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MBA Chai Wala Franchise : Chai is the most common drink in India that you will find chai shops in every corner of India. MBA chai wala is a new revolution in the tea market, especially in first-tier and second-tier cities. If you are want to tap the evergreen tea market of India then MBA Chai Wala Franchise is the brand to go with. You will learn here, How to get an MBA chai wala franchise! It’s cost, profit margin, requirement, and contact details.

What Is MBA Chai Wala in India

MBA Chai wala is famous Tea selling Franchise in India’s first-tier and second-tier cities. Currently, they have 50+ outlets across the country. They are still growing and planning to establish a base in every corner of India. This Tea Sensation is still young, First stall of MBA Chai Wala is started on July 25, 2017. Today they are a well-known franchise in the food and beverage industry.

Who is the owner of MBA Chai Wala?

The Owner and Founder of MBA Chai Wala are Prafull Billare. He Started his Tea Venture on July 25, 2017, in Ahmedabad. He started his tea stall with INR 8,000 and as of 2021 October, his net worth is INR 3 crore. Prafull was born on January 14, 1996, in Madhya Pradesh. After completing his graduation he decided to study at IIM Ahmedabad for an MBA course. However, he failed to secure the number required for a seat in IIM. After an initial struggle, he opened a tea stall named MBA Chai Wala with a minimal investment of INR 8000. Rest is History.


MBA Chai Wala Franchise Menu

  • Regular Chai
  • Masala Chai
  • Elaichi Chai
  • Chocolate Chai
  • Tulsi Chai

Along with these various types of regular tea, they also serve Green tea, Coffee, Three types of Mojito, Coolers. For Nasta, they have Sandvich, Maskaban, Maggi, French fries, Puff, etc.

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How to Get MBA Chai Wala Franchise?

MBA chai Wala franchise can be a good choice if you are looking to invest in the food and beverage industry. Tea is the most loved product in India and the demand for tea is constant. This Franchise is just 4 years old and they know the taste of youth, students, and tea lovers. MBA chai wala is not going to restrict themselves to Tea but the plan is to introduce other food products as well. We will discuss here many aspects of franchise and some details that are required for getting this growing franchise.

Requirement of Experience for MBA Chai Wala Franchise

You don’t require any such experience to have a tea outlet. MBA Chai Wala is the option even if you are new in this industry. Experience in food and cafe franchises is of course advantage to run the business. Chai Wala franchise provides guidance and training to their associates.

MBA Chai Wala Outlet Location

Finding Location for Chai Wala outlet is not mush of headache. Industrial Area, Residential Area, Shopping Area, Bazar, highways, or any road with public movement is an ideal location for a tea franchise. MBA Chai Wala is still peaking up its popularity and it will definitely attract customers to your location for having a Cup of Tea.

MBA Chai Wala Franchise Cost

MBA chai wala franchise can cost around INR 8 to 10 Lakhs. We can break total Franchise cost as beloved mentioned:

  • Franchise Fees: INR 3 Lakhs
  • Shop Cost: INR 2 – 5 Lakhs
  • Other Cost: INR 1 – 2 Lakhs

Shop cost, Maintenance cost, Additional bills, etc is dependent on the city and area.
However, you need a minimum of INR 10 Lakhs investment to start with MBA chai wala.

Franchise Agreement Term Terms & Conditions

  • They prefer a minimum of up to 5 years of the agreement. Since it is not a heavy franchise like other food-based chains, Holders also sign up to 10 years of the agreement.
  • Space 100 – 200 sq. ft
  • Franchise Fees INR 3 Lakhs
  • Space Cost INR 2- 5 Lakhs
  • Maintenance and other Cost INR 1 – 2 Lakhs
  • Total Franchise Cost Around INR 7 – 10 lacks

Area Requirement for MBA Chai Wala Franchise: Franchise required at least 100 sq. ft. carpet area.
Employee requirement : The minimum requirement of employees at MBA Chai Wala is 1 to 3. Later it depends on responses from customers.

MBA Chai Wala Franchise return on investment

Return on Investment is quite fair in Tea Franchise. Any exact amount of percentage is unknown in terms of profit margin. MBA Chai Wala is a good opportunity to start an affordable franchise without worrying about the customer base because tea lovers are everywhere. They are introducing other food – Nasta products to serve with chai.

Is MBA Chai Wala Franchise Profitable?

Yes, Chai Wala Franchise is profitable. Normally they always find customers at their tea stall.

How to Apply for MBA Chai Wala Franchise in India

Everything is Online. All you need to do is visit their website, you will find a contact form. Prepared yourself with required budgets and shop before contacting them for a better chance. They will respond to you for further procedures.

MBA Chai Wala Franchise Contact Details

Email : [email protected]
Phone: +91 72 2290 5222

Website :

Should I opt for MBA Chiawala Franchise : The Conclusion

The food and beverage industry is always in-demand. All we can say about Tea is that it is part of Indian culture now. MBA Chai Wala adds new generation flavors in it with their innovative ideas including the various type of Chai. Chai Wala Franchise Module is very simple, yet attractive for any investor or entrepreneur. We hope the above information will help you to have an idea about MBA Chai Wala and their Franchise Module.

MBA Chai Wala Franchise in India new

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of MBA Chai Wala?

Prafull Billare is the owner of MBA Chai Wala Franchise

What is the franchise fee of MBA Chai Wala?

The franchise Fee for MBA Chai Wala is INR 3 Lakhs.

What is the Net Worth of Prafull Billare?

The Net Worth of Prafull Billare is INR 3 Crore as of 2021.

How much investment is needed for MBA Chai Wala Franchise?

You need INR 8 – 10 Lakhs For MBA Chai Wala Franchise.

What’s MBA Chaiwala Franchise Cost ?

3.5 Lakhs INR

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