How to Start Samosa Singh Franchise? Cost & Profit 2024

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Samosa Singh Franchise Cost: It is never easy to capture the market by introducing an already existing product in a new way. While most consumers will be reluctant to try out the new product only a few will be attracted towards it. Similarly, ‘Samosas’ is one Indian snack item that is not just famous but also one of the most consumed snack food items in India. With its enormous popularity in Indian homes, people from different countries have become a fan of the snack.

About Samosa Singh Franchise 

Founded in the year 2016, Samosa Singh is creating a buzz among samosa lovers in the whole country. It all started while the founders Nidhi Singh and Shikhar Veer Singh was studying biotechnology in a university in Mumbai when Nidhi found out that she was more interested in Marketing rather than biotech. Shikhar Singh, on the other hand, continued his studies in biotechnology and later moved to Hyderabad and did his master’s in life science. 

Samosa Singh became a unique snack brand founded by this couple because of introducing it in a new way to the Indian public. The official website reveals that Samosa Singh’s research and development team had to spend almost 100,000 man-hours to invent and develop a new yet unique triangle. The purpose of investing so many hours in the shape of the Samosas was that it would be less oily when deep fried and much lighter as compared to regular samosas in the market.

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Others Samosha Singh Like Franchise

The name Samosa Singh became an easy name for people to remember. However, the aim was to offer the Indians with the modern type of Samosa. Well, this was just the toppings of the Samosa Singh franchise because Samosa Singh’s investment in its research and development paid off by offering people a uniquely shaped Samosa with calories that was almost as less as 45% than a regular samosa.

Samosa Singh’s samosas also had to take care of the amount of fat intake by the customers which is why its samosas had 56% less fat. Indian families do not love food that has gone cold or has lost its crispness. With Samosa Singh’s proprietary tech, Samosas offered by them stay crisp for a longer period. 

The company also offers different types of Samosas for the public. Some of the standout recipes are cheese chili samosa, masala corn samosa, Manchurian samosa and many more. The company has tied up with food delivery partners like Zomato and Swiggy where people can order its food online. The official website also allows customers to order online. 

Samosa Singh Franchise Owners?

Samosa Singh Franchise

Samosa Singh has started offering franchise options to interested entrepreneurs. Not long ago, the company did not offer its franchise to people because all stores that were opened in different locations were owned by Samosa Singh. Now, the official website of the company is where interested entrepreneurs can apply for Samosa Singh’s franchise.

Shikhar researched on the famous snack that irrespective of what occasion it is every family and household consumes this product. Shikhar Singh also researched the unorganized samosa market and how it did not have any competitors which was a great opportunity for Shikhar to roll out Samosa Singh. He convinced his wife, Nidhi to join him in this venture.

The company not just offered its unique samosas but also had different snack items as well. Being a company that solely focussed on upbringing a new and hygienic way of selling samosas, Samosa Singh offered healthy Indian snack items, different types of chaats, and platters as well. 

Profit Margin Of Samosa Singh Franchise

Samosa Singh founders Shikhar and Nidhi Singh had to take a huge risk at the initial stages even though when their business was doing fine back then. Nidhi, being an expert in marketing wanted to expand their reach to the whole country slowly along with Shikhar. She started making cold calls to several multinational companies. At first she was getting rejected but somehow one company placed an order of 8000 samosas.

It was difficult for the two to provide such a huge order with the two working in a kitchen in Bangalore (Shikhar cooking and Nidhi managing the counter). Therefore, they needed huge capital to open up new stores which is why they decided to sell their house. It was a difficult decision and a risky one too but it was all worth it. They opened different stores in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore. 

In financial year 2017, Samosa Singh earned 5 crore as revenues and in FY 2018, the company sold more than 50,000 samosas per day earning a revenue of 8 crore. By the year 2020, Samosa Singh had huge investment of 2.7 million dollars from Shecapital, Firesideventures, Equanimity Investments and AET Fund. The profit earned by franchise depends on various factors but with strong marketing one can assume to earn profits from Samosa Singh franchise.

