How to get a Maidpro franchise?

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The cleaning industry in the house has a lot to offer. It’s a recession-proof industry with significantly more flexibility and fewer headaches than food service or retail. It’s also a growing sector, as more individuals seek cleaning services for their homes. The following are some of the advantages of owning a house cleaning franchise:

  • No squandered inventory
  • Free nights and weekends
  • Low beginning expenses
  • Consistent, recurring revenue

Maidpro franchise

MaidPro is a house cleaning franchise with over 225 sites in 38 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada, centered in Boston. The company, which first started franchising in 1997, is proud of its robust owner community, cutting-edge technology, and innovative marketing. From 2006 to 2016, it received the Franchise Business Review’s 4 Rating and Franchise 50 awards for owner satisfaction.

Contact with Our Franchise Consultant

MaidPro Franchise firms provide residential and commercial cleaning services and other associated services. The franchisor also offers conversion franchises to qualified individuals and entities who have provided cleaning services similar or identical to the franchised business for at least six months and have generated more than $25,000 in sales during the franchised business’s most recent six-month period.

Why Should You Consider MaidPro Franchise?

In the home cleaning sector, MaidPro genuinely stands apart. They have created operations software, incorporated a national contact center for service scheduling, and built a fantastic network of franchisees ready to support one another.

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MaidPro franchisees make it easier for busy people to remain on top of their cleaning needs and live in happier, healthier homes. You’ll collaborate with other franchisees through peer performance groups to maximize each owner’s influence on their business, neighborhood, and MaidPro family.

MaidPro empowers franchisees to build a better future with their house cleaning franchises, thanks to one of the most known names in the business, cheap startup fees, and the assistance of an entire family of home care brands.

What Makes a MaidPro Franchise a Beneficial Investment?

MaidPro has received numerous awards and accolades. In the previous several decades, the cleaners company has been listed in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500. This ranking is based on more than 150 data points in costs and fees, size and growth, franchisee assistance, strong brands, and financial strength and stability.

The franchisor’s fantastic performance as a cleaning company franchise is fueled by several variables, including the lack of a marketing budget. The corporation may suggest marketing spending, but it is up to you to decide whether or not you want it. The average period of a MaidPro franchise agreement is five years. Renewing a contract is often inexpensive if both parties agree to continue doing business together.

You may not be required to buy from several cleaning product sellers, allowing you to shop around for the best deals. Of course, when delivering residential cleaning services, you won’t be required to employ the company’s fleet. You can completely personalize your MaidPro franchise with this level of customization.

What is the cost of a MaidPro franchise?

  • Aspirants must have a least $35,000 investment cash and a total investment range of $94,560 – $119,800. You’ll get MaidPro’s highest service, instruction, support, and hospitality with your house cleaning business.
  • There are three investing choices available with MaidPro. Choose a model that is within your budget.
  • Whether your beginning budget is $75,000 or $250,000, the MaidPro system allows you to be as creative as you want.

What is the royalty fee for MaidPro?

The royalty fee charged by MaidPro starts at 7% of total sales and drops to as low as 4% as your maid business expands. Consider how much money you’ll save compared to a usual flat-rate royalty fee of 7%! Naturally, decreased operating expenses equate to more profits for you. In addition, rather than billing every week, we just bill the royalty payment once a month.

Is there a price for national marketing?

A low 2% national advertising fee is charged by MaidPro for local and national initiatives.

How can MaidPro provide better assistance than larger franchisors?

Other franchisors waste time on stuff that doesn’t matter. This diverts their focus away from their primary task, and it usually costs you extra because they must factor in the cost of providing these additional items.

It’s a Real Adventure to Own a MaidPro Franchise

You’ll work with a specialized business coach at MaidPro who will show you the procedures, the equipment, and all else you need to know about running a business. Even after your real training is over, your business coach will be available to answer any questions you may have or provide expert advice about getting the most out of your company.

Our seasoned advertising, operations, and cleaning specialists will also provide advice and continuous support. You’ll have access to our system-wide intranet, which contains training manuals for you and your staff and a corporate helpline where you can obtain quick answers to your problems.

As an added incentive, our franchisees can go on a yearly adventurous journey to an exotic area to create relationships and let off steam. It’s yet another fantastic way for us to connect you with the wonderful MaidPro community.

Is the Maidpro franchise profitable?

MaidPro provides an amazing franchise opportunity that is more economical than you might imagine, with modest employee costs and the potential for recurrent revenue owing to repeated cleanings. The amount of money you can make as a MaidPro Franchise owner is determined by various things. As a business owner, your objectives should be to increase sales while cutting operating costs and improving the quality of products and services.

Royalty fees, mortgage/rent, product supply, staffing, utilities, bookkeeping, stationery, and so on are all examples of running expenditures. Your prices may vary from month to month, but your upfront costs are largely fixed to cover the majority of the initial set-up of equipment, signage, and improvements.

Is Maidpro Franchise available in India?

No, currently Maidpro is only operational in US & Canada across more than 200 locations.

Who is the master behind the Maidpro franchise?

Mark Kushinsky is the founder & CEO of Maidpro franchise

Is the Maidpro franchise profitable?

Apart being economical for customers, it’s quite profitable franchise business.

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