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Mochinut Franchise

Popular Mochi doughnuts are sold under the name Mochinut. Mochi Donuts, Korean Rice Flour Hotdogs, and Bubble Tea Drinks are the three primary menu items. The mochi donut is a specialty of Hawaii that combines Japanese mochi with American doughnuts.

Franchised in California, Mochinut offers boba milk tea and mochi donuts. Mochi donuts, which are produced with rice flour as opposed to ordinary donuts, have a chewy, stretchy feel that is comparable to that of mochi ice cream from Japan. In California, there are more than 30 Mochinuts franchises.

They are also well-known for having an unusual shape consisting of an interconnected circle of eight dough balls. Every mochi donut is freshly fried, covered in a chocolate, vanilla, or Earl Grey glaze, and topped with goodies like cookies, fruits, flakes, or nuts.

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Mochinut Franchise Menu

Mochi Donuts: Mochinut Franchise offers 25 different types of Mochi Donuts which includes:

  • Strawberry Mochi Donut
  • Yuzu Mochi Donut
  • Yogurt Mochi Donut
  • UBE Mochi Donut
  • Taro Mochi Donut
  • Milk Pebble Mochi Donut
  • Churro Mochi Donut
  • Coffee Mochi Donut
  • UBE Original Mochi Donut
  • Chocolate Mochi Donut
  • Banana Milk Mochi Donut
  • Black Sugar Mochi Donut
  • Melona Mochi Donut
  • Strawberry Funnel Mochi Donut
  • Matcha Mochi Donut
  • Red Velvet Mochi Donut
  • Pistachio Mochi Donut
  • Peanut Butter Mochi Donut
  • Original Mochi Donut
  • Original&Creme Mochi Donut
  • Blueberry Mochi Donut
  • Mango Mochi Donut
  • Black sesame Mochi Donut
  • Nutella Mochi Donut
  • Cheesecake Mochi Donut

Hotdog: Mochi Donut Franchise offers 12 different types of Hotdogs which includes:

  • Original Hotdog
  • Half & Half Hotdog
  • Mozzarella Hotdog
  • Potato Original Hotdog
  • Potato Half and Half Hotdog
  • Potato Mozzarella Hotdog
  • Cheddar Cheese Hotdog
  • Crispy Ramen Hotdog
  • Hot Cheetos Original Hotdog
  • Hot Cheetos Half and Half Hotdog
  • Crunch Cereal Original Hotdog
  • Crunch Cereal Half and Half Hotdog

Drink: Mochi Donut Franchise offers 6 different types of drinks which includes

  • Brown Sugar
  • UBE
  • Matcha
  • Thai Tea
  • Milk Tea
  • Coffee

Soft Serve: Mochi Donut Franchise offers 12 different types of Soft Serves which includes:

  • Joy Original
  • Joy Honey Butter
  • Joy Strawberry Lemon
  • Joy Melon
  • Bliss Original
  • Bliss Honey Butter
  • Bliss Strawberry Lemon
  • Bliss Melon
  • Delight Original
  • Delight Honey Butter
  • Delight Strawberry Lemon
  • Delight Melon

Mochinut Franchise Cost

For Mochinut Donut only, the Initial License Agreement Fee is $25,000 and monthly fee is $1,500 (could differ based on location).

For Mochinut Donut plus Korean-style Hotdog, the Initial License Agreement Fee is $30,000 and monthly fee is $1,500 (could differ based on location).

Mochinut have also started to serve the new style of Brown Sugar Boba Tea, and no additional fee for the Boba tea is there.

The one time training fee for Mochinut Franchise is $2000 for 3 days and the Equipment Cost is $15,000~$20,000.

Franchise TypeCost
License agreement, Mochinut Donut Only$25,000
Monthly fee$1,500
Mochinut Donut plus Korean-style Hotdog, License agreement$30,000
Monthly fee$1,500
Mochinut Franchise cost

Requirements for Mochinut Franchise

Restaurant experience is not required for Mochinut Franchise. Experience in food and bakery franchises is of course advantage to running the business. Mochinut franchise provides guidance and training to their associates.

Mochinut Franchise contact details

Tel: 213-425-4888

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