Tim Hortons Franchise in India : How to get?

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Tim Hortons Franchise Overview & Introduction

Tim Hortons Franchise is a well-known Canadian restaurant chain famous for its range of coffees, hot chocolate tea bags, cappuccinos, donuts & variety of beverages. Tim Hortons is owned by Restaurant Brand Internationals, a world-famous Canadian-American holding company that also owns the world-famous burger brand, Burger King.

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Tim Hortons was founded in 1964 by the popular hockey player Tim Hortons & later franchised with the help of Ron Joyce, the major investor in Tim Hortons. Currently, Tim Hortons has more than 5000 outlets across 15+ countries across the globe & the numbers are growing rapidly.

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Overview of Tim Horton’s Franchise

1Company nameTim Horton
2Post nameTim Hortons franchise in India
3Company founderTim Horton and Jim Charade
4Company Foundation date17th of May 1964
5Company founded inHamilton Ontario Canada
6Total number of locations4949
8Name of the FeeThe lowest Fee To Highest Fee
9Franchise fee initially17 lakh to 35 lakh
10Property and real estate taxes70 thousand to 50 lakh Rupees
11Equipment14 lakh to 3 crore rupees
12Planning and development as well as design cost7 lakh to 70 Lakh Rs.
13Site development costUp to 30 500000 Rs.
14Building cost7 lakh to 5 crore Rs.
15Training4.5 Lakh Rs. to 13 Lakh Rs.
16Initial inventory and startup supply1.5 Lakh to 7 Lakh Rs.
17Insurance1.5 Lakh Rs to 14 Lakh Rs.
18Security depositup to 1.5 Lakh Rs.
19Other funds14 Lakh Rs to 28 Lakh Rs.
20Total investment estimated70 Lakh To 15 Crore Rs.
Tim Hortons Franchise India

What is the Tim Hortons franchise in India?

Tim Hortons Franchise is Canada based restaurant chain well known for its quality coffee, Cold & Hot beverages, Breakfast, Donuts & Timbets, Bagels & Baked Goods. Currently, it is owned by Wendy’s & Restaurant brand internationals. In India, Tim Hortons is planning to start their outlets in 2019 but it was affected due to Covid – 19 crisis & now they are planning to come to India in 2022.

Who is the owner of Tim Hortons franchise?

Tim Horton, the veteran Hockey player of Canada’s men’s hockey team was the founder of Tim Hortons restaurants, later with the help of Ron Joyce, the investor & police constable in Hamilton they started franchising Tim Hortons & opened their first franchise outlet in 1967. Tim Horton died in an auto crash in 1974, after that Ron Joyce took over the operations of the Tim Hortons chain.

Tim Hortons Franchise Cost in India

The total franchise cost for Tim Hortons franchise in india is about 60000 $ in Canada, including liquid capitals. However, it’s the price in India is not yet disclosed. It will be updated at the earliest.

To become a Tim Hortons franchisee, a minimum investment of Rs. 70 lakhs to 17 crores and a floor area of at least 1200 square feet are required to set up a physical retail space. The initial investment covers the franchise fee, marketing fee, and other essential expenses.

AG Cafe has secured an exclusive master franchise agreement with Tim Hortons to launch their outlets in India. The plan is to open more than 120 outlets in multiple cities across India within the next 36 months.

It’s worth noting that the initial investment may vary based on several factors such as the franchise model, location, and country. Additionally, expenses such as staff salaries, electricity charges, and commercial space rent may also impact the overall initial cost of setting up a franchise.

Tim Hortons franchise menu

Tim Hortons Franchise has a range of beverages, donuts & Timbits, Breakfast, Bagels, Baked Goods & Lunch.

Tim Horton’s Menu India

Tim Hortons Hot Beverages menu

It consists Coffe, Dark Roast coffee, Steeped Tea, Speciality Tea, French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate, Coffe Mocha, Latte in different flavors, cappuccino, Americano, Espresso & a number of other hot beverages,

Tim Hortons Cold Beverages Menu

It Contains Unsweetened Brewed Iced Tea, Sweetened Brewed Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, Vanilla Cream Cold Brew, Caramel Cold Brew, Nitro Cold Brew, Iced Capp, Iced latte, Iced Caramel Macchiato, Fruit Chill, Fountain Soda & much more.

Tim Hortons Donuts & Timbits Menu

Caramel Pecan Dream Donut, Boston Cream, Apple Fritter, Vanilla cream, Honey Dip Timbit, Chocolate glazed Timbit, Sour cream blueberry glazed timbet.

