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Chai Shai bar : a brand in the industry

For a diversely populated country like India, nothing can match the experience of taste all across the globe . Investment in cafe outlet is amongst  the most trending, trusted and successful investment .

Chai Shai bar brings you the opportunity to have your own business in the food industry. Started from a single outlet Chai Shai bar has became now a brand , a worth investing franchise to look for . It is successfully serving to people, the unique taste of India with positive feedback from each and every satisfied customer.

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Chai Shai bar has now became a prominent name in the hospitality sector with the best services offered for customers .

Food franchise is the new need of present generation, lookingat current scenario , there is huge demand of the service outlets of food industry and it is an insatiable need to fulfil .

Why Chai Shai bar franchise : overview

Tea franchise is the  need of present generation . Looking at current scenario , there is huge demand of the service outlets of food industry and it is an insatiable need to fulfil .

Chai Shai bar is now the franchise with more than 3 years of serving in the hospitality sector . They started in year 2018 in Jabalpur ( MP ) .They are now present in more than 16 + Indiancities . It is one of the most trusted name in the hospitality sector with lakhs of happy customers across the country .

They have more than 40+ outlets and the counting is still going on , as they are interested to extend their business pan India .

The profit,people are making from this franchise is also one of the reason of it’s growth in the country . It is a well known brand . They provides the great margin  with the digitalisation , so online orders and deliveries are also provided .

The franchise provides training to the staff members so that your outlet is operated by completely skilled staff. Along with that the most important thing is that it assures high returns on investment.

Chai Shai bar franchise cost and investment

For a single unit,franchise claims for INR 10 – 12 L. Location and outlet in main market will require more amount ,varies according to your city. For the brand name, you have to give INR 5 L ( included in single unit investment) and it is non negotiable . 

This is usually the very first question coming into your mind about the investment you are going to put in the business. Hence,getting Chai Shai bar franchise is going to be very pocket friendly for you.

Apart from location and brand name the main prerequisite for the cafe is furnished kitchen with all equipments and machineries. The complete set up of your kitchen may cost you around INR 6-7 L.

Better sitting experience for the customers is mandatory ,for that development of sitting lounge will also require almost 6.5 – 7L .More beautiful will be lounge, more fascinating and attractive it will become for the customers .

And after the complete set of your cafe , proper branding and marketing must be assured. Ads and posters may cause you around INR 50 K.

The complete set up requires an amount of INR 20 – 25 L,Investment schemes from government can also help you to set up the outlet

Franchise Cost including brand fees10-12 Lkahs INR
Brand Fees5 Lakhs INR
Sitting Lounge Cost6.5-7 Lakhs INR
Kitchen Setup 6-7 Lakhs INR
Branding & Marketing Cost50 Thousands INR
Total Investment20-25 Lakhs INR
Chai shai bar franchise investment

Chai Shai bar profit margin

One can not exactly claim about the margin in the food industry but ofcourse it is the top most sector to invest by the investors.

Chai Shai bar claims to expect the returns of the investment within 12- 15 months . Trust of the brand among the customers helps the outlet to grow up their business with a way more faster rate .The expected return on the investment to the franchise is 35% which is a best deal according to current market .

Everybody is aware of the margin offered by the food industry, perhaps is one of the strongest reasons for boom in the industry . Now days every second person thinks of a cafe to invest .

How to get a chai Shai bar franchise

It is very easy to get a chai shai bar franchise . You can simply do it by visiting their website and enrol with application form they provide on their website .

  • An another portal,Franchise Apply, also accepts the application for the franchise of chai shai bar .
  • You can contact them manually also at their office in Jabalpur ( MP ) .
  • Apart from this they can also be approached via the contact no available on their website .
  • Service for business partner at Chai Shai bar is very lucrative and non hectic. One can easily contact and apply if their requirements are fulfilled .

Chai Shai bar requirements

First and foremost requirement for the outlet to open is the commercial property in your city . The property must be completely legal with all the documents verified by regional municipal corporation .

  • Area of the property is also important factor to be considered .The area required should be around 100 Sq Ft – 2000 Sq Ft .
  • Location of the outlet also can’t be ignored . Most preferably locations are the shopping complex , or Commercial Mall,any busy street or any populated residence colony can also be considered. The location should be prime and easily approachable.Nothing can be better then the main market of city to open the cafe outlet .
  • A busy cafe also requires a trained staff , having expertise in managing lots of customers at a time . Training is provided by the franchise to the staff of the outlet .
  • For proper maintenance of sales and record keeping , any digital hardware like computer is must with proper internet connection and a operator .it is also essential for the online orders and deliveries.
  • At the last you can’t compromise from the security , so a CCTV camera will be well and good.


In today’s market , food industry is the best industry which offers you high returns with less investment .Chai Shai bar provides you the best opportunity to set up your own business in this growing market .Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority . Business with them is a worth grabbing deal .

Who is the owner of chai shai bar franchise ?

Pravin Dwivedi is the owner of chai shai bar fraqnchise.

What is the cost of chai shai bar franchise ?

Franchise cost is 10-12 Lakhs,whereas complete setup requires 20-25 Lakhs

Is chai shai bar franchise Indian company ?

Yes, Chai shai bar franchise is indian company.

How much we can earn from chai shai bar franchise ?

It can’t be claimed exactly,but you can earn 35% return on investment within 6-12 months of taking franchise.

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