How much is a Reliance Smart Point Franchise Price?

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Intrduction to Reliance Smart Point Franchise

Reliance Smart Franchise is one of India’s largest and fastest-growing grocery store chains & that’s why it’s the Meticulous time to jumpstart a Reliance Smart Point Franchise. It is a modern supermarket that caters to the needs of today’s savvy and price-conscious shoppers. By providing fresh fruit, bread, dairy products, home, and personal care items, general retail, smart apparel, and appliances, Reliance SMART provides a one-stop shopping experience.

With the slogan “Bade Dukan ki Badi Bachat ab pados mein” (Big Savings of Big Supermarkets, Now Near You), Reliance Smart Point is a glamorous small format store of Reliance Retail.

In addition to being easily accessible for customers as they walk into the store and shop for their daily necessities & services, Reliance Smart Point Franchise stores act as the last mile delivery center for all digital orders.

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Each Reliance Smart Point outlet has a built-in delivery point function that sends eCommerce orders, as well as new commerce orders placed by the Kiranais the retailers in the catchment, to residences in the neighborhood.

Reliance Smart Point Franchise Price

The cost of Reliance samrt point franchise usually lies between Rs 20 lakhs to Rs 50 lakhs, but the overall franchise setup may vary. The total franchise setup price for Reliance smart point franchise depends upon the following factors :

  • Outlet area
  • Type of Space
  • Location of space
  • Local government licenses or requirements such as NOC (If applicable)
  • Initial Inventory
  • Staff

The initial outlay required to open a Reliance Mart point can vary depending on the situation.
Having a limit on your investment costs means that you will never overpay. You’ll also need to factor in shop rent if you don’t own your own storefront.

We estimate that the price tag to set up a Reliance Smart point will be between Twenty Million and Fifty Million Rupees. Staff salaries, upkeep fees, and delivery fees to customers’ homes all factor towards this total.

How to Apply for Reliance Smart Point Franchise online?

The franchise for Reliance Smart Point Fresh will be in charge of overseeing the chain’s retail activities. The procedure for the Reliance Fresh franchise is described below: –

  • Step 1: Visit the website for supplier registration.
  • Step 2: Select the link on the right side that says “New Supplier Registration.”
  • Step 3: Fill in the Supplier’s Statutory Details.
  • Step 4: Complete the following procedure.

As a result, below are the procedures you need to do to become a Reliance Smart point franchise distributor:-

For starters, here’s the link to the official site where you can learn more about becoming a distributor:

  • URL:
  • The website’s landing page has loaded.
  • Now, please read the entire set of requirements.
  • Select the Distributor link now.
  • To the next page of the website.
  • Proceed to the next step by reading the instructions and then selecting the Yes, I’m Interested button.
  • If you click it, you’ll be taken to the next page of the application, where you can fill in your information.
  • Please provide your full name, company name, email address, mobile phone number, city, zip code, and mailing address.
  • Input the code shown there to confirm your identity.
  • the tab labelled “Submit”
  • After the business receives your distributor application, you will be contacted.

Requirements for Reliance Smart Point Franchise

Space: A Smart Point by Reliance franchisee must have the necessary facilities for a 500–1500 square foot business.

Investment required for reliance smart point franchise : The cost of a Reliance Smart Point Franchise is Rs 20 lakhs to Rs 50 lakhs.

Documents Required for reliance smart point franchise

Registered Firm Certificates
All Documents Related to Firm’s Address
Passport Size Photographs of the Registered Member
Aadhar Card of the Registered Member
Aadhar Card or Voter ID Photocopies
PAN Card of the Registered Member
GST Certificate of the Registered Firm
FSSAI Licence for Food Items
Documents required for reliance smart point franchise

Manpower required for Reliance Smart Point franchise

There is no specific number for the manpower requirement. However, the franchisee of Reliance Smart Point outlets must be capable of meeting all Reliance Retail standards and regulations. The manpower can help in both in-store work and deliveries for online placed orders.

Software and Electronic utilities needed for Reliance Smart Point franchise

Similar to grocery stores, a Smart Point franchise requires all basic equipment such as computers, scanners, security cameras, air conditioners, etc, apart from the electronic and software goods that the franchisee sells.

Benefits of Reliance Smart Point Franchise near me

Buying groceries and other necessities from these stores can help in saving a lot of money. And one can get a much larger discount, in comparison to other stores in the market.

Netmeds, pharmacies, and medicines are all available for extremely cheap pricing. Along with Jio Payment Banks and Banking Facilities.

All of one’s everyday needs can be met in one location, making sporadic purchases futile. Each and every convenience will be offered at these stores. From a battery swap station for electric vehicles to fresh produce, fruits, milk, other everyday household items, gadgets, clothing, and health and beauty products.

Is Reliance Smart Point Franchise Profitable?

It is usually advantageous for both parties to have a franchise relationship with Reliance Smart Point. One has the chance to join the fastest-growing company in India by taking up a franchise with them. Gaining a profit from a franchise always depends on one’s own initiative and desire to advance in the company.

Average Monthly Income from Reliance Smart Franchise

Customer service associates at Reliance Smart Point typically earn between 1.2 and 4.3 lakhs rupees per year in pay, depending on their position.


Does Franchise Cost Include Interiors & Store Construction?

The entire investment cost of the Smart Point Franchise ranges from 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs. However, extra expenditure might take place for external purchases.

Reliance Smart Point Franchise Contact Number

Contact Number: 1800-891-001; 1800-102-7328

Can we rent space to reliance smart point franchise ?

No, not directly to the franchise but you can rent your space to someone willing to open a reliance smart point franchise.

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