How Much Is a Delhivery Courier Franchise Cost in 2024? – Profit, Earnings Etc

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How To Apply For Delhivery Courier Franchise? 

Most of you have surely ordered something online and have received the message that the parcel will be delivered by a Delhivery Agent. Most of us have been a customer of this amazing courier service company. We do have to agree with the fact that the service quality of this courier service is just amazing and has always received huge appreciation from customers. 

If you are willing to earn profit from this amazing courier company then you can easily open a franchise. Yes, the company have an option for people who are interested to partner up with them by registering to their courier franchise.

If you have some idea of this service business in our country then, you will know how profitable this business can be. Here is a complete step of how one can apply for the Delhivery courier franchise, make sure to follow every step very strictly and carefully:-

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  • The first step which includes to become a partner of this courier company is by visiting its official website 
  • If you are finding it difficult to find then here is the website 
  • After you click on this link it will directly lead you to the official registration page of becoming a courier partner with the company
  • On the top of this page you will see an option which says “Register as a Partner” 
  • Before you click on that option make sure you scroll down the page and read how everything works, conditions, about the company, benefits, and most importantly FAQs section at the bottom of the page 
  • After you go through all these important sections, click on the “Register as a Partner” option which is present on the top of the official page 
  • After you click on that option a small form will appear on the side 
  • In the form you can see some information will be asked and you need to fill it. Some of the basic information that will be asked are full name, city, email address, private contact number, secondary contact number, and what are you interested in. 
  • After you have filled out these basic details make sure to click on the “Submit” button which is present just below the form. 
  • After submission of this form, have a little patience and you will get an answer from the company regarding your courier franchise. 

Eligibility Criteria for Delhivery Courier Franchise 

To become a part of any franchise business, you must go through each and every eligibility criteria properly. If you do not pass or tick out all the boxes of their eligibility criteria then getting a franchise will remain your dream.

Make sure you are eligible for the business you are willing to open in your area. Moreover, whatever franchise business you choose going through the eligibility criteria and requirements is a very important step. 

Similarly, if you are willing to open a Delhivery courier franchise there are certain basic and simple eligibility criteria that you must follow.

It becomes easier not only for you but, for the company as well to give out their franchise business option to the people who are willing to become a part of it. Now, here are the basic eligibility criteria for the Delhivery courier franchise:-

  • People willing to open a Delivery courier franchise must have proper space as asked by the officials. 
  • There is a minimum qualification to open a Delivery courier franchise and that is one must have passed 10 and 12. 
  • Make sure you have the proper investment that is required to open this service business. 
  • The minimum age requirement to open a Delhivery courier franchise is 21 years old and not below that. 
  • Make sure you do not have any criminal records or are into some criminal activity. If you are then the company will show no interest in giving you their franchise business option. 
  • A proper bank account with all the statements for the past few months and years is mandatory. The company will check your income slab so that they will see how stable it is. 
  • Make sure all your documents of yours are valid and up-to-date. 
  • You must have some knowledge and if possible a little experience in the courier service field. 

Requirements for Delhivery Courier Franchise 

After you have planned to open up any franchise the next major step is to check all the requirements for that business. Without these requirements, you cannot properly and smoothly operate the business.

Everything must be according to the guidelines of the company and not be missed on any. Similarly, to open a courier service franchise there are lots of requirements that you must follow. 

Infrastructure Requirement 

Having a proper infrastructure for your courier service franchise is very important. You cannot start such a business at a very small place because you will be dealing with lots of items of different sizes and that will require huge space. There are four types of options for how you can be a part of the Delhivery courier franchise. 

There must be proper space for cars and trucks to come into your franchise for loading and unloading packages. You must have 5-6 workers or support staff who will box all the products and make them ready for shipment. Other than these, the store must have all the required stationeries so that they can be packaged properly for delivery to the address. 

Space Required 

Now, for the franchise option, there are two and they are Constellation and franchise. If you are willing to open the Constellation business then the minimum space requirement is 500 square feet. If you are willing to open the franchise option then the minimum space required is between 200-300 square feet. 

The more space you have the better it becomes for you to load and unload packages. 

Document Work

Opening a franchise and most importantly courier franchise requires some important documents. You must have all the documents that are required to open a courier business. In fact, you must have all the permissions as well to open such a business in your area. Here are the documents and papers that are required to open the Delhivery courier franchise:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card 
  • Voter ID Card 
  • Electricity bill for address proof 
  • Cancelled cheque 
  • Bank details 
  • Bank passbook 
  • GST Number and Certificate 
  • Fire department permission 
  • Shop and property documents 
  • Lease agreement (If any) 
  • Registration number 
  • Personal details such as email address, home address, contact number, alternate contact number, and telephone number 
  • Rent agreement papers 
  • Franchise agreement papers 
  • Photo copies 

Investment Required for Delhivery Courier Franchise 

Opening a business means you need to invest in it and earn profit in return. There is no business in this world where you are not required to invest.

