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Want to make a career in esports industry? Or want to make a career in esports in India?

If yes, this article will help you a lot.

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What Is Esports?

Video gaming or computer gaming is known as e-sports in worldwide. Like others, also in India, people are now making this game career of online gaming.


There are lots of esports players who are earning currently thousand of Indian rupees on monthly basis through esports career in India.

Pro esports gamming is nowadays converted into esports career in India. Like other game, some sports companies hire esports players for their team to play into international esports tournaments.

Also like other games and players, they offer monthly salary too.

If you want to know the winner prize of such tournaments in India, this is comes from 5 lac to 20 lac rupees.

Become esports player and Earn Lac of Money

In today’s, The total winners prize has been crossed up to 3.5 Cr annually and according to the research of hyper X the world leading esports company, the total revenue of esports business will be increased with 25% of today’s status.

Fans following of esports or esports players will also be crossed up to 15 Cr in India.

In pragati maidan, Delhi the one of the biggest esports show was organized and also 100+ esports companies participated to show their games.

Exponential Growth in esports industry

Gamming fields are growing from the era of 2000 but in 2015, there was around 198 Million gummers was there in India but as per research this number is going to expend to 625 million by 2020.

Videos games are not a game now a days, it’s more than a pro esports nowadays.

If you want to see the real example of such ideas, now a days you will find many people are making live their game desktop to and earn through watch and other business.

Some time they sales gamming product just by showing the product over the net. These are the most alternative ideas by which you can start the  your career with esports industry.

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