How to get my startup on Shark Tank India? – Shark Tank Application Season 2

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What is Shark Tank India?


In India, a reality program where startup founders pitched their business ideas to judges in search of prospective financing was unimaginable until very recently. This reality was altered by Shark Tank India’s first season last year.

A lot of entrepreneurs & businessmen are willing to pitch their business or Startup in front of sharks at shark tank India. Here in this article, we have mentioned how to get your startup on shark tank India.

The most recent craze to hit the nation is “Shark Tank India.” It has given Indian businessmen’s dreams wings, and it is based on the same-named American show.

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On the show, a group of investors—referred to as “sharks”—invest money in intriguing company concepts from all around India.

How to apply for Shark tank India Season 2

Shark Tank India capitalized on the rising entrepreneurial sentiment in the nation, in contrast to primetime reality television, which typically involved exploiting the personal traumas of participants. The public loved it. Unsurprisingly, Sony has said that there will be a second season of the program and that registrations will open at the earliest as possible.

The first season of Shark Tank India consisted of 35 episodes and ran from December 20, 2021, to February 4, 2022.

Registrations for “Shark Tank India 2” will open soon following a successful first season.

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How to apply for Shark Tank India 2022

Below is a simple, four-step process to enter the upcoming season 2 of Shark Tank India.

1. Online Application

Download or update the SonyLIV app, then fill out the registration form for Shark Tank India Season 2 by adhering to the program’s instructions. Describe your company plan. You will move on to the following level if the Shark Tank crew/team accepts your idea.

2. The Pitch

The team will ask the candidates to explain what makes their business idea unique and why it is worthwhile to invest in. It will be necessary to submit this in the form of a 3-minute video pitch.

3. The Audition for Shark Tank India

The chosen candidates will participate in a round of auditions with the Shark Tank crew as a preliminary to being accepted for Shark Tank India’s second season.

The Shark Tank India team will promptly inform the applicant of the city in which they must appear for their audition. The candidate and their business will be carefully evaluated by the team. The candidate must bring their business strategy in writing and a demonstration film of their prototype or product for this round.

Additionally, the applicant must retain any applicable trademark and intellectual property certifications as well as identification documentation for KYC verification. This stage also requires the presentation of basic financial records, such as the company’s income tax returns. The participant must also exhibit documentation supporting any funds they have already raised, bank loans, and, if applicable, other investors.

4. The Shark Tank

In this step, the chosen applicants, or “Pitchers,” will meet the “Sharks,” or investors, who will comprehend, evaluate, and make an offer based on the applicant’s final “pitch.” There is a lengthy waiting period before the final shot. Every step of the way, the participant will be in contact with the SonyLIV production team via phone or email.

How to get my business/startup featured on shark tank India 2022?

If you want to pitch your startup or business on shark tank India, you need to follow the below steps for Shark Tank India Registration 2022 :

  • Install the SonyLIV App by first downloading it from the play store or app store. When the app’s homepage loads, the Shark Tank India image shows users the “Register Now” option right away. You can access the registration page by clicking the link.
  • The applicant must input their mobile number in order to generate an OTP for verification in the first phase. On the following page, enter the OTP using a mobile device. The application can also be completed online at the Shark Tank website.
  • The participant will next fill out the “Terms and Conditions” form and submit it after choosing their preferred language in the following stage. An instructional page that provides the applicants with fundamental information appears on the following page.
  • The applicant must fill up their profile information in the following stage. Details like their residence, educational background, and line of work are requested in the first part.
  • The applicant must include information about their company in the second area of the application, including the name of the company, the industry it belonged to, a concise statement of what the company did, and an upload of a picture of their product. If required, the applicant must acquire a safety document for their product or prototype. Along with the percentage of shares they were willing to offer in exchange for the investment, the applicant must also specify how much money they hope to raise from the show.
  • The applicant must then disclose whether their business has ever faced legal issues. Not all enterprises in our nation are registered because there are so many SMEs that are home-run or small local businesses. Additionally, the applicant must state whether their business has ever filed for bankruptcy. Additionally, the applicant must state whether they were in any way legally barred from serving as the director of the company they were promoting.
  • The participant must submit a 250-word self-description as part of the final step, and they must also sign a final declaration form stating that neither they nor their company is bound by any confidentiality obligations. This is done to ensure that disclosing the company information won’t put the show’s producers in jeopardy legally. The applicant may now select “Submit.”
  • Please be aware that only 1GB of pitch videos are permitted, with 100 MB being the maximum size for all other files.

Eligibility criteria for Shark Tank India 2022

Anyone who has a startup concept or is an entrepreneur is eligible to apply for Shark Tank.

As long as the person in question is an Indian citizen, a resident of India, at least 18 years old on April 30, 2022, and in good physical and mental condition, he/she can apply for Shark Tank India 2022.

Shark Tank India Registration Process for Startups & Businesses

  • You must fill out the Shark Tank entry form after registering with some basic information about yourself and your company idea.
  • If you are chosen in the first round, you will advance to the next one.
  • You must discuss important company indicators like financials, expected financials, etc. in the second round.
  • You must also create and send a 3-minute film that introduces the Sharks to your venture.
  • The team will call you for an in-person interview with the Shark Tank business consultants, who will validate you and your firm when your online application and video are approved.
  • You will be invited to present your business or idea to the Sharks if your application is shortlisted in this round.

Investments and deals made by the Sharks last season

117 contestants pitched their business ideas to judges Aman Gupta founder of BoAt, Ashneer Grover, co-founder and managing director of BharatPe, Peyush Bansal, co-founder, and CEO of Lenskart, Vineeta Singh, co-founder of Mamaearth, Ghazal Alagh, founder and CEO of, Anupam Mittal, and Namita Thapar, executive director at Emcure Pharmaceuticals during the show’s final season.

By the end of the first season, the judges had made about Rs. 36 crores in investments, with Thapar making Rs. 7 crore in 25 agreements. She further disclosed that even after the show concluded, she still invested an additional Rs 3 crore.

Question: When will the second season of “Shark Tank India” premiere?

After KBC, in November or December of 2022, the sequel to “Shark Tank” is anticipated to come out.

Question: Where can I watch Shark Tank India?

The SonyLIV app and SonyLIV website both offer old episodes of “Shark Tank India” for viewers to watch. To watch the show, though, you would need to pay a monthly fee. The show is available for free viewing on MX player and SET’s YouTube page.

Question: What makes “Shark Tank India” so well-liked?

The first business reality program in India that emphasizes investment and strategy is called Shark Tank. It is well-liked since it offers a wealth of knowledge about entrepreneurship and fresh company concepts.

Question: How does “Shark Tank India” assist business owners?

Young businesspeople can use the platform provided by “Shark Tank India” to ask the sharks for funding in exchange for an equity stake. This investment aids entrepreneurs in starting new firms or growing existing ones.

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