Every business in the world requires proper investment and that is how you can earn profit in return. Similarly, if you are willing to earn a good profit margin from this courier franchise business then you need to make proper. 

Delhivery Courier Franchise cost 

Make sure you have the proper budget in your bank account to start such a business. As we know, Delhivery company offers four types of partnership programs two of which can be done for business purposes. Now, the franchise cost of opening a Delhivery ranges from Rs 50000 to Rs 2 lakhs. This is a one-time payment so that your business partnership with the company becomes secured. 

Now, on the other hand, if you happen to take the Blue Dart courier franchise then the franchise cost is slightly higher as compared to Delhivery. The franchise cost of taking a Blue Dart franchise ranges between Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs.

Yes, this amount can vary but, this is the average franchise cost from Blue Dart. On the other hand, the franchise cost of DTDC is quite similar to the franchise cost of Delhivery. That is one of the reasons why DTDC  is one of the toughest competitors to Delhivery courier company. 

Income Insights 

Starting a courier franchise is always a profitable business. If you happen to choose the best courier partner then you get an amazing profit margin in return.

Now, a courier franchise and the same is for Delhivery earns profit from commission per parcel. So, the more courier you send from your franchise the more commission you get and the more profit you earn at the end of the month. 

It has been revealed that the company provides 20-30 parcels of products per day to a new franchisee. For every product parcel, Rs 21 is paid to the franchisee owner and that is the profit amount of that particular product. In the initial stages, the earnings will naturally be low but, as your business grows older the income rate will go higher and higher. 

You can still expect a profit margin of 15% after opening a Delhivery courier franchise in your area.

How to get a Delhivery Franchise?

After the arrival of Jio, there was rapid digitization in our country and because of the rapid digitization in the country, many companies connected to the Internet have also achieved growth, especially delhivery franchise ones in which the fastest growing companies are e-commerce companies.

E-commerce companies have greatly expanded their presence in India in the last few years and at present there is no city where online shopping is not done.

Because e-commerce companies in the country have expanded rapidly in the last few days and the number of buyers has increased, the courier companies like delhivery courier franchise have also achieved a lot of growth, one of which is Delhivery Courier.

This company is expanding rapidly all over India and for this the company is also distributing its franchise and in this article we will talk about this topic. In this article, we will give complete information on the topic of ‘How to Take a Delhi Courier Franchise in easy language.

What is Delhivery Franchise?

First of all, if you do not know about the franchise business, then for information, let us tell you that the franchise business is a business in which the franchisee of that company is given to earn profits by selling the services of a big company’s brand and getting margin.

Taking delivery franchise means getting the right to get profits from that company by selling its products and services.

Whenever you take delhivery franchise of a company, in a way you become a partner of that company and you can earn profit by selling the products and services of that company in your city or area.

Delhivery is a courier service company in India that distributes its own franchise, so if you take a franchise of this company, then you can earn good profits by providing courier services.

Delhivery franchise kaise lein ?

As we told you that Delhivery courier franchise is currently one of the largest courier companies in the country, which not only does the work of courier transport in general but also has partnerships with many e-commerce platforms, due to which This leads to a lot of orders and the company also earns handsome profits.

If you do not know about Delhivery franchise, then you must know it’s a courier company that currently provides courier facility in the country, that is, this company earns profits by providing the facility of transporting goods.

In such a situation, if you take a franchise of this company, then you should have such a setup so that you can deliver the products sent by the company in your city or area and earn profit in return for your service.

Benefits of owning Delhivery Courier Franchise

If you are thinking of taking Delhivery Courier Franchise then hopefully we have given you enough information about this company and its business model but if you wish to take a franchise of the company then you should also know about its benefits. It should be something like this:

  • The company is one of the largest courier companies in the country, so if you invest and take the franchise of the company, then you do not have any problem of sale because the company will give you the service of supplying the products according to your city and area. I pay good money.
  • Because the company is a courier service company, then you do not have to deal with customers in it and the company itself gives you money in return for your service. All you have to do is hire those people to do the delivery work for you and for every delivery you are given a fixed amount.
  • A special thing about the company’s franchise is that you do not have to wait for the monthly payment on taking the franchise of this company because the company pays every week to all the people who have taken the franchise of the company. That is, you get weekly payment.

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Q1. Is Delhivery Courier franchise a good option to start business?

Ans- Yes, the Delhivery courier franchise is a good business to start because it provides a good profit margin to the owners.

Q2. How many Delhivery franchises are there?

Ans- This company was founded in 2011 and ever since the company has started 85 fulfilment centres, 38 automated sort centres, 160 hubs, 7500+ partner centres, and 3500+ direct delivery centres