Tim Hortons Breakfast Menu

Spicy Maple backon,Egg & cheese breakfast sandwich,Sausage bagle breakfast sandwich,Oatmeal,Omelette bites,Breakfast wrap snacker.

Tim Hortons Bagles menu

Plain Bagle,Everything bagle,Cinnamon raisin bagle,Twelve grain bagle,Plain Bagle,Cinnamon Raisin Bagel & many more.

Tim Hortons lunch menu

Tuna Salad sandwich,Ham & Swiss Sandwich,Chipotle chicken wrap,Panini,Chili

Tim Hortons Baked Goods Menu

Chocolate chip muffin,fruit explosion muffin,wild blueberry muffin,chocolate chunk cookie,Oatmeal raisin cookie,cookies half dozen,cookies dozen,croissant

Tim Horton’s Franchise India

How to get Tim Hortons franchise in India ?

  • If you’re interested in applying for a franchise with Tim Hortons, then you need to go to their page for franchises.
  • Franchise pages:-
  • At the bottom of this webpage, you’ll get a welcome message on behalf of this franchise. Tim Horton franchise. Additionally, you will receive the Apply Now link.
  • If you click it, then you must fill in your personal information.
  • Enter information like the first name first name, last name, email ID, number of phone address, address, country zip code, city name, province, state or state.
  • The next part of the essay, you will be required to write a short summary of your professional experience.
  • If your registration process has been completed, you will receive the confirmation call.
  • Then your application will then be scrutinized. In this FDD the financial review of your business plan and credit and background information are inspected by the company.
  • If everything is going well, you’ll be contacted for an interview where you will have a meeting and talk to members of the Tim Hortons franchise team.
  • At the end your final review process for approval continue. If you are approved you will need to agree to an agreement, commence with the franchise training process and submit a website for approval.

Tim Horton’s Franchise Application Process in India

There is a certain set of processes to get a Tim Hortons franchise, they have a six-step process consisting of 1 pre-qualification questionnaire. It includes :

Pre-qualification questionare

In the pre-qualification questionnaire, they take a short questionnaire to know about applicants budget, qualification background, prior work experience in the field, availability of the space & commercial area. The pre-qualification questionnaire for Tim Hortons franchise has the following questions :

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • How long have you wanted to operate your own franchise?
  • Your Income from all sources

Candidate Enquiry

Minimum financial requirements:

  • Net worth – $500,000
  • Unencumbered funds – $100,000

Discovery Call and Background Screening

If the candidate fulfills the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and if the candidate meets initial requirements, the franchising team will contact the candidate for a Discovery call.

Qualified candidates are invited to complete credit and criminal checks, an Asset Verification letter and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Operations Interviews

After the discovery call & background screening, Two or more operational interviews are scheduled with Operations Representatives. Candidates are required to prepare and complete a business case presentation

Restaurant Experience Days

After operations interviews, candidates are invited for two days of Restaurant experience days where they are involved in restaurant operations at Tim Hortons.

Senior Leadership Team Interview

This is the crucial step where interview is scheduled with senior leadership of Tim Hortons.

Final Approval and Training

Candidates who complete all steps successfully will consider for future franchising opportunities,Prior to operating a restaurant, applicants are required to complete 3-5 weeks of Tim Hortons training.

Requirements of experience for Tim Hortons franchise in India

As such, Tim Hortons hasn’t disclosed any prior experience but as per the questionnaire & normal requirements, such companies select people having prior experience of the management level in any similar restaurant or industry.Therefore, candidates with prior experience in the food & beverages industry are preferred over other candidates.

WHat is the best place for Tim Hortons franchise outlet location ?

Outlet location should be at a prime location of the city or near highways having Drive through & Dine in the facility. Typically an area of 1000 Square feet to 2300 Square feet is needed with a seating area, washroom & other restaurant facilities.

How to apply for tim hortons franchise

To apply for a Tim Hortons franchise, one needs to go through a pre-questionnaire for Tim Horton’s franchise & if you are eligible as per their questionnaire, you will be notified at your registered email Id & cell phone number for the further process.

After this questionnaire, you have to go through their six-step process & requirements, you can get the Tim Hortons Franchise.

Tim Hortons Franchise contact details

To get a Tim Hortons Franchise you need to contact them at this link: & complete the questionnaire with the further process.

Tim Hortons Competitors

  • Starbucks
  • Café Coffe Day

Is Tim Horton’s Franchise available in India ?

Tim Hortons opened their first outlet on August 11 in India, with their first two locations in the NCR region Gurgaon and Saket.

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