Top 13 pharma companies in India for Franchise business

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Top Pharma companies in India

Pharmaceutical businesses in India are comparatively increasing day by day. People searching for a beneficial business that will not get affected during the Covid situation can also take help from this franchise. The article has gone through the benefits as well as the challenges that you can face while starting the franchise, as well as the top 10 list of the franchise. So, once you are searching for beneficial business ideas, this one will remain helpful for you.

Why pharma sector for business?

Nowadays, the importance of the pharmaceutical business is increasing rapidly as most people need medical assistance for a year, and they also generate a good profit from their business. For this reason, the importance of the pharma sector is rapidly increasing. Nowadays, the whole medical sector also relies upon generic pharmacies; for this reason, they also take help from pharmacy medical chains. As a result, the level of profit of the pharma sector is also increasing, and people who also search for profitable businesses are also taking help from the pharmaceutical business.

There are a huge number of advantages and disadvantages in the pharmaceutical business, just like others. Let’s see them know more about this franchise.

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Advantages of pharma franchise

Growth opportunities

There is a huge growth opportunity there in the pharma franchise. So, once you are searching for a business opportunity where you will be able to get the maximum growth opportunity, then also you can take help from this opportunity. You will be able to get leading opportunities that are very helpful to establish your career in the global market, and the growth opportunities are completely helpful for you.

Minimum risk involvement

Once you are searching for the best business where the risk level will get a lower one, you can also take help from the Pharma franchise so that you will be able to save the money you are investing in this business. The minimum risk involvement has made it even more popular as well as beneficial in the marketplace.

Genuine planning

Once you are searching for a business that needs genuine planning, then also you can take help from this pharma franchise that will work as a very suitable option for you. So, if you are a planner enough and you are searching for the best business opportunities, you can take help from this business that is leading enough, and they will also provide all in one assistance to your career planning of yours.

Diadvantages of pharma franchise

Market terminology is quite tough

If you are new in the business, it would be difficult for you to understand the terminology as well as the market requirement. So, this market is not for you if you are searching for a business where you don’t have to push a lot of strength.

The investment level is high.

Once you search for a business where the investment level will be quite lower, this business is not for you. In this business, it needs more investment, which is the main drawback of it.

Top 13 pharma franchise in India

Here is the name of a top pharma franchise that has created its milestone in the whole Indian market. Now, if you are also searching for career growth in the medical pharmaceutical business, you can get help from their views to get established.


This is a leading pharma company in Gujarat. They have almost 200 lifecare products that are enhancing their support and assistance to the Indian market.


Pharmeasy is one of the newly launched pharma franchise companies that offer pharma franchises. Pharmeasy franchise gained attention during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pharmeasy is operating its business in 2014 and since then it gained success & popularity as well.


Netmeds started franchising in June 2015 & gained immense success at the beginning of 2020 during the covid pandemic. Netmeds franchise costs around 15-20 lakhs including the franchise fee. Netmeds franchise is a good option for those willing for a pharma franchise.

Dr Lal Path Labs

Dr. Lal Path Labs Franchise is amongst the most trusted & recognized laboratories in India that are accepted globally. We have already published a detailed article on how to get dr lal pathlabs franchise.Dr. Lal path labs has around 3400 active collection centres across pan India.

Lal path labs franchise


This is denoted as one of the popular or the best pharmaceutical companies in Ahmedabad city. From the year 2006, they have been providing the best services to the Indian market.

1 Mg franchise

1 mg franchise gained popularity when it was recently acquired by the TATA group. One mg works on various concepts including online medicine delivery, providing online doctor consultation & many more opportunities for franchises. One mg recently launched their partner program sehat ke sathi that gained immense success.

How to get 1 Mg franchise


This is also a famous franchise from Ahmedabad, and people are also searching for the generic pharmacy; they can also get assistance from this pharmacy chain. They have almost 2800 products in the Indian market that are hiring healthcare.


This is another one of the best pharmaceutical business houses that is available in the global market. They have ethical business policies that enhance the level of their services too.


This is a franchise house that provides GMP and WHO certified products that produce the best results to the global market. They are especially working for the contract makers that enhance their service features.


They are one of the best pharmaceutical companies that are providing one of the best services to the global market. They Are also providing high-quality medicine making services to Pan India.


This pharmacy chain is popular for making cough and cold syrups in the global and Indian markets. They also have certifications that are helping them enhance their services more and more in the Indian market s well as the global market as they have certification from GMP also.


Once you are searching for one of the leading pharmacy chains in the global market, then also it is becoming a popular pharmaceutical chain in the global market that is also a very significant one.


They are also providing GMP and WHO certified products that are also providing complete assistance to the Indian market; these products are very helpful for Indians for which they will be able to get complete assistance.

This is the compact list of the top 10 companies that are providing franchise business globally.

Conclusion: Should we start a Pharmaceutical business ?

Here are the reasons for which pharmaceutical companies have become one of the best or the most beneficial businesses. So, once you are currently searching for a beneficial business that you can get, then also you can take help from these pharmaceutical companies. Besides that, the article has gone through the reasons for which you can also start taking pharmaceutical franchises. So, once you are searching for a franchise business, it would be the best option for you to take help from the pharma franchise. It would be the best idea for you in every situation.

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