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What is Ekart logistic franchise ?

What is Ekart logistic franchise ?

Ekart Logistics is best preferred supply chain service like in a day guaranteed delivery, same day delivery, cash on delivery, etc and is well known for delivering excellent courier services consistently. Therefore more and more businesses and companies are elaborating with Ekart for its supply chain services. In this article we will let you known all the information that you must know to get started with your Franchise business.

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Why should apply for ekart logistics FRANCHISE ?

Ekart Logistics franchise can take advantage of their user base and continue business requirement
with no marketing effort it can start delivering goods in the domestic locations of their hometown.

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Types of Franchise
Ekart generally offers two types of Franchise 1st standard and the 2
nd is a master franchise the
majors difference is for investment and storages space only . Pre Requirements of ekart Logistics

Ekart Franchise cost
The actual Franchise fee is not disclosed do if we assume that we independently established a
courier firm it will cost around Rs 2,00,000 to 3,00,000.but do not prefer borrowed capital at the initial

Staff Requirements
The maximum of 3-4 employees is required to be hired one for computer operation he must
have basic education qualifications and three others should know to ride a two -wheeler others
four wheelers vehicles trust a driving license all must be given routine Training before doing the
job .

Documents Required for Ekart Franchise

  • Adhar card or pan card ( permanent Account Number) office documents such as ownership
  • certificate, Rent /lease Agreement
  • Demand Draft
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Office space Requirements.

Space required for Ekart Franchise

Office space requirements just like any other courier firm a 409-500 sqft godown is enough to apply for the Franchise and if you have some own a property which is vacant and you setup to be the office also there is no need to have a commercial space a house basement can also be used as an office but if you have to take it on rent that is not a problem at all you can visit magic bricks or 99 accesses to find the best office space.

Ekart Training

Ekart is always tried Its best to deliver excellent transportation services so to maintain this they provide each and over.generally don’t require any special equipment However, you can buy some device like Pos device , real time a location finder for tracking your drivers. 6.Agreement Terms and Conditions.Ekart Terms and conditions has it’s own Franchise approval criteria but it is not publically disclosed but it is not generally makes an agreement for 4 years this is Franchise can easily review it .

What types of vehicle did Ekart need to Run.

  • The line-haul function in the supply chain involves the movement load usually between distant
  • cities – by land ,air or waterway. Transportation shipment in line haul involve several conditions such as:-
  • Preset conditions such as mode of transport route , customers SLR, vendor contracts capacity planning and utilisation.
  • Environmental factors such as fog and rain
  • Operational factors such as speed ,road regulatory Norma , vehicle availablity and availabilitof resources for loading, unloading and maintenance.

How many drivers do I need to parcels.

There are no specific number, initially you can recruit 1 to 2 drivers for packages delivery later on when you have large parcel volume, you may hire more drivers on monthly basis salary.

Who would provide training
Ekart is always tried it’s best to deliver excellently transportation services so to maintain this
they provide each and over.Should I purchased special equipment for delivery.
Generally, you don’t require any special equipment. However, you can buy some device like
POS device, real Time a. Location finder for tracking your driver.

Necessary accessories to run ekart logistics franchise.

  • For courier some business need the mandatory for items as follows:-
  • Packaging Tapes:- tape is used for product sealing and packaging it is mandatory for this
  • business.
  • Computer:-while you do business you need to update the delivery you can use desktop computer or laptop.
  • High speed internet connection-Good internet connection is required for data transmission
  • Scanner/printer/Bar Code reader.
  • Shipping label: for specific products recolonization and handling caution warming.

Ekart logistics profit margin

We can take delivery Franchise or any other Logistics company Franchise, the ultimate business
profitability depends on your Franchise management if you talk about Ekart, no doubt the company
provides very good margin.

How to submit ekart Logistics Franchise application.

Ekart does not have any download Franchise application form . therefore you don’t have any options
to download the form you can only reach them via email or visiting regional office address.

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