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50 Best Franchise Business: Planning to start your business and want to be your own boss then this article “top 50 Best Franchise business In India” can help you to get the complete details along with the potential business. A franchise business is one of the best ways to start your own business if you don’t have much expertise in any segment.

Franchise business is already proven business ideas which have dedicated customers, people know the brand and the franchise owner itself create buzz around the business so starting with franchise business good to go ahead.

Here in this article, we will help you share detailed information about the Franchise business, Business plan, Investment strategy, and how to apply for the business.

Before moving ahead, Let’s try to understand the comparison between “Franchise Vs Startups” when and which one should we choose while moving for a business.

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Now a major problem that can come is “From where to get money to start your Franchise Business?” For this, you can check the below video about How to get a mudra loan from the Government of India Mudra scheme.

Top 50 Best Profitable Business Opportunity List:

Let’s get started one by one.

Mahindra First Choice Two-Wheeler Franchise

Under Mahindra’s first choice franchise is a used car servicing company which is started in early 1994. Now this company is going to start a service option in the two-wheeler multi-brand service sector.

Mahindra First Choice has the below specification

  1. India’s #1 multiband used vehicle company
  2. 1.5 Lac + Vehicle sold annually
  3. 1000+ Deals across 500+ Cities and Towns in India

Watch the Detailed Video About Mahindra First choice Franchise

For more details, you can check Mahindra First Franchise Business.

DTDC Courier Franchise Business

World-leading DTDC courier service franchise Business opportunity where you can start quickly. We will let you know complete details about how to get the DTDC franchise.

DTDC Courier Services has invited franchises partners to work with the DTDC. You may also check this video To know more about the courier services.

DTDC provides three types of Franchise

  1. Model Franchise
  2. Enterprise Franchise
  3. Delivery Franchise

Watch The detailed Information About DTDC Courier Franchise

For more details, please check the link DTDC Courier Franchise

Water Purifier Business franchise

The water business is a Most trending Business opportunity nowadays, everyone needs Quality water but naturally, due to pollution and other stuff, water is no purer to drink. In this case if you will start a Packaged Drinking water franchise, It will be more profitable for you.

Learn here how to start packaged drinking water franchise

For more details about packaged drinking water franchise, you can share your details

India Post Franchise Business

In India, the Post office is one of the most demanding business opportunities. Every Indian needs postal service, courier services for the daily used products as well for eCommerce business. In this case, if you will start with India post, A Ecosystem of Government of India then you will be good. For More details about the India post franchise, Check the video now.

Ananda Dairy Franchise Business

If you have limited money or investment amount and want to start a world-class business with the most reputed brand then the Gopal Jee dairy franchise business will most suitable option for you.

Benefits of Ananda Dairy Franchise: Under the benefits of this brand is Brand Value, Popularity, quality, and already tested market formula.

Watch Now for More details

To learn about the Ananda dairy business and to apply for Anand Dairy Franchise click here.

Lal Path Lab Franchise

Most of their laboratories under the Lal Path Lab franchise are accredited by the NABL, CAP in accordance with ISO 15189. so this accordance makes Lal Path Labs as most authentic and internationally accepted laboratories in India.

Lal Path Labs offer two types of Lal Path Lab franchise opportunity in India

1- Diagnostic Center Franchise   

2- Sample Collection center Franchise

  • Master franchise

Watch this video for more details about

How to apply for Lal path Lab Franchise

Preschool Franchise to Open playschool in India

This business never ends because everyone needs to be educated, people need quality education, quality Edu-tech ecosystem so you can choose it as the best option.

Watch Now To know more about Preschool Franchise

Also, you check the most viewed post on the Top 10 Best Playschool Franchise

MI Store Franchise

Opening a MI store Is the most profitable business in the Mobile phone category. Today everyone needs a mobile which is affordable, low price and durable. This is only provided by the Chinese company MI.

So, if you planning to start your MI store you must watch this video.

To apply and know more about this you can check our blog of MI Store Franchise business

Goli Vada pav Franchise

Goli Vada pave is India’s Largest Burger/Vada pav Food chain. This franchise started in early 2004 in Mumbai India. Now by today, It has more than 300 Outlets throughout the nation.

According to the founder of Goli Bada Pav business, Mr. Venkatesh Iyer, He started this business after resigning from his job at a leading financial company.

His aim is to expand his Brand Bada Pav partners from 300 to 1000 Franchise in 2020. You also can join this business as a Vada Pav business partner.

Apply from Here:  Goli vada pav Franchise

Big Mart Franchise

Big Mart Retail is a grocery supermarket brand, and it is widely known for its home delivery services of food and grocery. Big Mart enables the customer to walk away from the drudgery of grocery shopping and shop in a relaxed way of browsing from their home or office.

It avoids getting stuck in traffic jams, standing in long queues, paying for parking, and carrying heavy bags and the customer can get everything they want, right at their doorstep. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Big Mart Retail Franchise in detail.

Watch This video for more details

Tea Time Franchise

Tea time is one of the largest tea brands in India, having a chain of outlets selling different kinds of tea, coolers & shakes. now the question is why tea time is best? you will find ‘the authentic taste and the unique ingredients” in tea.

Our tea processing plants are located at Hyderabad, Kolkata, Rajahmundry and, the R&D lab in Hyderabad also tea time is a member of the Tea board of India. We procure the best tea leaves after the tea tasters ensure the quality.

To Know more about Tea Time Franchise, watch this video.

To apply for tea time franchise 

Food Boat Franchise Business

We are a business model that brings several food brands under one roof and helps you boost your sales and revenue on your behalf with the help of a highly trained online and offline marketing setup.

