How to get mudra loan, Eligibility, and Documents

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Are you wondering about “how to get mudra loan” Don’t worry, In this article, we will help you to know everything about this like how to fill mudra loan application form and how to apply for mudra yojana loan along with what all documents and eligibility is required for loan

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Major Business Issues:

while starting business, everyone need money to invest into the business. If you will think about Indian subcontinent, most of people don’t have too much amount to do the business.

During startup India business initiative, government bodies tried to do a research to fine how lower and middle family member are facing the issues while starting new business in India. Post the research, Startup India imitative team found, that major or middle and lower class people are unable to start business due to lack of money.

That’s the way, when mudra yojan comes in the role.

Why we need mudra yojana Loan?

There are too many reason by which we can come across pradhan mantri mudra yojna . First, this is government of India initiative.

Indian Government looking to make people powerful rather than 9 hrs job so they can help the high unemployment ratio’s and so on.

Type of Mudra Loan :

There are three type of mudra loan available from government side.

  • Shishu Loan
  • Kishor Loan
  • Tarun Loan

Lets try to understand which one will be best suited for your business.

1- Shishu loan

If you are looking to start your shop, dona pattal making business and related business stuff which comes under 50 to 60 thousand, this option will be better for you.

In this loan, you will get only and below 50,000 Rs to start your business

2- Kishor Loan:

This loan can be a best option for middle class and similar class. If you looking for franchise business, Own food and restaurant cafe, Purified water franchise, water business and related stuff that will be the best option.

In this type of Mudra loan, you will be only and only eligible to get up to 500,000 Rs as loan amount.

3- Tarun Loan : 

This will be best suited for those who want to start a business with product manufacturing. If you are looking to start you IT company, Digital marketing agency, Product based startup, Best companies franchise under 10 Lac, so you can choose the Tarun mudra loan.

In this loan segment, you will be eligible to get up to 10 Lac rupees loan.

Mudra loan eligibility documents:

To get the mudra loan, You have the below document ready before apply for the loan for you business or startup

  • Adhar Card
  • Business proposal
  • Residential proof
  • Current photo of applicant
  • Quotation and related stuff from machine buyers
  • Identity proof and business location
  • Cost certificate

Mudra loan eligibility :

if you are interested in Business cradit than you must have to check the Mudra loan eligibility criteria. Here are the steps by which you can check the mudra loan eligibility.

Steps to check the mudra loan eligibility

Step -1 Open the link Meresarkarmeredwar website Url

Fill the details are given above and click submit.

Step 2 :
Put you location and total family income and click on submit as given below

Step 3 In this step, you need to add you current status like you are dependent or Independent in term of income as given in below screen and submit the same

Post the submission of the above steps, you will get the total number of Schemes under which you can get the business cradit under mudra yojna

how to fill mudra loan application form

To Apply for mudra loan, you can do the below steps, Post the above screen page, selection a scheme under which you are going to apply for the mudra loan

Let’s suppose, you have a plan to get apply for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, so select option one

Here clearly mentioned that you have to visit your nearest bank to fill the form under of the bank supervisor. Hope you guys are now able to understand how to get business loan for your business

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