Samosa Singh Franchise Cost

The details of the total franchise cost or the breakdown of Samosa Singh franchise cost has not yet been revealed officially. The exact figures for the franchise opening is also not available in the official website of the company but in future certain changes regarding this could be made and showcase such details in the official website itself.

Total Investment Required for franchise

As of this writing, te total investment details has not been revealed so far from the company’s point of view. Therefore, it is quite difficult to mention an exact figure when it comes to total investment required while opening a Samosa Singh franchise. However, it can be estimated that an entrepreneur looking to partner with Samosa Singh would have to invest around INR 10 lacs minimum with a maximum limit of INR 20 lacs depending on space and infrastructure and many more.

Documents Required for Samosa Singh 

As far as we know from the official website of the company they have not revealed the document requirement as well while applying for its franchise. However, it is easy to guess that Samosa Singh Franchise’s document requirement would include all the identification documents like Aadhar card, Pan card, ID proof, passport size photo, other government ID, passport if necessary, GST number, different types of licenses like FSSAI and many more. Therefore, if you are looking to apply for its franchise you should be ready with all necessary documents in hand (hard copy/soft copy original).

Samosa Singh Franchise Royalty

The company does not have solid information about its royalty fees but it can be expected that it may charge some percentage from its franchisee owners. Only after the concerned authority from Samosa Singh contacts you, you will be able to know such details because the official website has not yet revealed such details.

Samosa Singh Franchise Return on Investment (ROI)

Samosa Singh already has grasped the market by offering its unique samosas. However, it can be assumed that with a huge customer base, the return on investment for its franchisees could be a timeline within a year or two. This is just an unofficial number because the company has not yet told or revealed the exact timeline yet as they just started offering franchise options. 

Samosa Singh Net Worth

Samosa Singh makes thousands of sales per day only on their ‘samosa’ segment and it is quite possible and obvious to assume that it has become a huge brand in India. The company got major investors contributing a total amount of 2.7 million jointly which proved to be a major support for the snacking company. Even though Samosa Singh has got tight competition with Samosa Party, The Indian Samosa, and The Samosa Express, it has created a buzz with its unique shape samosas, different flavors and strategies. 

Nidhi and Shikhar have also started a fully automated factor in Bangalore which has a work efficiency of 100%. The company is aiming to close the FY 2023 at INR 45 crore.

Samosa Singh Franchise Turnover 

Samosa Singh has a turnover of INR 45 crores annually which is likely to increase next FY. Since the company is starting to offer its franchise opportunities the revenue earned would also be huge. As far as its franchise turnover goes there is not an exact figure that we could mention as of now because it has not yet been revealed.

Samosa Singh Franchise Average Monthly Income 

Samosa Singh sells more than 30,000 samosas per day and it can only be imagined how much the revenue earned per month would be. Depending on the sales of the franchise the monthly income would vary as it is not just samosas that a franchise would be selling because there are more items as well. 

If the franchise gets brand recognition and is able to attract customers then it can easily earn an average income of 30 lacs per month. At the initial stages, this might not be the exact figure but it could be if the outlet is in a perfect location. As of now, Samosa Singh has not revealed the exact timeline for the return on investment for its franchise owners.


Q1. How many outlets Samosa Singh Franchise had?

Ans: The company recently started offering its franchise options but before that they were the owner of four stores in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. 

Q2. Is Samosa Singh Franchise profitable?

More than 60 million samosas are sold and consumed in India. The market for it is huge and therefore it can be assumed that Samosa Singh franchise will have a solid profit as the company has brought a new way of introducing samosas to the Indian market.

Q3. How much is the annual sales of Samosa Singh Franchise?

The annual revenue of Samosa Singh is close to $5 million and is looking to increase next year as well. With more and more franchise and stores opening up in major cities the figures would be more than double of what it is today. The planning and along with it the execution of their plans has been so far so brilliant. 

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