How much is a LoadShare Franchise Cost, Investment & Profit Margin?

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How to apply for LoadShare Franchise?

LoadShare Courier Franchise is a modern logistics organisation with primary focus on technology to increase efficient of logistics network. Using a unique digital platform, they are fusing together SMEs in the logistics industry to create an asset-light integrated logistics network.

The headquarters of the logistics firm Loadshare Networks Pvt Ltd are in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. There are 67 workers at Loadshare Networks Pvt Ltd and it was founded in 2017. Logistics is Loadshare Networks Pvt Ltd’s area of expertise.

Why LoadShare Franchise? – Is LoadShare Franchise a good option

LoadShare provides partners with a wide range of services, including first mile, line-haul, final mile delivery, and modular logistics software solutions.

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One of India’s fastest-growing logistics firms, LoadShare, has a vast express and logistics network that reaches over the entire North and East of the country, as well as states like Karnataka, Kerala, UP, Rajasthan, Gujrat, and many other places.

Loadhsare Franchise

By providing technology, domain knowledge, and pan-India operations to small and medium-sized enterprises, they aim to enable and empower them to offer best-in-class and top industry solutions. In-depth and extensive logistics services are provided by LoadShare to partners, including order fulfilment options, first-mile, line-haul, and last-mile deliveries, third-party fulfilment, and modular logistics software solutions.

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Through extensive integration, their technological platforms support every mode of transportation for some of India’s top clients: Regarding intra-city logistics, their technology powers grocery, e-commerce, rapid commerce, and food delivery for all the majors. Large businesses use their intercity technology for linehaul, warehousing, half truck load, and full truck load operations.

To create a completely integrated supply chain ecosystem, they also create robust supply-facing apps and platforms for transporters, fleet owners, and riders of delivery services.

LoadShare Franchise Services



  • Hyperlocal food, grocery, fast commerce, and direct-to-consumer delivery services
  • Deliveries for D2C and B2B clients in the modern trade
  • For B2C e-commerce, the first and last miles

Profit scale

  • 15,000 hyperlocal deliveries per day
  • Daily 20,000 B2B shipments
  • Daily e-commerce shipments of two lakh


  • 10,000 active delivery boys
  • 300 branches in 200 towns



  • Regional PTL/FTL service that is express
  • Strong secondary distribution (tier 2/3) with capital cities
  • In national lanes with variable price, there are no MOQ changes.
  • E-way Bill conforming

Profit Scale

  • Part load of 500 MT per day
  • Monthly trips of 5,000
  • India has 7,000 pin codes total, with 2,000 in the East and North East.


  • 13 transit hubs
  • 150 SME partners
  • 1,500 drivers



  • Key sites for fulfilment and sorting centres for e-commerce
  • Business logistics contracts
  • Warehouse with changeable capacity as needed

Profit Scale

  • 10 lakh sq feet pan India
  • Warehouses, hubs & dark stores in 100 cities


  • 5,000 manpower
  • Flexible shelf space
  • Automation
  • Cold storage solutions

Loadshare Franchise Cost

Approx Franchise Cost- Rs. 50,000- Rs. 1,50,000 (unofficial)

How Does LoadShare Work?

  • Your package is shared with their verified network of couriers after you list it on LoadShare.
  • When they submit offers, their couriers will let you know when they can pick up your package.
  • On the scheduled day, the courier will pick up your packages and deliver them to the address of your choice.

How is the franchisee model of Loadshare different from other franchisee-based networks?

The concept of a franchisee is not new. On the basis of this approach, successful businesses like McDonald’s and PepsiCo (for backend contract manufacturing) have grown. Players like FedEx, Bluedart, and others have employed it in logistics.

Although Loadshare does not need partners to form an exclusive alliance, its definition of a franchisee is different. This provides the partner the impression that they are their own bosses rather than employees of an organisation. Their argument to them is that by assisting your organisation in becoming 10X bigger and better, they can grow more quickly than traditional and full-stack logistics competitors.

Efficiency on the B2B side of the business

The rising standards of customer service are the main barrier to a small- to medium-sized fleet owner expanding their firm. The conventional methods of controlling service levels via paperwork and phone calls are ineffective and prone to mistakes.

The Loadshare technology platform makes use of IOT and cutting-edge analytics to offer real-time visibility of every vehicle in the fleet. However, the client can also keep track of the progress of his shipment and receive proactive notifications when there are delays or reroutes.

In addition to assisting the customer with better warehouse planning at the destination, this real-time shared visibility at the bag level also motivates the fleet owner to improve reliability. Each transaction stakeholder—client, transporter, linehaul driver, numerous network hub managers, and coloader—has access to the same technology platform, which fosters a tech-driven way of working and raises visibility and service standards for all parties.

Key opportunities targeted

They began with a last-mile B2C network and expanded it to a large extent across India, particularly in underserved areas like the North-East. As of now, they have a three-phase strategy:

They began their development by creating a SaaS platform and enlisting partners, which was Phase 1.

In phase 2, the B2C network was being built, and this network was directing B2C demand from major e-commerce corporations to these last mile partners.

In phase 3, they added a B2B demand (which includes both large and small firms) on top of the already-existing B2C network.

The regional PTL (Part Truck Load) networks will continue to be developed as part of their B2B expansion, and the B2C network will continue to expand as a basis for network expansion.

Contact Details

Email :

Twitter Handle :

LoadShare Networks PVT LTD,

509, 6th Cross Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

Who is the owner of LoadShare Networks?

The CEO and Co-Founder of LoadShare Networks is Raghuram Talluri.

How do I become a LoadShare Franchisee?

It’s simple to apply for a LoadShare Networks franchise. Simply fill out the franchise request form on their official website
The LoadShare Networks team gets in touch with you after they decide you’re eligible

Who invested in Loadshare Networks?

12 investors, including 57 Stars and Matrix Partners India, are shareholders in Loadshare Networks.

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