Apply here For Food Boat Franchise opportunity

Amazon Delivery Franchise

Amazon Is a leading e-commerce brand in the world, Today in India, Amazon controlled over 30% of India’s e-commerce market at the end of 2019, according to RBC Capital Markets. In 2019, RBC said that Amazon could increase its share to 35% by 2023, with the e-commerce giant getting 4% of its total revenue and 13% of its international revenue from India.

To Apply the Amazon Delivery Franchise

Startup Authority Professional Service Franchise

Startup authority providing world-class professional service business franchise with just Rs. 2k. You can give all kinds of professional services like company registration, filing, legal service, and all related stuff.

Startup Authority Franchise

Flipkart Service Franchise

We all know that Flipkart is a leading online marketplace where people register for both buyers and sellers. but being a seller, you have a lot of requirements like GST filing, Trademark registration, legal compliance, and related stuff.

With Flipkart franchise service you can give them all kinds of business services via helping the business.

Generic Aadhar Franchise

As per statistics, about 60% of Indians cannot afford to buy their daily medicines. The reason is the high prices which are absolutely unnecessary in the Indian pharmaceutical market. About 85-90% of the medicines in the market are generic. The customer has to pay for the high costs of these generics because they are marketed and branded resulting in high incurred costs of marketing and promotional activities.

Generic Aadhaar has disrupted the conventional pharma industry and is determined to empower single-store owners and pass on the benefit to the end customer.

Generic Aadhaar has a B2B and B2C model. We are appointing franchisees across India by aggregating single medical stores which are in bad shape due to heavy competition in today’s traditional pharma market. We are thus passing on the benefits to the franchise owners.

Tata 1mg Franchise Business

Tata 1 mg has recently launched their 1 mg franchise program named “sehat ke saathi”. Before learning more about 1 mg franchise details let’s learn why to choose the 1 mg franchise.

During COVID-19 breakdown everyone has seen the power & potential of the medical sector. Everyone had understood that the medical sector will never struggle under crises.

Watch Now to Know About TATA 1MG Franchise.

Apply for TATA 1 MG Franchise

TATA IndiCash ATM Franchise

ATM franchise is a profitable MUTHOOT ATM business model from which years’ regular income is earned first if all let us tell you that this franchise is not given by any bank but the bank has handed over this work to third-party vendors. The prominent names in these are

  1. TATA Indicash ATM,
  2. Hitachi ATM,
  3. India 1 ATM
  4. Muthoot ATM

Watch Now

Want to take the TATA Indicash ATM Franchise, please check the link

SBI ATM Franchise business model

BI Bank does not offer bank ATMs. SBI Appointed Other companies as TATA indicate, India1 ATM-like companies do sell the ATM. These companies are given contracts for ATM installation on behalf of banks. However, you have to apply for this with the bank itself. There are certain conditions and verification of the bank. After this, you get an ATM Franchise according to the franchise model.

Click here to Apply for SBI ATM Franchise

AMUL Parlor Franchise

Amul  “Anand union milk limited “ was established on December 14, 1946, a couple of months before India got freedom from Britishers. Headquartered in Anand (A district in Gujarat between Ahmadabad and Vadodara) Amul has a net revenue of 38,550 crores INR.

Initially, Amul used to produce basic dairy products but today they are producing all sorts of renowned quality dairy products including Ice creams, flavored Ice creams, milk, curd, ghee, etc which have a wide presence in Indian breakfast.

As of now, Amul is globally present across 40 countries with a network of 3.1 million dairy owners and consumers.

Some renowned products at Amul Parlor Franchise with High Demand in the Indian Market.

Watch this video to know more About Amul Parlor’s business.

Click here to apply for Amul Parlor Business.

Mother Dairy Milk Booth Franchise

Mother dairy is one the best dairy firm in India. It provides 2 tries of franchise

  1. Safal Franchise
  2. Milk booth Franchise

If you want to know more about Safal Franchise, you can watch this video

Want to apply for the Mother dairy Safal franchise

For Mother dairy milk booth franchise

Just Delivery Franchise Business

If you are planning to start your business in the category of Parcel and delivery segment, then just a delivery franchise can be the best option. Here you will get both eCommerce shipping as well as huge parcel shipping.

Just delivery franchise has huge potential for earning. To know more about Just Delivery Franchise, you can watch this below video.

Haldiram Franchise Business

Early 1937’s, Hadriam company was founded by Shri Ganga Bhishen Agarwal in Bikaner, Rajasthan as a namkeen shop. Soon later, he visited Kolkata and started his first manufacturing plant in Kolkata. After the grand success of namkeen business, He expanded his manufacturing business by opening his first large manufacturing plant in Jaipur in 1970 and then 1990 in New Delhi.

Watch this detailed case study on HaldiRam Franchise Business

To Apply for Haldiram Franchise, You can Click here in the link below.

How to Start Subway Franchise

QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) which is profitable and within a budget? Then Subway Franchise can be the best option to start with.

Subway is one of the most popular American restaurant chains and the world’s Largest fast food store in the count. It has more than 44,000 Stores worldwide. Subway Started in 1965 by Fred Deluca and Peter Buck.

Subway started its QSR business in India in 2001 and from then till 2013 Subway was able to open 500 stores and in 2018, the company added 150 more restaurants store. Today, Subway targeting to open more than 2000 new subway stores in India.

Watch in Depth research About Subway Franchise

To know how to apply for a subway franchise, please check the link below

CNG Pump Dealership Business

Hefed Distributorship Franchise business

Amazon I Have Space Franchise

IRCTC Agent Franchise Business

LPG GAS Distributorship Business

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