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Today’s when the plastic bag is getting a ban in India, paper bag making business is getting more attention for the industry. Also due to the Eco-friendly nature of this paper bag business, the government of India also support to make it happen in a clean Indian program.

Today the Indian government’s intention is to provide eco-friendly non-hazardous material, paper bags are one of the contributions to the evolution of eco-friendly vision.

Due to glorious opportunity, this is the right time to enter this business. Here in this blog we will help you to understand complete 7 steps to start paper bag making business from scratch to enterprise level business model

#1 Paper Bag making business scope

Today due to plastic, almost every sector from the grocery store to small and medium enterprises who ware earlier using the plastic bag material to pack their raw goods are moving toward paper bags. So the opportunity is going to much higher than the plastic bags

Here are top 3 major benefits of using paper bags
1-Eco-friendly [Best for human beings]
2-Recyclable [made up of 35% degradable raw material]
3-Cheaper than plastic bags

These three factor help you be a winner of this business. Today’s price tag is more important than the quality for most of the people. This provide much better option than all

Top sectors who use paper bag products
1-Jewellery packaging
2-Shopping malls
3-Medical industry
4-Party bags
5-Food delivery
6-SMB to pack the goods before supply.

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#2 Paper bag business Registrations & Licenses Requirement

Initially, you can start this business with small MSME registration but if you want to move for the large-scale industry business model, you must have to follow the below Registrations & Licenses Requirement for paper bag business industry.

1-Company Registration:

You may start a paper bag business with a partnership and proprietorship firm. In case when you are alone and want to register your company you can go ahead with OPC company.

For Partnership operation, you have to register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

2-GST Registration:

Once you will be ready with company registration you can apply for GST registration. This is one of the most important factors during or running any business in India.

3-Trade licence :

you can get this license from your city municipality corporation along with a no-objection certificate.

4-MSME/SSI Registration :

Now the question is after having all the above documents why this is required? Let’s support your business needs any government offer and facility they will ask for this document. You can registrar this with Udyog Aadhar. You can also contact us for such services.

5-BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard)

Most important and compulsory document before moving toward any manufacturing business. This document assures you to get Indian standard quality.

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#3 Paper Bag Manufacturing –Space Required

Every business needs a prime location but some time when you are into manufacturing, you need to think about the area and budget both. So we suggest you should start your paper bag manufacturing business in local area when at least some below facility available.

4-Water supply
5-Affordable space price

Simply you can choose semi urban area for that. For Space the 1000 Squre feet area will be more sufficient in the starting of this business. This location help you to get low tax and other benefits.

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#4 List of Raw Material for Paper Bag Making Business

Row material is like a backbone for any manufacturing business. Quality of the product is purely depends on the these. Here are the list of material which is required to start the paper bag manufacturing business.

1-Paper rolls colours and white
2-Paper sheets
3-Polyester stereo
5-Laces and tags
6-Printing chemicals,
7-Ink etc

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#5 List of Required Machine & Tools for Paper Bag Making Business

In market market, their are three type of machinery available which you can buy but in all that you need to check the accurate machine according to your needs.
1-Automatic Machine
2-Semi automatic machine
3-Manual machine
You cack the same from machine manufactuerrs. In automatic machine there are two type

1)Automatic paper making machine [Without printer]
2)Automatic papar bag making machine [With two color printer]

Automatic paper making machine [Without printer]
This machine doesn’t have any printing option. Its produces 120 process per minute of the 12*18 size and 40* 60 CM size.
The length of machine is around 12feet * 14 feet.
Estimated price of the Automatic paper bag making machine without printer in 5 Lac Indian rupees.

Automatic paper making machine [With two printer]
This machine have two cooler printing option which help you to create the branding. Its produces 120 process per minute of the 12*18 size and 40* 60 CM size.
The length of machine is around 12 feet * 14 feet.
Estimated price of the Automatic paper bag making machine without printer in 6.5 Lac Indian rupees.

List of some other machine & tool for paper bag production

1-Creasing Machine
2-Cutting Machine
3-Eyelet Fitting Machine
4-Lace Fitting Machine
5-Printing Machines
6-Punching Machine.
7-Roll Slitter Motorized Machines
8-Stereo Press And Stereo Grinder
9-Testing Scale Machine

#6 Manufacturing Process of Paper Bag Making Business

If you will use automatic machine, manufacturing of paper bags will be fully automatic. Paper bags making machine are easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Check the Complete 6 Manual Steps Manufacturing Guide for Paper Bag Making Business

5-Handle attach
You can also check the rest steps in videos.

#7 Where to sell Paper Bags

1-Local market
Local market is one of the best market to sell the paper bags. Here are huge demand to get tons of sales. As its going to replace the plastic industry, so opportunity in much more over there. Here are some list of stores/type shops where you can sell your products
Bakeries,Book Shops ,Fancy Shops,Fruits And Vegetable Shops,General Purpose,Gift Store,Grocery Shops,Hardware Shops,Industries ,To Pack Their Semi-Finished Goods,Jewelry Stores,Meat / Fish Shops,Medical Shops,Party Bags,Shoes Shops,Shopping ,Bags,Snacks Stores,Stationery Shops,Sweet Shops,Textile Shops

2-Wholesale market
Wholesale market is one of the most fashionable way to sell the product in bulk.

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