How to Get MI store franchise in India

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If you are planning for MI STORE FRANCHSIE business, this article might be a great option for you. As per our understanding, Franchise business always become more profitable why because the business model is already proven and tested in many seniors.

A leading technology company Xiaomi has announced its first ever ‘Mi Home store’ in India, with plans to open 100 more in the next two years.

Starting a business with India’s most successful and #1 brand in Mobile segment will be off Course a great chance.

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Now let’s talk about, how to get mi store franchise for you city state or village and what all requirement to get the same easily.

MI store franchise requirement:

Let’s suppose, you have a mobile store and you want Mi Store franchise than you can collect two copy of photo

  1. Take your full photo from the front of store.
  2. Take a photo from where some stores and road are visible

Now let’s try to understand how to fill the MI Store franchise form

How to fill up MI Store franchise form

Mi store franchise form will not be available onto any store or bank. To get the form you have to visit café or if you have internet connection and laptop to get the form.

Click here to download the MI Store franchise form []

Post downloading the MI store franchise form, please follow-up the below link to fill the complete details. In this form there will be 17 information you need to add.

Once the you will fill the details, the data will be submitted to MI Company and post the same company will connect you if you provided details will be best suited for the company.

mi store franchise cost in India

Currently you have to only bear the cost for your shop inauguration and related stuff, and no franchise cost need to be pay as brand fee or any stuff. But in future it may occurs if the same things will be move on as #1 Mobile brand in India.

mi store franchise contact number

You can connect with MI India with the below information

Email –

Toll free number:  1800 103 6286

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