Top 10 best playschool franchise in India

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Interested in preschool or play school franchise business at your location and searching for the Top 10 best playschool franchise in India, okay don’t worry, here with this article you will be able to understand about the all the stuff.

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Why preschool / play school business?

Education as business is now a days the most demanding business in India, if you will check out the details of business like byju’s , LMS, Coaching and consulting services business, it’s always high in demand at junior or senior level business.

Play school is now into the day care services too, so due to this this is going to be high in demand.

List of Top 10 best playschool franchise in India

There are number of companies who are now entering or already into the same business segment, but we would like to share some of the best preschool franchise in India.

#1 Kidzee playschool franchise

In Indiansubcontinent, Kideez preschool is one of largest and most profitable preschool/play school chain.

kideez have almost 750+ preschool center in India with decade of its existence.

WithKideez preschool, team has touchedaround 9, 00,000 children as per Kideez official page.

Kidzee brings in the lives of its business partners, we also empower them to bring positive changes in the lives of our teachers and numerous others.

if you are looking for Kidzee preschool franchise, you must have to fulfill the below Kidzee requirements

Total Area Required: 2000-3000 sq. feet

Minimum investment capacity :Rs. 12, 00,000

Other Requirement – You should be passionate entrepreneurs who are committed and willing to promote quality education and help in shaping the future of the nation.

#2 Shemrock playschool franchise

Shamrock is also one of the best Preschool chain India, this franchise have their presenceat least 27 state in India.

Why should we choose the shamrock franchise? If you are looking for Nationally Recognized Brand, Unmatched Management Team, Parents’ First Choice, First Successful Franchise Model, Proven Success and Promising Future, Excellent Returns and Satisfaction, First School Chain to opt for Chhota Bheem-Children’s Favorite Cartoon Character as its Brand Ambassador.

Franchise requirement:

Total Area requirement: Minimum 2000 sq. feet on the ground floor (relaxable for Mumbai & hill stations).

Total Investment amount: 6 – 10 Lakhs (depending on the city & location) on the infrastructure.

Franchise Brand Fee: 2-6 Lakhs (depending on the city) at the time of agreement.

Royalty fee: Shamrock take 15% of the total collection of fee.

#3 EuroKids playschool franchise

EuroKids is most trusted and branded under Pre School Segment in India with its Most famous Brand name Pre School Brand ‘EuroKids’ and also EuroKids has been responsible for bringing out positive transformation in the unorganized Pre School segment.

EuroKids also the India’s best and Asia’s largest children’s book publishing companies. With the franchise of leading Pre-School Chain Eurokids, You can also be associated with EuroKids.

Total Area Required: Minimum 2000 sq. ground floor.

Total Investment required: INR 10-15 lakhs

Brand fee: start-up franchise fee and the ambience and equipment costs for the school

#4 Mappel Bear playschool franchise

Maple Bear is global platforms of preschool chain in India and worldwide. This community to open doors to infinite global platforms of experience, knowledge and proven methods of running a successful preschool business in India.

With wide Experience and advance holistic support system to address all spheres from setting up, running and operating your preschool!

Total Area Required: Minimum 3500 sq. ground floor.

Total Investment required: INR 10-12 lakhs

Brand fee: 5 Lac+ Tax

Royalty fee: Shamrock take 10% of the total collection of fee.

Franchise agreement for duration 7 years

#5 Bachpan playschool franchise

For being an education entrepreneur, Bachpan playschool franchise can a best selection. This is also most repeated brand in Indian preschool segment.

They have more than 1000+ franchise academic across India. They have introduced e-learning modules through a variety of programmers.

Investment and Space required for Bachpan playschool franchise

Total Area Required: Minimum 1500-2000 sq. ground floor.

Total Investment required: INR 7-10 lakhs

Brand fee: included with the above.

#6 Hello Kids playschool franchise

If you are looking for play school franchise under 5 lac hello kids can be a great option, here you can not only connected with india’s best brand but also you will get a good revenues like other top brands.

Total Area Required: Minimum 1000-2000 sq. ground floor.

Total Investment required: 3-5 lakhs

Brand fee: included with the above.

#7 Treehouse playschool franchise

Tree House preschool chain is one of the leading educational services providers in India. Tree House Play School started their first school in 2003 in Mumbai. The company now operate the largest number of self-operated pre-schools in India, across 33 cities in India.

Total Area Required: Minimum 1000 sq. ground floor.

Total Investment required: 5-10 Lac.

#8 Abacus PlaySchool franchise

Abacus Preschool being the most prominent names in preschool educators, it had been serving the young minds aged between 02-05 years since 2014.

It is a matter of pride for us that the students & the parents associated with us not only appreciates us but they also keep inspiring us to bring more innovation in the play school education.

#9 Bright Toddlers playschool franchise

Total Area Required: Minimum 1000 sq. ground floor.

Total Investment required: 2-12 Lac.

#10 Little Millennium playschool franchise

Little Millennium is the best preschool chain in India. Best Opportunity to partner with India’s leading preschool chain for little Millennium playschool.

Total Area Required: Minimum 1000 sq. ground floor.

Total Investment required: 10-12 Lac.

Apart from the Top 10 best playschool franchise in India, there are other somany preschool franchise available. you can also choose the same if you find better in budget and requirement.

If you find any thing more than this Top 10 best playschool franchise in India, you can write in comment box, also you can share if any thing find in irrelevant

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