spending heavily on its research and development to bring new services in the future.

Training and Support offered by Blue Dart Franchise

Blue Dart works with a team of extremely professional workers and staff members. Right from the staff members working behind the computers to the employees responsible for delivering the consignments are trained and provided with the required support.

Franchise owners also receive proper training and as well as ongoing support so that business can be conducted smoothly without much interruptions. Additionally, Blue Dart also helps its franchisees with marketing and operations.

Requirements For Blue Dart Franchise 

Blue Dart is a globally well-known logistics brand and it is obvious that there would be some requirements that need to be met by any interested candidate wishing to start its franchise. Let us have a look at some general requirements for Blue Dart franchise in India:

Financial Stability 

  • The total investment would depend on various factors like the location of the store and space area. However, on an average you must have an investment of INR 15-20 lakhs ready to start Blue Dart’s franchise. The brand also charges a refundable security deposit of INR 1 – 1.5 lacs depending on the city. Contact the Blue Dart official center nearby your area to know exact details. A working capital of INR 1-3 lacs would be necessary at the initial stages of conducting the business.


  • The franchise is required to have a commercial space. The space area should be accessible and visible to customers so that they feel it easy to reach out to you for any kind of Blue Dart courier services. There must be enough space for loading and unloading of large consignments. A space of at least 300 sq ft to 500 sq ft is enough. The infrastructure should be comfortable enough to fit in with all the necessary furniture and office equipment. There should also be office space for franchise owners for meeting purposes. 

Experience & Knowledge 

  • There is no specific requirement for a Blue Dart franchise owner to have high experience in business or in a similar field but it will be a plus point for owners to have some experience and as well as knowledge. The company will offer proper training and support but it will be advantageous for your business if you have experience in logistics and transportation industry, 

Enthusiastic and Motivated 

  • To run any kind of business successfully one must be enthusiastic and motivated. Customers must always remain loyal to your business which is why your franchise should have the best service attitude and your employees must be willing to help customers by all means.

Legal Compliance

  • There is a legal process that franchise owners have to go through before they are able to set up their Blue Dart franchise business. It is necessary to go through this process because of verification. Franchise owners would have to submit all different kinds of documents so that the verification process is completed. You must also have the required licenses and Government verified documents so that the process of verification becomes smooth and you can immediately start working on your business plan. 

Training and Support

  • It is required for franchise owners and as well as his employees to receive proper ongoing training and support from Blue Dart. Training and support will be helpful for you and your business sustain in the market. It will be directly linked with managing and handling your business. 


  • The number of manpower would depend on the space of the franchise outlet. If the outlet is large then you would require more staff members while a small outlet would require less manpower. All in all there should be at least 2-3 employees for loading and unloading, one receptionist, and 1-2 employees for maintenance

Blue Dart Franchise Application Process

The application process to become a partner or take a franchise of Blue Dart includes going through a legal documentation process. Interested candidates must register themselves with Blue Dart from the official website. Then you can go visit the main branch of Blue Dart in your city. The official website does not have the option for its franchise enquiry which is why candidates would have to visit the branch directly. 

Get in touch with the manager and make an appointment. The manager will guide you about the different kinds of services offered by them so that you can choose your area, discuss it with the authorities and then plan accordingly to finally run your business. The application may be a time consuming process as it requires candidates to visit the branch physically and not through online mode. 

Documents Required for Bluedart Franchise

  1. Proof of Address
  2. Proof of identity
  3. Tax Details (GST details )
  4. Land Detalis (Owned or rented )

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How to get Blue dart franchise at my location?

In order to get the Blue Dart franchise at your location, you have to contact the zonal office of your location. You can contact them through call , e-mail or meet them physically by visiting their office.

How to apply foir DTDC Franchise

Contact details for Blue Dart Franchise as available on their website :


Pin code380008
Telephone1860 233 1234
Email[email protected]


Pin code569999
Telephone1860 233 1234
Email[email protected]


Pin code700071
Telephone1860 233 1234
Email[email protected]


Pin code600034
Telephone1860 233 1234
Email[email protected]


Pin code641037
Telephone2243 383, 2248 071, 2246 832
Email[email protected]


Pin code110076
Telephone1860 233 1234
Email[email protected]


Pin code500016
Telephone1860 233 1234
Fax040-6632 3030
Email[email protected]


Pin code400099
Telephone1860 233 1234
Email[email protected]

Investment and Cost Analysis for a Blue Dart Franchise

When it comes to total investment required for opening up a Blue Dart franchise then it is quite a hefty amount depending on factors like space area and location. The official website does not reveal any such details concerning total investment and cost required for opening a Blue Dart franchise.

