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In India, Disposable paper plate making business are the demand of the day for the Food & Beverage industries. Whether it’s a School Canteen, a vendor selling food on the train, or an anniversary party, plastic plates can be easily seen being used. Unlike plastic plates, these are eco-friendly and bio-degradable waste, therefore, preferred over other plates among most of the environment-conscious & developed countries. So paper plate business covers the Indian market as well as other developed countries’ market.

How to start a paper plate making business in India

Paper plate business is amongst most secure and long term businesses. The demand of paper plate will never decrease and also, this product is not supposed to be replaced by any other material in the upcoming years or a decade. Even government and scientists are preferring paper materials and products instead of plastic materials.

Also, total investment cost, area required, machinery and manpower is very much low as compared to other businesses. If you are going to start a business with a total budget of 5-15 lakhs INR ,than this business is perfect for you.

Tour to Paper plate businesss

Here in this article we will be discussing all facts to start a  paper plate making business from scratch.

Current demand & Future scope of paper plate business

Over current period ,paper plates are having a huge demand in Indian market and foreign market. Food and beverages sector is the primary sector for paper plates. The Covid-19 crisis has increased the trend of using disposable palates and glasses over traditional trend to reduce the spread of covid-19. In most of the places disposable plastic  plates have replaced the use of other reusable plates.

If we talk about future scope of Paper plate business, the future of any business depends upon it’s market and ease of doing that business. The paper plate business is easy to sart and scale and the market is very huge. If you start any business at earliest and capture the market with your High quality and best services than your competetiors need to worry not you.

Same is the case with this business, if you start the business right now and scale it up offering high quality and good services, you might be able to create your own brand and trademark. So if your thinking over it, do it now.

How much profit in paper plate business ?

It totally depends upon the size of Die and GSM of paper used. Let’s se an example :

For 1 kg of paper:

  • If we manufacture paper plate of size 6 inches, and use a paper of GSM 140 than it it will produce approximately 300 pcs.
  • The cost of paper may vary at different locations, still on average paper of GSM 140 costs 35-40 INR/Kg.
  • The GSM of paper defines thickness of paper. Paper with large GSM will be thicker in size and heavier in weight and thus produce less units per KG.
  • In Indian market usually paper with 140 GSM is preffered

Find the market : Where and how to sell paper plates ?

Offline & Local market

If you are able to manufacture the product at suitable cost, their are a number of platforms that can help you to sell paper plates. Also, you may approach your local market, hotels, restraints and dealers to sell your product. You may also take use of classifieds to approach local market.

The first mistake that people often do is, that they always look for huge clients and market. At initial level , instead of approaching local and recurring market which is easy to sell and transport, people search for big clients who took it for resale purposes. Remember that at initial level, fulfilment of such orders is not an easy task .A huge amount is taken by mediators for the deal.

Online mode

You may approach huge clients across the world through online platforms such as Indiamart and Ali Express. The retail market can be covered through e-commerce giants lke amazon,flipkart and Snapdeal.

You can also build your own brand and promote your products through your own brand and Website. For this even we can help you to setup your website and promote your own brand.

Pro tip : Always start with small & local clients which are easy to fulfil and risk of loss is minimum

Requirements for paper plate business

Capital : A capital of approx 5 to 15 lakhs is required.

Let’s explore it why their is huge variation :

Double die Press paper plate machine cost

Depending upon the type of paper plate making machine, whether fully automatic or semi-automatic, and type of dies used.The cost of Fully automatic Hydraulic paper plate machine ranges between INR 97,000 to 5 lakhs and can be seen here.

Goods and Raw material

The laminated paper is the only raw material required, It costs approx 35-40 INR/KG.At initial level,one should start with a roll of 20-50 kg and later scale it.

Apart from the basic requirements such as water supply, Commercial Electricity supply, you will need permission from your local authorities (Municipal Corporation) and some sort of paperwork such as GST registration, Company registration. All of the above services are provided by Startup authority.

First step to start paper plate business

Even After understanding the complete business model, sometimes we do not have any idea that fom where should we start ? Let’s understand :

Be a good marketer : Do a proper market research of your area by visiting merchants and dealers and check the competition level in your area to sell your product. If you are not able to sell the product in your local market, forget it, you can’t sell it in other market. Being a good marketer is the first thing that a businessman must have.

Arrangement of Capital :

You must have sufficient capital to start the business. If you are looking for a loan, you may learn about How to get Mudra Loan.

Apply for GST :

GST is maindatory for doing business india, you may apply for GST registration at this portal.

Apply for Company registration

You must have a Company registered with government of india & you may apply for a proprietor,MSME or Company registration.

Purchasing the machine

You may purchase the paper plate making machine from your local market or you can purchase it from here.

Live demo of paper plate machine from manufacturer

Hiring Manpower

It depend’s upon you whether you want to operate it on your own or want tio hire manpower. It typically requires 2 person to operate.

Return on Investment

If you are able to run the setup and do proper marketing , you may get the complete return on Investment within a year for paper plate business. It will totally depend upon your marketing strategy and total cost of production.

Our Opinion

If you wish to start this business, you must know that where you are going to sell your product, you have to understand the market and your capability of marketing. If you are capable of doing proper marketing and have enough skills to reduce the cost of production you can be a good player in this market.

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