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Best Franchise in Tamilnadu 2024: Lots of new businesses are coming up in the Indian southern state of Tamil Nadu. It has become one of the fastest-growing and developing states in the country. One of the primary reasons for such is that new franchises and businesses are opening up every day. 

Starting from a KFC franchise to starting a small laundry franchise every business has a good opportunity in this side of the country. If you are still searching for some of the best franchises in Tamil Nadu then follow this article for more details. 

Top 15 Best Franchise in Tamilnadu 2024

Here are the top 15 best Best Franchise in Tamilnadu 2024

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Amul franchise is surely one of the most profitable business Franchise in Tamilnadu. There are two different Amul franchise models and both of them are just great options to start. 

Average Investment Rs 3-5 lakhs 
Profit Margin 2.5% on milk, 20% on ice cream, 50% on recipe-based products and many more 
Franchise fee 25k-80k

To know more About you can check here everything about Amul Franchise

Chai Kings 

It is one of the best and most well-established tea Franchise in Tamilnadu. The company have started offering franchise option very recently only because of its growing demand in the market. The offers are exciting, profitable, and attractive. 

Average Investment Rs 8-20 lakhs 
Profit Margin 35-40%
Franchise feeNot Disclosed 

You can check the complete details about How to Get Chai Kings Franchise in Tamil Nadu India

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee 

This brand offers friendly drink coffee to customers. It has its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They make coffee using pure milk with high-quality coffee beans. By choosing this franchise you do not need to struggle to earn profit. 

Average Investment Not Disclosed 
Profit Margin 30%
Franchise feeNot Disclosed 

Jawed Habib’s Hair Salon 

Once you have planned to open a Jawed Habib franchise, they give you full pre and post-opening support. The workings become hassle-free and it becomes easier for the individual to open the franchise. 

Average Investment Rs 25-35 lakhs 
Profit Margin 30-60%
Franchise feeRs 7.5 lakhs 

Chai Waale 

One of the primary reasons why you should start this franchise is because they believe in zero wastage. You can get a good profit margin when people are attracted to such a business. 

Average Investment Rs 5-6 lakhs 
Profit Margin 30-40%
Franchise feeRs 2 lakhs 

DTDC Courier franchise 

It is a pioneer in the delivery industry or sector. This company has opened up more than 12,000 franchises in India and offers reliable services at a very affordable price. 

If you want to start your own Courier franchise with DTDC than you can connect from here.

Average Investment Rs 1lakh-2 lakhs 
Profit Margin 20%
Franchise feeNA


You get nothing but good brand recognition when you open a Domino’s franchise in Tamil Nadu. A good profit margin is always there when you become a part of such a reputable company. 

Average Investment Rs 50 lakhs 
Profit Margin 8%
Franchise feeRs 2.25 to 4.5 lakhs 

We Chai 

If you are willing to be part of a profitable tea business, We Chai is the right one for you. This is one of the finest Franchises in Tamil Nadu. As a customer, you get trendy tea recipes from this company and they surely attract many customers. 

Average Investment Rs 3.5 lakhs 
Profit Margin 40-80%
Franchise feeNA

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People willing to step into the clothing industry can take a Jockey franchise. It is a high-profitable business and gives a regular and continuous source of income. 

Average Investment Rs 45-50 lakhs 
Profit Margin 30-35%
Franchise feeNA

MRF Pretread Franchise 

You can become a part of a multinational tyre business by opening an MRF Pretread franchise. The profit margin is just amazing when you become a part of this company. 

Average Investment Rs 30 lakhs 
Profit Margin 7-12%
Franchise feeNot Disclosed 

TumbleDry Laundry 

This company offers master franchise rights in certain high-value locations only. If you have one then make sure you become a part of this company as they offer an incredible profit margin. 

Average Investment Rs 25 lakhs 
Profit Margin 80% per annum 
Franchise feeNA


There are lots of pros of opening a Lenskart franchise in Tamil Nadu. This company has become one of the fastest-growing eyewear companies in the country. When you open a Lenskart franchise you be your own boss, set your hours, and earn a good profit margin. 

Average Investment Rs 30-40 lakhs 
Profit Margin 25-30%
Franchise feeNA

Kalyan Jewellers 

This is the leading jewellery franchise in the whole country today. The investment might be quite high but, if you plan for the future this could be the best franchise business you would open. 

Best franchise in Tamil Nadu for 2024
Average Investment Rs 1 crore 
Profit Margin 50-70%
Franchise feeRs 5 lakhs 


This school franchise is among the top 5 preschool franchises in India. It is among the investment-friendly franchise opportunities that give a good profit margin to owners. 

Average Investment Rs 12-15 lakhs 
Profit Margin 20-25%
Franchise feeRs 2-5 lakhs 

Dr Lal PathLabs 

If you are willing to step into the medical industry then you can surely open a Dr Lal PathLabs franchise. You get a commission of 20% on each test done in the franchise. 

Average Investment Rs 3-5 lakhs 
Profit Margin 20-30%
Franchise feeRs 50k-2 lakhs 

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