But, assuming the goodwill that the brand has developed over the years it is expected that a franchise owner needs to have at least INR 20-25 lakhs. Let us do a detailed analysis about the cost.

Blue Dart Franchise Fee

In addition to the total investment there is also a franchise fee that needs to be deposited with the company. The franchise fee is around 1 lac to 1.5 lac and is a refundable amount which in time gets refunded looking at the business that the franchise is making and also depending where the outlet has been set up. Contact a company personnel or the manager of your nearest Blue Dart office to know about the exact amount and the mode of payment. 

Infrastructure Setup

The infrastructure of a Blue Dart franchise should be set up on a minimum area of 300 sq ft to 500 sq ft. There should also be some space in the front for loading and unloading of consignments. The company will be offering its full support for setting up the outlet and if you are having difficulty choosing the right infrastructural design then they may help you out in that too.

The space inside the store should have enough space for customers and employees to work comfortably. Furniture should be placed well so that there are no accidents while working. All in all you can expect a cost of INR 5 lakhs to 8 lacs for infrastructure setup. 

Technology And Software 

Blue Dart has been using advanced technology for conducting its business and similar is the case with its franchises as well. Blue Dart uses bar coding and laser technology for showcasing the status to its consumers through its consignment number. Apart from that, a mandatory computer system with active internet connection is required to conduct business smoothly.

Proper billing needs to be generated with the help of powerful printers as well. The company will offer its support to new franchise owners by training them with its technology and software. At the initial stages after setting up your Blue Dart franchise, the company may allow you to use its software for free. You would have to contact the company personnel to know more about such details. 

Inventory and Supplies

The cost of inventory and supplies would depend on the location you wish to open the franchise. Say suppose your store is located in a city then you would have to purchase large inventory and keep large supplies because the demand would be more. 

Working Capital

A working capital of at least INR 1 to INR 3 lacs would be sufficient for the first few weeks. The business might not be profitable right away which is why the more working capital you have in your bank account the better it is for your business.

Now, Blue Dart is a globally recognised brand but to make profit right away by taking its franchise you will be needing some time. The audience has to feel your presence in the area so that they can become a permanent customer to your courier service franchise. 

Profit Potential of a Blue Daer Franchise

A Blue Dart franchise owner can receive a profit share of 35 – 40%. This margin seems to be quite higher than other courier service brands in the country. The volume of delivery of consignments will generate more profit for your business. On the other hand, if more customers visit your outlet to send a package to their connections then too your business will be earning a good amount of profit. 

Training and Support

Blue Dart offers 24×7 support to its franchise owners. The brand also offers training to franchise owners and to employees so that they can manage daily business activities that are related to logistics and transportation and all other things that come with it.

The training is necessary because the brand would have to make sure that the franchise owner or the manager knows how he/she can conduct daily business with ease. Also, whenever there is a challenge that comes up then the managers and the owners need to act immediately to diminish it. 

  • Initial Training 

At the initial training you and your employees will be receiving training on basic work. You and your employees will know using different machinery and software and other such kinds of things for conducting daily business. Franchise owners will receive knowledge on how to take good care of their employees and as well as maintain healthy relationships at the workplace. 

  • Marketing and Advertising 

Blue Dart helps its franchisees with marketing and advertising efforts at the initial stages. Once the business has been set up the franchise can run smoothly on its own. Marketing and advertising during the initial stages will help a franchise owner get some relief because the company will have much better expertise than a single person putting his effort on marketing. You can contact the company to know more about how they are going to help you with marketing and advertising. 

  • Operational Support

The official website of the company does not reveal much details about the support that they are going to provide to their franchise owners. This is why it is important to visit the nearest branch and talk to the branch manager in person. Blue Dart being a reputable brand in the logistics and transportation industry might offer operational support as well at the initial stages. The brand may give out its software tools for free and other such support. 

  • Regular Updates and Communication

You can contact the company for getting updates regularly. However, the company will become responsible for the welfare of your business which is why they might be updating you regularly and keep up with you by communicating effectively. You might be provided with all the necessary contact numbers so that you can contact them during an emergency situation. 


The Blue Dart franchise is a profitable business opportunity today. Being one of the most trusted brands in the country and as well as globally the brand is one of the best to work with as a franchise partner. The commission or rather say the profit margin is much higher than any other brand in the country which gives the franchise owners a good reason to start its franchise today.