Yewale amruttulya : Franchise cost, Profit margin & Investment Required

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Earlier you have seen the most fascinated news “A chai wala earned 12 lac rupees monthly” I hope you remember that news, now that Chai Wala Yewale Chaha started his franchise with the Yewale tea franchise with Yewale Amrittulya franchise.

If you are a true tea lover and want to start your business in the tea industry yewale tea franchise business can be a good option for you. before moving forward, let’s try to understand what is tea industry now and how much benefits/ scope of tea business.

Yewale amruttulya granchise/ yewale chaha franchise / yevale amruttulya

In this article, you will be able to understand complete step by step information of Yewale tea franchise business like what will be the Yewale tea franchise cost or Yewale tea house franchise cost? how to get Yewale tea franchise? what are the Yewale tea franchise details? and Yewale tea franchise office address. Let’s not waste your time and try to understand the scope of a yewale amruttulya franchise/yewale chai franchise.

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Scope of Yewale tea franchise business In India:

You will be super excited to know that Indian territory has a 30 Billion dollar tea market size with a stack of 31% of total world tea production. Indian tea industry business in around 170 to 180-year-old industry. Right now we have 1692 official registered tea manufacturers, 2200 officially registered tea exporter along with 5548 registered tea buyer and 9 tea auction center in India.

According to the research, India is the world’s largest tea producer-consumer and exporter. so starting a business with the tea industry will be one of the most profitable businesses in India.

Yewale tea franchise details

Yewale tea franchise / yewale chaha is Pune based startup with brand name Yewale amruttuly has owned the heart of Pune and expending their business not only near by Maharastra but also extending the business to all part of India.If you will check the company website, you will find tag lines for the journey of cup and  pune to peris the road ahead.

Yewale tea business
Yewale franchise outlet

Company is preferring youngers over experience businessmen to allot the franchise. so if you are a youngster and having a deep desire to work in the tea industry, this will be the best option for you.

Yewale amruttulya chai franchise cost

Let’s try to understand about details about Yewale tea franchise cost, to start this business you must have the below-required details

Initial investment:  

Store setup and investment breakup for yewale franchise is as follows

  • Interior decoration, plumbing work, civil work, hardware, and ACP Panelboard required 400,000 indin rupees investment
  • Steel counter, Refrigerator, cooler, mil boiling machine, milk cane and gas pipeline will cost around 410,000 Indian rupes
  • Kitchen Equipment takes around 70,000 Indian rupees.               
  • For marketing and other related stuff, the company has added around 150,000 Indian rupees.
  • Outlet launches expence is aprox 100,000 Indian rupeees.
  • For IT infra stutrcure like software, billing tab, CCTV, LED wi-fi connection will charge around 92,800 Indian rupees
  • For Housekeeping and material, the included charge will 67,800 Indian rupees.

So the total investment for Yewale franchise is around 1,300,000 Indian rupees to start Yewale franchise business near your location

License Required to start yewale tea franchise business

Almost every food-related business required the below license.

You also get these all licenses from link with Startup authority.

Other required details for Yewale tea franchise

  • Required Shop area: 250 -300 square area with good outside space.
  • Franchise Fee: 300,000 Indian rupees.
  • Investment Amount : 1,300,000 Indian rupees.
  • Monthly expected Profit: 100,000 India rupees
  • Franchise terms: 5 Year
  • Store timing: 5 AM to 10 PM All 365 days

How to get Yewale tea franchise

You can get the Yewale franchise either visiting the head office or you can also apply online for this business opportunity.

Please fill this form to get Yewala tea Franchise

What are the benifits of franchise for tea business ?

Bundle of advantages are their for any type of franchise business, in case of yewale franchise you will get partnered with a well known brand with already well established audience.

Is Yewale tea franchise profitable ?

Yes absolutely, but it highly depends upon the region & how well established is the brand in that particular area. For example, Yewale tea is a well known name in south India, pparticularly in maharashtra region and Delhi NCR, but people in Bihar, punjab and other northen parts of the country are not that much aware. Theirfore chances of this business in these areas to be successful are very less.

Is yewale an Indian brand ?

Yes, Yewale franchise is purely Indian brand.

Is Yewale chai, yewale amruttulya chaha, yevale chai franchise same ?

Yes, all of these are same Yewale Chai Franchise , their pronounciation differs on the basis of region. In south india it’s well known as yevale amruttulya chaha.

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